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August/September 2016 headlines

AM turbine penalty – 3dBA?

A 3dBA penalty could be introduced if amplitude modulation (thumping) occurs at a wind farm.

Health a material consideration?

Health should be material planning consideration, say MPs on the Commons Health Committee. A report on 2013 public health changes recommended more focus on planning and health.

Manchester guidance

Manchester City Council has introduced residential quality guidelines that include noise.

London City go-ahead

Noise concerns have failed to halt the expansion of London City Airport.

Tranquillity metric

Clive Bentley of Sharps Redmore told the IoA conference of his quest for a new metric for tranquillity.

Construction monitoring update

Environmental noise experts gathered at the IoA Acoustics 2016 event last week.

Policy vacuum leads to flip-flop

A school is back in the High Court following endless flip-flopping interpreting noise policy.

Further Muga appeal fails in Sussex

Yet another challenge to a decision to remove a condition from sports grounds has failed.

Teignbridge uses WHO to assess MUGA noise

A multi use games area in Devon is causing noise problems for neighbours following installation of floodlights allowing evening use.

NPL dumps noise

The National Physics Laboratory (NPL) is pulling out of airborne acoustics.

Night Czar

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has begun a search to appoint a Night Czar to develop London as a 24-hour city. This has been prompted by the introduction of all-night running of some tube lines.

Shale bung

Government appears to have learned from mistakes made with wind turbines and is consulting on a community payments for those near fracking sites.

£4k party fine

A Roehampton woman who held two noisy parties on consecutive nights was fined £4,000.

WHO lobbied on turbine noise

Noise experts have asked the World Health Organisation to consider wind turbine noise in new environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region.

Solar barriers abandoned

A project looking at installing solar panels in motorway noise barriers looks set to be abandoned.

Horn again

Train horn noise may once again become an issue with railway authorities considering allowing use of horns at night.

Noise and planning

There have been more interesting noise and planning judgments in Lakenheath, South Tyneside and Crawley – but we’ve run out of space.

Heart flutters

Noise may be responsible for atrial fibrillation – irregular heart beats.

£8,000 dog cost

A couple were prosecuted at Stevenage Magistrates for eight breaches of a Noise Abatement Notice served by North Hertfordshire District Council (NHDC).

AM method proposed

Cuts in subsidies mean that fewer windfarms are being built – but there has still been plenty of interest in developing a robust way of assessing noise issues. Lisa Russell reports on the IoA’s new rating method for amplitude modulation.

All in one wind monitor

The US Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) has patented an ‘all in one’ wind turbine monitor.

Polish setback

The Polish Government has adopted a minimum setback distance for wind turbines.

Planning ignores health?

A Cheshire housing decision earlier this summer suggests that developers can argue their way out of considering health effects of noise. Lis Stedman delves deeper.into the Manchester flightparth decision

July 2016 headlines

Planes quash Cheshire homes

Aviation noise has led to refusal for a large development in Cheshire – now confirmed at appeal. Planners had said that flightpath noise would cause a “significant adverse impact on health and quality of life”.

Sue Bird MBE

Acoustician Sue Bird has been awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday honours list for “services to engineering and to women in engineering both in the UK and abroad”.

Noise Bill read

A Private Members Bill on vehicle noise has passed its first reading in Parliament.

Fracking challenge

North Yorkshire activists are to judicially review North Yorkshire’s go ahead for fracking at Kirby Misperton. They claim environmental impacts were not fully assessed in the decision making process.

Badgers freaked out by wind turbines

Wind turbines stress out badgers, London researchers believe.

Brian May clobbered with costs

Queen guitarist Brian May won £25,000 damages for noise nuisance – but has had his claim

Small heart risk uncovered in Germany

German researchers suggest that aircraft and other transport noise can increase the risk of heart attacks.

Noise prompts mental health issues

German researchers also believe aircraft noise can prompt mental health issues. findings were part of the larger Norah (Noise-Related Annoyance, Cognition, and Health) study.

Train complaints

Residents have complained that idling railway engines cause noise and air quality problems in Reading.

Huge social cost

A study suggests the social cost of noise in France amounts to €57bn a year.

£2,000 fine

Loud noise has cost a Bournemouth resident nearly £2,000.

Quietway in

London’s first “Quietway” route benefitting walking and cycling between Greenwich and Waterloo now open.It runs 9km along traffic-free paths and quieter backstreets.

Quieter oceans

A huge EU project on quieter oceans has come to a close.

Council’s health concerns rejected

Experts managed to persuade the inquiry inspector that there was sufficient uncertainty about health impacts (as opposed to amenity issues) that they should be disregarded.

George Tavern battle succeeds

East End pub landlady Pauline Forster has succeeded in overturning plans for a block of flats next to her pub. The original case hinged on noise arguments – she fears future occupants may complain about noise – but those arguments were once again rejected in this appeal, which succeeded on other grounds.

Westminster firework debate

Firework noise has been debated in Parliament by Westminster MPs.

Summer patrols

Over summer weekends, noise officers from Herefordshire Council’s environmental protection team will be out and about on Friday and Saturday nights as part of the second Herefordshire summer noise awareness campaign.

Husky fine

A couple have been fined more than £2,400 for ignoring a noise abatement notice issued by Sheffield City Council’s environmental protection service.

Student appeal

A Brighton landlord has been told by planning appeal inspectors to cease letting a family home to students. It is the second case involving planning controls on houses of multiple occupation (HMOs) in the town in as many months.

