Hardwood logs: £6 per net bag


Stop press: new regs have closed us down


Greedy Woodsure wants to charge me 500 a year to prove my dry wood is dry in the latest red tape madness. A moisture meter costs 5. As I barely sell this much they have put me out of business and instead I am just bonfiring trees I come across. Green - not!

Bagged split hardwood firewood logs for sale
located Merstham 07443 033294
text is best (I am usually chopping firewood!)

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Last few left (check before travelling far that i am not sold out)- I am moving house and will restart sales if government regs don't close small suppliers down see this thread on Arbtalk https://arbtalk.co.uk/forums/topic/120916-have-the-definitive-regulations-regarding-firewood/?tab=comments#comment-1820466



Collect from 'eggs', Rockshaw Road, RH1 3DB,  three doors west of the huge
motorway bridge
. 07443 033294 or email logs@mersthamfirewood.co.uk

The logs are mostly Maple, Oak and Ash with some Beech / Hazel / Silver Birch / Laurel
all from the garden. I burn them myself.

Interested in sustainability? These logs are sustainable as they are from my back
garden and have not been transported across the world. If you follow the politics of
biomass and understand big-corp blatant misuse of the term
sustainable, then you'll appreciate this subtle point. Local is everything!

No bulk deals: I am just a householder, so I am not geared up for
selling in bulk, so if you want more than half a dozen at a time, do give me some
notice so I can get them up from the log store. No discounts I'm afraid, it's
putting them in net bags that takes the time and I can sell more than I can produce.
Very few local UK people appear to be bothered to process local English woodland
timber in net-bag size quantities.

Customers tell me they are disappointed with much of the wood on offer
and that they struggle to keep their log burner going. I sell more than I
can prepare so I am happy to pass on recommendations and try and guide
customers to good local suppliers. We were recommending Scats but their
bags were miserable when I last looked. 1st Dec: B&Q doing eastern
European birch wood about £5.50 a bag.

Money back guarantee if you don't like them! But we are getting good feedback:
SW, Reigate: "Really happy with the logs burning nicely as I write"
GC, Purley: "I bought 12 bags of your logs about a month ago and they have been burning very well indeed"

This is a really good site explaining about burning properties of firewood

Why are net bags so expensive? Because it is virtually impossible to mechanise
and even then it is only plantation-grown wood, not irregular woodland stuff.

Why is firewood prices going up? Because the Government has decided to
pay people to burn it through FITS/RHI and not considered where the wood
will come from! Chipboard manufacturers are well hacked off!


 What we are not! Clean factory-split eastern European imported birchwood, typically what you get from petrol stations and DIY sheds at a high price. Some customers find these logs too big although they are at least clean.






Previous blog posts

8th Jan: Happy New Year. Snow now being forecast for next week. Don't try and
negotiate Rockshaw Road if it's snowy - it's not gritted. Stock up early!

20th December: Loads of *dry seasoned* wood in stock ready for the Christmas rush!
Do stock up - Seasons greetings to our regular customers - thanks for your
support over the recent year - and of course you can even stock up on
Christmas day!

13th December: Plenty of dry wood still available - but see notes below,
help-yourself stocks are being kept low. Text me to ensure supplies

25th Nov: Limited bags left out due CCTV revealing persistent petty theft
and suspicious snooping. For info my small B&Q chainsaw was stolen long ago and now
I have another cheap one that isn't worth stealing. Rockshaw Road CCTV is
networked so I do record and trace suspect vehicles.

21st November 2014: NO out of hours collections: In the evenings, to deter theft,
there'll only be a bag or two available on demand. If you want more or
find the cupboard locked just text 07443 033294.

previous blog posts here

25th August 2014: Brrrrrr. Coldest August day for umpteen years? Time to stock up for those cold
'summer' nights when you can't quite bring yourself to put the central heating on.
We have plenty of very seasoned timber in!

14th April: Our wood is chopped finer than others so perfect for Chimineas!

28th February: Plenty of dry firewood available atm!

2nd Feb: Evening pick ups - please ring the doorbell :-(      This is due to repeated evening thefts of a couple
of bags at a time.  I know who it is - I have CCTV footage of who it is but can't be bothered do
prosecute them. Toe rag.

20th January: turning cold at last. Stock up now - plenty of logs at the moment!

3rd January 2014: New theft deterrents in place so able to keep plenty of logs up in this foul weather!

23rd December: Logs just sold out and it is too dangerous to go into the woods and get more
from the store. We are on a ridge and it is wild in the gales. Will have more up by tomorrow
lunchtime (xmas eve).

1st December: Logs are selling very fast and I need to buy in some decent hardwood
to build up stocks. Because of recent thefts i am now only keeping a few bags
in the cabinet - please text ahead if you need some setting aside.

30th Nov 2013: There are hardwood log shortages across the country and I am selling so fast that i may need to
buy some in. Regret prices now £5 per bag - if you are an existing customer please text me and I
will honour the old price for this season

28th Nov: Scats on the aerodrome are still selling them at £3.99 if you are on a
budget but are unsurprisingly often sold out

27th Nov: Ne'er-do-well's: As I work in IT I am ready for you next time..... Is it worth it? Also as there are so many thefts in the street
some residents keep timed cctv records of cars,,,,,

25th Nov 2013: The logs cupboard has been emptied by thieves having just restocked it! I am clearly not going to be able to keep
so many logs in there which means that some customers may find the cupboard empty. I need to think about what to do
about this