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August/September 2016 headlines

AM turbine penalty – 3dBA?

A 3dBA penalty could be introduced if amplitude modulation (thumping) occurs at a wind farm.

Health a material consideration?

Health should be material planning consideration, say MPs on the Commons Health Committee. A report on 2013 public health changes recommended more focus on planning and health.

Manchester guidance

Manchester City Council has introduced residential quality guidelines that include noise.

London City go-ahead

Noise concerns have failed to halt the expansion of London City Airport.

Tranquillity metric

Clive Bentley of Sharps Redmore told the IoA conference of his quest for a new metric for tranquillity.

Construction monitoring update

Environmental noise experts gathered at the IoA Acoustics 2016 event last week.

Policy vacuum leads to flip-flop

A school is back in the High Court following endless flip-flopping interpreting noise policy.

Further Muga appeal fails in Sussex

Yet another challenge to a decision to remove a condition from sports grounds has failed.

Teignbridge uses WHO to assess MUGA noise

A multi use games area in Devon is causing noise problems for neighbours following installation of floodlights allowing evening use.

NPL dumps noise

The National Physics Laboratory (NPL) is pulling out of airborne acoustics.

Night Czar

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has begun a search to appoint a Night Czar to develop London as a 24-hour city. This has been prompted by the introduction of all-night running of some tube lines.

Shale bung

Government appears to have learned from mistakes made with wind turbines and is consulting on a community payments for those near fracking sites.

£4k party fine

A Roehampton woman who held two noisy parties on consecutive nights was fined £4,000.

WHO lobbied on turbine noise

Noise experts have asked the World Health Organisation to consider wind turbine noise in new environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region.

Solar barriers abandoned

A project looking at installing solar panels in motorway noise barriers looks set to be abandoned.

Horn again

Train horn noise may once again become an issue with railway authorities considering allowing use of horns at night.

Noise and planning

There have been more interesting noise and planning judgments in Lakenheath, South Tyneside and Crawley – but we’ve run out of space.

Heart flutters

Noise may be responsible for atrial fibrillation – irregular heart beats.

£8,000 dog cost

A couple were prosecuted at Stevenage Magistrates for eight breaches of a Noise Abatement Notice served by North Hertfordshire District Council (NHDC).

AM method proposed

Cuts in subsidies mean that fewer windfarms are being built – but there has still been plenty of interest in developing a robust way of assessing noise issues. Lisa Russell reports on the IoA’s new rating method for amplitude modulation.

All in one wind monitor

The US Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) has patented an ‘all in one’ wind turbine monitor.

Polish setback

The Polish Government has adopted a minimum setback distance for wind turbines.

Planning ignores health?

A Cheshire housing decision earlier this summer suggests that developers can argue their way out of considering health effects of noise. Lis Stedman delves deeper.into the Manchester flightparth decision