EU quiet areas uncovered

There is increasing recognition of the importance of protecting quiet areas in the countryside to protect nature and let people escape the din of urban life. Lisa Russell looks at a new report into these havens unaffected by noise pollution.

How would a Brexit affect Euro policies such as mapping?

Of course no-one yet knows what will happen post-Brexit in relation to UK involvement in European environmental initiatives.

Commission red tape review progresses

The European Commission is progressing with its better regulation review which “could save up to €50 billion”

When noise just gets too much

Yet another murder has been committed in response to a noise-related neighbour dispute. Lis Stedman scours the sobering headlines

June 2016 headlines

Another MUGA in High Court

Sports ground noise has once again been discussed ad nauseam in the High Court.

Thames corkscrew ok’d despite challenge

A ‘green energy’ Archimedes screw at Teddington Lock on the Thames has survived a High Court challenge on noise and other grounds.

Fracking ahead

North Yorkshire County Council has given the go ahead for fracking test well in Kirby Misperton.

Conversion clampdown

Incoming London Mayor Sadiq Khan says he will consider changes to uncontrolled office-to-residential developments.

Barriers okay for air

A study suggests solid noise barriers do not worsen air quality on the road – contradicting many arguments that suggest noise barriers worsen dispersion of toxic pollutants so increasing drivers’ exposure.

Harlow targets town bikers

Harlow Council and the police have introduced an injunction to ban nuisance motorcyclists in the town.

Wiltshire noise curbs ‘unreasonable’

A planning appeal inspector has found against Wiltshire Council claiming it behaved unreasonably in handling noise issues for a small manufacturer. Wiltshire was deemed to have caused unnecessary and wasted expenses and thus must pay the costs of the applicant.

Leeds gets tough

A tenant has been evicted from a council property in East Ardsley due to anti-social behaviour.

Tenant wins Mayfair battle

A high class art gallery in Mayfair has won compensation in a High Court landlord v tenant battle.

Housing refused

An ongoing battle to win approval for a housing estate near Stone, Staffordshire has failed again.

Remain plea

Environmentalists have set out the case for remaining in Europe next week.

AM ‘depth’

The ‘depth’ of wind turbine amplitude modulation is more important than its frequency, researchers suggest.

Noise helps air

Methodologies developed for noise have been used to monetise the wider benefits of improving air quality.

Airbnb set up noise hotline

Neighbours can now complain to Airbnb about noise from short-let tenants.

Regulator needed for flightpath changes

Westminster Parliament has been discussing flightpath noise again – but this time north of the border.

US suffers similar flightpath problems

A US Congressman is attempting to steer a Bill through congress to mitigate noise from aircraft flightpaths.

Motocross fine

The owner of a motocross course has been fined for breaching a noise notice.

EU citizens content

“Generally speaking, please tell me if you are very satisfied, rather satisfied, rather unsatisfied or not at all satisfied with the quality of the air and the noise level in your city?” inhabitants of 83 European cities were asked in 2015. Results show significant disparities between capital cities in the European Union (EU), with levels of satisfaction regarding air quality ranging from 22% to 88% and for noise levels from 31% to 82%.

Heathrow makes more pledges

Heathrow Airport has responded to the Airports Commission with a series of commitments designed to persuade government to let it build a third runway. Lisa Russell reports.

Automating festival checks

A system newly introduced to the UK simplifies the identification of the sources of bothersome levels of noise in complex situations such as multi-stage concerts or the entertainment districts of cities. Lisa Russell reports.

A week of noise action.....

By the skin of its teeth, Noise Action Week has survived another year on a threadbare budget with participants being whittled away by austerity. But imagination and enthusiasm won the day, finds Lis Stedman

May 2016 headlines

Road compensation argued

A group of householders have been to the High Tribunal Court to argue for compensation for increased road noise following completion of a new road.

Noise retained in framework measure

Noise indicators have been retained in the Public Health Outcomes Framework. There had been fears that noise could be removed as part of a streamlining consultation (Noise Bulletin October 2015 p4).

Aussie probe

Australia has launched a government pro

Coach depot silenced at appeal

Noisy bus and coach engines can be silenced by a local authority, a High Court appeal has suggested.

Huge fine

Flouting a noise abatement notice has cost a Roysto

Wigan noise up

Wigan Council has recorded an increase in noise complaints.

Noise impacts on neonatal skills

A noisy environment can affect a baby’s tactile skills.

Huntingdon pub noise monitor rejected

A planning condition requiring a pub to monitor noise has been overturned.

Vanguardia automates concert control

Entertainment noise specialist Vanguardia is to market the MeTrao tool aimed at managing noise at live events

MPs focus on significance

A long debate in the House of Commons has focussed on the significance of noise effects.

Yes to Heathrow

MPs on the Commons Transport Committee have told the Government to go ahead with expansion at Heathrow Airport.

Low frequency rumble detector

A device claims it can detect low frequency noise and help reduce adverse health impacts via a linked smartphone app and sensor.

Six day respite

A six day respite from aviation noise near Heathrow made no difference to hospital admissions.

Airport U-turn

Incoming London mayor Sadiq Khan has reversed previous mayor Boris Johnson’s decision to object to releasing land to allow London’s City Airport to expand.

Turbine setback

A Bavarian high court has confirmed that turbines cannot be built less than ten times their height away from houses

Noise Action week looms

Noise Action Week 2016 is imminent – 23rd-28th May. Promoted by Environmental Protection UK, themes this year include live music, talking to tenants and sounding out students.

