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  May 2016 Headlines


Diesels exceed but don’t cheat

Tests rushed in following the VW emissions scandal suggest illegal software is not being used by other manufacturers.

UK leads the world?

While experts, MPs and campaigners have been highlighting problems with diesel cars for over a decade, Government was keen to suggest it was leading the world on the matter

MPs demand urgent action on air (again)

MPs have once again demanded further action air quality.

Guidance finalised

Defra’s LAQM guidance has been finalised with few changes from drafts released at Christmas (AQB January p8). Scotland has also finalised its guidance which is increasingly divergent from England as it now includes PM2.5 in regulations.

Approval given

Environmental law firm Clientearth has been granted permission to take the UK government back to court to Judicially Review its plans to reduce NO2 (AQB April p1).

TNO results show emission gap

Dutch research organisation TNO has released test results from Euro 5 and 6 diesel cars showing excess real life NOX emissions.

Include cars

Clean air zones should include cars, truck firms argue.

Off road vote

The EU Environment Committee has approved plans to update EU type approval rules and emission limits for internal combustion engines in non-road mobile machinery (NRMM).

Enderby challenge

Campaigners have won High Court permission to mount a Judicial Review of plans to build a cruise ship terminal at Enderby Wharf in Greenwich.

Independent emissions index

Independent emissions consultant Emissions Analytics is forging ahead with its own index of real world emissions. It is launching the Equa index rating scheme in a bid to set out impartial real world data.

Greenpeace fits masks to London statues

Greenpeace has coordinated a series of stunts in London which saw pollution masks fitted to various landmark statues.

Lean NOx to blame

European pressure group T&E warns that the continued failure by VW to meet US deadlines for fixing vehicles comes as no surprise.

Defra change

Defra air quality lead Colin Church has been replaced by Shaun Gallagher. He comes from the Department of Health’s social care department.

Phlegm: particles to blame?

One in five cases of phlegm may be due to particles, government advisory group the Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants believes. But it was reluctant to go much further.

Another ‘clean’ year in 2015?

The official air quality indicator has shown yet another clean year – the number of days of moderate urban pollution is now down to just nine. Rural days rise slightly to 11.

EU benefits

Europe has benefited environmental protection, MPs claim in a new report.

Diesel surcharge

The London Borough of Brent is considering introducing a £25 supplement for diesel cars to reflect their additional contribution to NOx air pollution.

Quantitech sale

Gasmet Technologies Oy of Finland, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of gas monitoring equipment, has announced the acquisition of Quantitech Ltd based in Milton Keynes. Quantitech has been its sales and service partner in the UK and Ireland since 1995.

AURN shows modest improvements in 2015

Data capture in the automatic urban and rural monitoring network has showed a slight rise in the first three quarters of 2015, new reports reveal.

Dispersion modellers meet

Experts addressed a packed room at the IAQM Dispersion Model User Group meeting held in London last month

Standard ban

The Evening Standard newspaper continues its high profile campaign on air pollution in London.

Leeds freebie

Leeds City Council is to introduce free parking for residents who own green fuelled cars and vans.

Wandsworth testing

Local motorists were offered free vehicle emissions testing in Clapham Junction town centre.

Air theatre

A “high energy theatre” production has completed a tour of local primary schools to help teach youngsters about climate change, air pollution and how our travel choices can affect the environment.

MPs doubt clean air zones

Another year, another MPs’ report on air quality. Is anyone out there still listening, asks Jack Pease?

Spoofing used to spot cheating

Government admits being shocked by the VW emission scandal – it was shamed into carrying out its own tests on new vehicles. Here are the results.

Coatings are not worth it

For years NOx eating coatings have been a favourite in any cash-strapped council’s action plan. Maybe not for much longer now Aqeg has damped expectations in a new report, finds Jack Pease.

Antwerp needs Euro 6 to comply

Modelling of Antwerp suggests that Euro 6 diesel cars will be needed to comply with pollution limits.

Lisbon LEZ struggles with NO2

Researchers have studied the impact of a low emission zone in Lisbon and found that while there has been some success with reducing PM10 concentrations, NO2 has been more problematic. This has been the experience in London.