Turbine refused

A Lincolnshire wind turbine has been refused at appeal.

Annoyance survey

MAS Environmental has launched an online wind farm noise annoyance study.

Cuts explained

A CIEH Wales conference has been told that cuts to environmental health budgets have been necessary to protect front line NHS spending.

Fracking discussed in Glasgow

Acoustic experts gathered in Glasgow last month to hear about noise impacts of fracking.

Car cruising injunction upheld at High Court

An injunction put in place by West Midlands authorities is enforceable, the High Court has ruled.

Nuisance abated

A noisy wind turbine in Northern Ireland will only be operated in working hours to reduce nuisance.

Commons debate

A long debate in the House of Commons saw MPs complaining about aviation noise from airports around the UK including Heathrow, Gatwick and Belfast.

Den Brook again

Arguments continue to rage over the much disputed Den Brook Wind Farm in Devon (NB Dec 2014 p4).

Aussie FoI’s wind

Australian’s have used Freedom of Information laws to reveal that the Queensland Government has ignored expert noise advice on wind turbines. Protesters claim the Government’s own advisor told it:

Low frequency low down (at last!)

Years after completion, Defra has released a suppressed research report on how self help could be used to deal with tricky low frequency noise complaints. Lis Stedman reports

Runway woes rumble on

This is set to be an important year for determining how aircraft noise is addressed in the UK – and not only because of the possible decision about a new runway in the south-east of England. Lisa Russell reports.

April 2016 headlines


Injunction for helicopter noise

The High Court has agreed to the use of an injunction to reduce excessive noise from Denham Aerodrome in Buckinghamshire.

Welsh air quality guidance pulls in noise

Welsh Government has released ‘interim’ policy guidance for local air quality management with strong warnings that noise must be considered.

Speed limit

An attempt has been made to introduce a legal ‘speed and noise limit’ for the HS2 high speed line between London and the West Midlands.

IoA: 40 years

IoA has published its history of ‘the first 40 years’.

Sharps addition

Sharps Acoustics is changing its name to Sharps Gayler.

£2k nuisance

A Feltham resident who made his neighbours’ lives a misery with loud music has been ordered to pay more than £2,250 following court

Church nuisance

Southwark Council has taken action against a Camberwell-based church following floods of complaints from residents about persistent and excessive noise from almost daily church services – sometimes as early as 3am.

Rail horns

New dual-speed standards are being introduced for train warning horns.

Night tube noise

London mayoral hopeful Murad Qureshi has warned that the proposed 24-hour tube service could lead to noise and vibration complaints.

Noise impacts

The Environment Agency has updated guidance on information requirements for permit applications that include computer modelling or spreadsheet calculations.

Office to resi rules change

Government has listened to increasing warnings that allowing conversion of commercial property into flats without planning permission risks noise disputes.

Rural flights more intrusive

A new Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign (Gacc) research study finds that the Airports Commission, and Gatwick Airport in its adverts, have underestimated the noise impact on rural communities that surround Gatwick.

‘Independent’ commission says Heathrow OK

A report from the Independent Transport Commission says expansion at Heathrow is possible without jeopardising noise and air quality limits.

Mayor warns of noise costs of expansion

The London Major says that a TfL spells out the ‘astonishing cost’ public health impacts of an expanded Heathrow Airport. He once again pushed forward the need for a Thames Estuary airport to reduce aviation noise impacts over London.

Airspace change process up for grabs

Local communities affected by aircraft noise, and the aviation community, are encouraged to respond to a new CAA consultation.

Welsh indicator

Wales is adopting 43 national indicators.

MUGA sinks Newark homes

Noise from a sports ground has prompted refusal at appeal for a 91-home development near Newark.

Noise fears dismissed in housing approval

A proposed new housing estate in Berwick can go ahead, an appeal inspector has said.

Researchers warn that fracking can have short term impacts

Researchers believe that fracking wells worsen noise.

The findings are contained in the NERC-funded ReFINE (Researching Fracking in Europe) consortium led by Newcastle and Durham Universities.

Heathrow challenge

Four local authorities – Richmond, Wandsworth, Hillingdon and the Windsor and Maidenhead – are threatening to take the Government to court unless it drops plans for a third runway at Heathrow.

Behaviour order

East Northamptonshire Council believes it is one of the first local authorities in the UK to successfully apply for a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) after a conviction for breach of a noise abatement notice.

Quiet areas: some progress

While quiet area policy has largely stalled in England, Lis Stedman analyses how quiet areas are progressing in Northern Ireland.

Fracking impacts unpicked at inquiry

The potential noise impact from fracking has been under scrutiny at a public inquiry in Lancashire. Lisa Russell reports.


March 2016 headlines


Guidance soon for housing?

Three bodies have joined together to plug the guidance gap on noise in new residential developments.

Crawley recreates PPG24 in local plan

Crawley has defined SOAELs and NOAELs and ‘rebuilt’ PPG24 in its newly adopted local plan. Failure by Defra to provide a policy lead on noise levels is pushing local authorities to make up their own guidance.

Back to court

A ‘bad neighbour’ development of new housing next to a pub is set to return to court.

Manchester Heyes

Cole Jarman has opened a new regional office in Manchester. It be headed up by Matthew Heyes.

No noise

Defra has released its five year plan and strategy to 2020.

Clay pigeon appeal fails

The High Court has upheld a council decision to allow clay pigeon shooting to continue in a field near Gloucester without tight conditions.

Unbundle airspace and runway plans

A consortium of aviation protest groups have come together to demand Prime Minister David Cameron imposes a moratorium on future airspace changes.

Gatwick landings scrutinised

A furore over changes to landing patterns at Gatwick Airport led to the commissioning of an independent report into arrival flights. It includes a recommendation for aircraft dispersal rather than concentration as is often proposed in recent airspace reviews.

Airspace hearing

Residents some distance from Gatwick have seen large increases in overflights following changes in flight paths. They argue that there are significant impacts which have not been properly considered and are seeking a Judicial Review of the changes.

Fracking appealed

Fracking firm Cuadrilla’s appeal against refusal for fracking near Blackpool is underway.

New barrier

Transport for London air quality cash will be used to build a noise barrier in the East End of London.

Triple echo

A resident has been found guilty on three counts of breaching an abatement notice at Bexley Magistrates Court.

Monitoring costs council £60k

A public meeting has revealed that North Devon Council has had to pay over £60,000 to monitor a noisy wind farm near Barnstaple.

Fullabrook noise is ‘explained away’

The controversial Fullabrook wind farm now appears to comply with noise conditions.

Durham houses dismissed due to noise fears

A housing development in Bishop Auckland has been refused due fears that incoming residents might complain about existing industrial noise.

Sunday trading

The Government will devolve the power to extend Sunday trading hours to local areas following a consultation.

Dog decade

A decade of dog barking problems has resulted in a court fine for an Ashford (Kent) resident.

In Parliament

MP Ruth Cadbury tabled a Parliamentary Question: “whether the Government has used the methodology in his Department's WebTAG guidance to assess the annual cost of aircraft noise on health in the UK each year”.

Noise makes you fat?

Danish researchers believe that exposure to traffic noise could lead to an increased risk of becoming fat.

Dose-response distorted by air quality

Canadian researchers carried out interviews amongst 600 residents and have found that noise annoyance can be distorted by air quality.

Noise linked to mental health problems

German researchers have uncovered a link between noise and mental health.

Action week 2016

Modest funding has been found to repeat Noise Action Week in 2016. It will take place between May 23rd and 28th.l www.noiseactionweek.org.uk

Directive discussion

Consultation closes soon on a public survey intended to inform the future of the EU noise directive.

School noise

DCLG is consulting on technical changes to the planning regime.

Private Bill

MP David Davis has introduced a ten minute rule Bill into Parliament dealing with wind turbines.

January/February 2016 Issue 99

Report clear-out reveals SOAELs

Defra has cleared out a backlog of important research reports.

Desperate councils seek guidance

Two councils unable to use nuisance legislation to silence wind turbines have appealed to the Government for guidance.

Decision delay

Government has confirmed the widely expected decision not to decide on a third runway at Heathrow for a further six months (Noise Bulletin December p3).

Directive abolition?

Europe has reached the public consultation stage as it ponders the future of the European Noise Directive.
l The survey can be viewed on http://ec.europa.eu/environment/consultations/noise_2015_en.htm

New TAG: don’t count tranquillity

A new Transport Analysis Guidance (WebTAG) module has been updated to incorporate Defra-released guidance on the valuation of transport-related noise, covering a range of different impact pathways and transport modes.

Shooting fine

The owner of a hotel in Oxfordshire has been fined £1,500 after breaching an abatement notice which had been issued following complaints about noise from clay pigeon shooting.

£1000 dog fine

A Towcester dog owner has been fined for a third time after ignoring official notices to stop his dogs barking and causing a nuisance to his neighbours.

5dbA below background too loud

A high profile ‘emergency’ generating station in Bristol has been refused planning permission mainly on air quality grounds – but noise considerations contributed to the refusal.

Police closure

A nuisance property in Kingsdown, Bristol has been closed down due to “excessive noise” and antisocial behaviour nuisance.

Cockerel fine

Rochford District Council successfully prosecuted a Rochford resident after complaints from neighbours regarding a breach of a noise abatement notice served under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 in relation to cockerels kept at the property.

Turbines overturned at appeal

The High Court has reversed planning permission – and at appeal – for two small wind turbines in Denbighshire.

Electric leisure boats protect quiet areas

Danish boatmaker RAND Boats has unveiled its latest quiet electric picnic boats.

Health not considered

Government aviation policy fails to properly consider health effects of noise, a new report suggests.

Brownfield first

Government is now consulting on making it easier to pack more affordable homes onto urban brownfield sites (Noise Bulletin November 2015 p1).

Gatwick flightpaths

A decision to amend Gatwick flightpaths is to be scrutinised in the Appeal Court.

Airspace changes considered unfair

An independent report has criticised the CAA on flight path changes.

Low cost noise barrier trialled in Norway

Aluminium panels are to be fixed below standard metal crash barriers to partially reduce noise. The panels must flex – such crash barriers are designed to yield on impact to absorb energy from an out-of-control vehicle.

Noise attitudes revamped

Successful piloting of a new format for the regular noise attitude surveys is opening the way for more topical questions on issues such as entertainment. Lisa Russell reports.

More attitudes uncovered

Lis Stedman looks at a second study on noise attitudes as Defra has a clear out of reports intended to further our understanding noise

December 2015 Issue 98

Wales warns on lack of LOAELs

Planners in Wales have been reminded by ministers that NEC bands in its TAN11 planning guidance remain in force and are necessary.

Smart M4

Noise arguments have been heard at an inquiry into plans to increase capacity of the M4 motorway between J3-12 west of London.

M1 housing appeal probes sealed windows

Noise and air pollution from the M1 motorway will dominate discussions at a forthcoming planning appeal near Northampton.

Heathrow back in the balance

As Noise Bulletin went to press, it appeared that a decision on Heathrow expansion is once again set to be delayed.

£11,000 fine

Magistrates at Bexley have told former company director, Paul John Moran, to pay over £11,000 for his part in persistently flouting noise abatement notices while he owned The Bank restaurant.

Six shortlisted

A design contract worth up to £2 million has been awarded to WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff to trial six shortlisted ‘innovative’ noise barriers.

Anglesey and Brighton win

Two local authorities have won John Connell Awards for good practice. Anglesey Council and Brighton were both cited by the Noise Abatement Society at last month’s ceremony.


Northern Ireland environment minister Mark Durkan called for views on options for an independent environmental protection agency.

Finland infrasound

Finnish wind farm protesters have released a report claiming that turbines create infrasound.

School design guide

The Institute of Acoustics and the Association of Noise Consultants have jointly published a new design guide for the acoustics of schools.

Fracking called in

Fracking in Lancashire is to be decided by Westminster – not local planners.

Vanguardia get Turner

Former Defra noise lead Stephen Turner has taken on a part-time non-executive director role with Vanguardia Consulting.

Nuisance action drags on

An ongoing ‘noisy neighbour’ nuisance action against a wind turbine drags on years after a notice was served.

Airspace approved

The CAA has approved major changes to the airspace in the South East proposed by NATS as part of the ‘London Airspace Management Programme’ (LAMP). The decision is the first major development as part of the ‘future airspace strategy’ (FAS) which aims to create more capacity.

Luton rapped over airport noise

Luton Borough Council has been criticised by the Local Government Ombudsman for failures on dealing with Luton Airport noise.

Warwick criticised on stairlift

Warwick District Council has been criticised by the Local Authority Ombudsman for failing to properly handle a DIY noise complaint.

Night team cut

Another night time noise service has been scrapped.

Pubs v. people: the battle continues

Balancing the rights of nightclub owners and incoming neighbours looks set to become an increasingly thorny topic. Lisa Russell considers the potential issues

Turbine thumping: a counter view

The report of a group of experts gathered to counter the ‘establishment’ IoA wind turbine working group was never going to prove comfortable reading. And so it proved, finds Lis Stedman

House sale problem

Noise has been found to be a ‘dealbreaker’ that could scupper a house sale.

November 2015 Issue 97

Mayor pushes nightclub change

Moves are afoot in London to try to solve the problem of incoming residents complaining about existing noise from nightclubs. The London Mayor wants to introduce an ‘agent of change’ principle.

Track approved despite court win

Planning permission for a noisy Cumbrian rally car test track has been endorsed by High Court judges – but only after noise conditions had to be re-written with costs awarded against Allerdale Council for failing to properly consider noise.

PDR permanent

Permitted development rights (PDR) have been made permanent following a three year trial.

Brownfield boost

A clause in the proposed Housing Bill will see automatic planning consent for residential development on brownfield land in a bid to boost housing starts.

Wales maps

Welsh Government has set out thinking behind the next round of mapping.

EU benefits?

The Environmental Audit Committee is holding an inquiry to assess the extent to which EU environmental objectives and policies have succeeded in tackling environmental issues in the UK.

Noise policy ‘woeful’ says IoA

The impact of noise has been “woefully underestimated”, the Institute of Acoustics has told the Government.

Davies noise points challenged

Four councils have jointly released a report criticising assumptions made in the recent Airports Commission recommendation to expand Heathrow Airport.

MPs analyse Heathrow ‘envelope’

The Environment Audit Committee is investigating arguments for expanding Heathrow.

More, bigger, lower, concludes PA report

PA Consulting has been brought in to analyse problems with Heathrow plane routings. Trials of new routes led to an unexpected high number of complaints.

Heathrow rebuttal

Former Airports Commission chairman Howard Davies has rebutted criticism over his Heathrow recommendations.

News from the IoA’s autumn conference held in Harrogate

Noise benefits double

£50m has been earmarked to tackle noise over the next five years – and new Webtag assessment guidance has doubled the benefits of treating road noise hotspots.

SOAELs and NOAELs defined?

The Noise Policy Statement for England sets out noise policy in England in terms of LOAELs and SOAELs (low and significant observed adverse effect levels) – but failed to say what the numbers are.

Railway noise

Harry Jones of the University of Southampton suggested that railway noise may be more of a problem than previously thought.

Perkins updates IoA on Decc contract

Richard Perkins of Parsons Brinckerhoff updated the IoA conference on the latest on research into wind turbine amplitude modulation. Wind turbines featured for over a quarter of the entire autumn conference agenda.

Mapping: work in progress

The latest review of the Environmental Noise Directive has found that its introduction has been worthwhile but that there is still work to be done to reap all the benefits. Lisa Russell reports.

Quiet areas and the directive

Very few quiet areas have yet been designated in Europe. Nevertheless, a lot of groundwork has been carried out between the two rounds to define what constitutes a quiet area, develop selection criteria and – in the case of a few member states – produce good practice guidance.

Quiet areas and tranquillity

Quiet area planning gets a boost as ‘maps’ (now in the form of freely available data) become more versatile, Lis Stedman reports

October 2015 Issue 96

Camden club wins flats battle

A Camden nightclub has succeeded in a High Court battle to prevent a nearby development of flats.

AM: yet another study awarded

Another contract has been let to try and end planning disputes on wind turbines.

Aarhus update

A Ministry of Justice consultation sets out how costs can be capped in environmental trials.

Fracking push

Decc has set out further reporting mechanisms to identify planning authorities that take too long to determine fracking applications, which may have noise impacts.

EU Directive reviewed

Preliminary thoughts have been released on EU noise policies.

Davies disappointed on noise commission

Airports Commission chair Sir Howard Davies has expressed disappointment that plans for a noise commission have been ignored.

Sharps appoints

Kieran Gaynor has joined Doug Sharps and Ian Sharps at Sharps Acoustics.

NI plans

Northern Ireland has released a new Strategic Planning Policy Statement for Northern Ireland ?Planning for Sustainable Development? (SPPS). It includes an effective presumption against fracking, which has prompted noise concerns on mainland UK.

Stansted changes

Stansted Airport is proposing new departure routes to cut noise impacts.

Flawed assumptions

The Mayor believes that many of the noise assumptions of the Airports Commission were flawed.

Baker win

Daniel Baker of consultant MAS Environmental has been awarded the CIEH President?s ?Junior Researcher of the Year Award 2015? for his paper entitled ?Application of noise guidance to the assessment of industrial noise with character on residential dwellings in the UK?

Extrium viewer for English maps

England has a new viewer for round two noise maps.

Data explanation

Defra has published a guide to strategic noise map data.

Surge in road noise needs action

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) says action is needed to tackle a ?surge? in road noise.

Top ten London

CPRE has also used its new map to rank worsening of noise in London green spaces.

Wales resource

Welsh Government?s has released a new Natural Resources Policy Statement which contains many mentions of noise and some mention of tranquillity.

Navitus Bay offshore turbines canned

The huge Navitus Bay offshore wind farm has been turned down by the Government.

Noise indicators reviewed

The Department of Health has consulted on updating the Public Health Outcome Framework (PHOF). Views were gathered on all 200+ indicators, including noise.

NI consults on quiet areas

Northern Ireland is consulting on designation of quiet areas. Just five are outlined.

London aviation noise rises in 2014

A rise in the number of aircraft in 2014 led to increasing noise from some of the three main London airports, official statistics reveal.

More from Euronoise!

In the second part of our report from the huge Euronoise conference, we look at the myriad of topics discussed during the summer event. Here, many uncertainties still surround the health impacts of transport noise and new research seeks to fill the gaps.

Aug/Sept 2015 Issue 95

Fast track fracking – or else

Ministers are to fast track fracking applications by obliging planning authorities to hurry up.

Motocross challenge fails in Surrey

A judicial review against planning permission for a motocross track in Surrey has failed.

Supercar sanctions

Noisy supercars in Knightsbridge are to be controlled via a Public Space Protection Order.

Fenland Tigers back in court

The landmark Fenland Tigers motocross noise nuisance case has once again been in the Supreme Court – this time about costs.

Bad neighbour judicial review fails

A pub has failed in its bid to see off a housing development fearing future complaints.

MPs launch Heathrow probe

The Environmental Audit Committee is holding an inquiry into the implications for Government commitments on carbon emissions, air quality and noise should the Airport Commission’s recommendation of a third runway at Heathrow Airport be adopted.

Steeper flightpaths

Heathrow is to trial a steeper landing approach as part of a ‘ten point blueprint’ for noise reduction to cut noise.

Wales grants

The Welsh Government is urging community groups and third sector organisations to bid for small scale project funding (£1,000 to £15,000), including projects to tackle noise and air pollution and create tranquil green spaces.

Greenwich fine

The Royal Borough of Greenwich has successfully prosecuted a Greenwich husband and wife for causing an on-going noise nuisance.

Tranquillity threatened

CPRE says the decision to expand Heathrow is flawed and threatens tranquillity over a wide area of south east England.

Not a mention

Defra’s annual report has been released. Noise and nuisance are not mentioned once.

‘Independent’ reports released

The first three reports from the ‘independent’ amplitude modulation wind turbine working group have been published.

Bill to force nuisance liability on turbines

MP David Davis wants to make onshore wind turbine operators liable for noise complaints in a Private Member’s Bill.

Just turn it on.....

NTi Audio’s XL2 Sound Level Meter has a newly-available “locked run” mode of operation.

Shorter hours

A consultation is underway on Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea proposals that would reduce the permitted number of hours noisy construction work can take place in the borough during the week, and prohibit noisy work on Saturdays. This would mean that contractors would no longer be able to carry out demolition work, piling or drilling, which are audible at the site boundary, on the weekend.

IoA probe flawed?

The anti-wind Renewable Energy Foundation has criticised the Institute of Acoustics consultation on amplitude modulation (Noise Bulletin May p1).

Noise complaint indicators released: patchy map

Defra has released a compendium of environmental indicators. Noise complaints – based on CIEH surveys – appear static but a regional breakdown is shown.

Common mapping

Legislation enabling a new European common mapping method has come into force. Directive 2015/996 replaces Annex II of 2002/49/EC and follows on from the CNOSSUS scrutiny of common mapping methods.

Noise and air independent

It is known that noise and air quality exposure both contribute to ill health effects but it is very hard to tease out differences because exposure maps look very similar for both pollutants. There is a large risk of confounding.

Europeans talk noise

Euronoise gave the opportunity for noise policy to be put into both a European and wider context through presentations on latest developments in topics including the END and the WHO guidelines.

Policy lessons from the noise-aware Dutch

Euronoise delegates heard about projects under way in the Netherlands to take forward a new noise mitigation programme that combines noise-reducing pavements, noise barriers and insulation of houses along existing routes.

Aircraft annoyance compared

A session on airport noise and its management produced some topical papers – ISVR’s Ian Flindell presented on two issues, with Rod Self, Antonio Torija and Athanasios Synodinos on estimating variation in community noise due to variation in aircraft operations, and with Paul Le Masurier on a combined qualitative/quantitative approach to the design of noise annoyance studies.

July 2015 issue 94

pPlanning guidance takes shape

New professional planning guidance (dubbed ProPG) being mooted by acousticians could be based on four acoustic levels - but it must not be confused with scrapped PPG24 noise planning policy guidance

Railway to be served nuisance notice

Stirling Council is stepping up action against railway operators for noise near Alloa.

Brownfield boost

As NB went to press, the Chancellor removed the need for planning permission on brownfield land.The implications of unregulated residential development in noisy urban areas will be of concern.

Fracking fail

Two fracking wells in Lancashire have been refused on noise grounds despite officers recommending approval.

Fight goes on

Protesters say the Airports Commission decision in favour of Heathrow is far from the end of the story. Heathrow has been chosen despite huge noise impacts.

Par houses okay

A planning inspector has overturned Cornwall Council's refusal of 44 homes next to a China Clay works and railway line in Par.

London noise lifts stroke risk

London researchers believe that there is evidence - albeit weak - that noisy traffic reduces life expectancy.

Notice withdrawn for dog noise

Thanet District Council has withdrawn a noise abatement notice following claims that the notice was incorrectly served and evidence had been tampered with.

US noise costs $4bn

A study suggests a 5dBA reduction in ambient noise could cut £4bn in health costs.

Turbine impacts understated

A retrospective study of ten wind farms has found that noise impacts can be underestimated at the planning stage.

Offshore guide gone?

A good practice guide originally aimed at noise from offshore turbines could be dropped by the Institute of Acoustics following misuse.

HS2 go ahead

The incoming majority Conservative Government has confirmed that HS2 is to go ahead. HS2 includes considerable spending on noise mitigation.

Hotel refused on appeal

An Ilford hostel has been told it cannot convert into a hotel because of noise from a nearby nightclub.

MUGA appeal fails in Sussex

A High Court challenge to the relaxation of noise conditions

ANC winners

Winner of last months ANC awards environmental category was consultant Hoare Lea for work on numerical environmental noise monitoring.

Waste fine

A Devon wood waste company has been fined £20,000 for failing to deal with noise pollution.

Tenant jailed

Birmingham County Court has given a custodial sentence of 20 weeks to a city council housing tenant for continuously breaching his anti-social behaviour order, originally served for causing noise and nuisance to his neighbours.

Wind turbine commission suggests noise

The Australian Senate select committee on wind turbines has issued an interim report recommending a formal probe on noise health impacts.

Racetrack moves to judicial review

Planning approval to allow a country house estate to build a new racetrack in its grounds have gone to Judicial Review.

Model aircraft noise monitored by Svantek

Svantek has supplied a compact, lightweight SVAN 971 sound level meter to the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) where it is being used to help assist clubs with environmental noise related issues and to ensure the long-term protection of model aircraft flying sites.

Subsidy cut and plannng  becomes local

Wind farms are to have their subsidy cut. and local plannng authorities can now object

NI Etsu probe?

A Parliamentary Question in Northern Ireland suggests doubt on the future of Etsu for assessing wind turbines.

NI Etsu probe?

A Parliamentary Question in Northern Ireland suggests doubt on the future of Etsu for assessing wind turbines.

Noise no bar to Heathrow growth

Overwhelming noise and air quality disbenefits from expansion at Heathrow have been trumped by the economic arguments, finds Lis Stedman

Commission releases noise and health effects review

Along with the general conclusions of the main report, the Airports Commission released a thinkpiece on aircraft noise and health compiled by Charlotte Clark of Queen Mary's London.

Fracking noise gets political

Noise was a key factor in Lancashire County Council's recent refusal of applications involving shale gas extraction by fracking. Lisa Russell looks at the issues involved.

June 2015 issue 93 

Theme park ‘not annoying

An urban extension in Cornwall is set to go ahead despite objections from Flambards theme park which fears that screaming tourists would give rise to complaints from occupants of new houses.

RES put on ‘notice’ over Den Brook

Protesters have ‘served notice’ on Den Brook wind farm developer RES that they will continuously monitor excess noise if the farm is built.

Fracking U-turn

Stop Press: as NB went to press noise objections to fracking in Lancashire appear to have been overcome.

FAA revisits aviation annoyance onset

The US FAA has launched a major study looking at possible changes in the impact of aviation noise and annoyance.

Heathrow appeal underway

Heathrow Airport is appealing against Hillingdon’s refusal to grant planning permission for limited expansion of the existing airport.

Flight path changes cause continued worry

Aviation pressure groups have come together to have a say in future flight path changes.

Acoustic camera updated

Norsonic has released new software for its Nor848a acoustic camera which is available in different size arrays. The camera dish comes in 0.4m, 1.0n and 1.6m diameter sizes.

CPRE renews tranquillity plea

CPRE has repeated its call for tranquillity in the face of continued threats to build new homes on green belt land. It has carried out a survey of authorities – very few councils have tranquillity plans in place.

Bunds to cut noise from Mallory Park

Bunds and noise fencing aim to cut 10dBA noise from Mallory Park race circuit in Leicestershire.

Open source model ready for beta testing

MAS Environmental is putting the finishing touches to a new website offering simple online noise modelling – free of charge.

Wind now local

The incoming government’s Queen’s Speech has signalled changes to onshore wind planning procedures through a new Energy Bill.

Airbnb change

Legislation is being introduced to bring London into line with the rest of the country in terms of short term lets.

Sharps staff

Consultant Sharps Redmore has three new members of staff this month, Lee Bearman, Emily Brown and Stephen Jay.

Connells return

The John Connell awards will be repeated this year. The awards were paused in 2013 but ran last year.

AM model out

Software has been released to predict amplitude modulation from wind farms.

Horizontal update

Environment Agency H3 Horizontal Noise Guidance has been updated to reflect the new version of BS4142.

Dairy refusal

An Arla megadairy near Aston Clinton, Bucks, has failed in its bid to overturn a planning condition to install a noise bund and replace it with trees.

Campbell Cup

Consultant Bickerdike Allen has once again won the Campbell Associates annual Acoustic Cup.

Welsh grants

Welsh Government has announced a new approach for issuing grants to local authorities for air quality, noise and tranquil green space work.

Turbine talk in Glasgow

So much is happening on wind turbine noise that it supports popular international conferences. Jack Pease reports from last month’s busy Glasgow wind turbine noise conference.

US noise costed

A US study has suggested that a 5dB reduction in ambient noise could yield an economic benefit of $3.9bn.
Researchers tried out a ‘new’ approach to costing noise by placing environmental noise in context with other pollutants.

Down but not out

Noise Action Week was muted as austerity bites – but still some were able to summon up enthusiasm. Lis Stedman reports.

Big fine

A Birmingham man who repeatedly breached noise abatement orders by playing his music loudly at his Handsworth home was found guilty in his absence of two offences under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court.

May 2015 Issue 92

Three choices for AM

IoA wind turbine experts have put forward three methods for rating amplitude modulation from wind farms.

Lack of assessment detail prompts refusal

Lack of proper information on noise has contributed to refusal of an anaerobic digester at a pig farm in Duns, near Berwick.

Cotton Farm probe

The controversial Cotton Farm wind farm is to be investigated by a council.

£2,300 for noisy dogs

A woman who left her two dogs to bark so excessively that her neighbours felt like moving out of their home has been ordered to pay £2,320 after appearing before magistrates at Bury St Edmunds.

Defra guide to noise options

Defra has posted a guide aimed at explaining to the public how noise nuisance should be dealt with by local authorities.

NPL devises potential calibration method

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has developed an optical method for remotely measuring sound pressure inside a fully anechoic chamber which is the first to provide direct traceability to the SI base units.

Flight path frenzy prompts new forum

Heathrow Airport has set up a new community noise forum including representatives of the airport, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), National Air Traffic Control (NATS), British Airways, local authorities, community organisations and campaign groups. 

Kildare separation

County Kildare in Ireland is considering introducing a 1.7km separation zone for wind turbines.

Jukes down

CIEH chief executive Graham Jukes is to step down following 15 years at the organisation.

NI premises review

Northern Ireland is consulting on changes to entertainment licensing.

£2,000 penalty

A King’s Heath resident has been fined £400 with £1700 in costs by Birmingham Magistrates Court. 

Saunders joins

Dan Saunders, previously with Bruel & Kjaer, has joined consultant Vanguardia.

Taller turbines

A wind energy task force has proposed taller turbines.
There are fears that yet-taller turbines would worsen noise impacts when there is wind at high levels but calm conditions at ground level reducing the masking effect of wind.

Clean bill of health?

A huge Canadian Federal Government study says there are annoyance impacts from wind turbines but doubtful evidence of direct health effects.

....yet another clean bill of health

Canadian medical experts have come to similar conclusions to the non-related large government study reported above. But experts say there may be some health effects resulting from turbine noise.

Election prompts demands

Noise campaigners representing different organisations came together to call on the next Government to take noise seriously.

Statutory notices plummet in CIEH survey

Local authorities are once again being asked to contribute to the annual CIEH survey of noise nuisance. Results feed into the Department of Health’s Public Health Outcome Indicator on noise – latest results show a sharp drop in numbers.

Noise action week looms

Noise Action Week 2015 is imminent – it runs from May 18th – 23rd.

Winds bids in

Tendering has closed for the Decc review of wind turbine amplitude modulation

Night fight

Stop Stansted Expansion urged recent election candidates to support a ban on night flights at Stansted.

Complaints cost money

Experts know that it is far easier to avoid complaints in the first place – now following a freedom of information request some value has been put on the cost of dealing with them, finds Lis Stedman

Who complains, and where

An independent survey has tried to uncover the regional pattern of noise complaints, reports Lis Stedman

Short-let noise timebomb

Legislative changes and a recent court case about short-term letting have focused attention on the potential for neighbours to suffer from noise when holidaymakers party loudly. Lisa Russell looks at the issues involved with sub letting along the lines of AirBnB

April 2015 Issue 91

£109m a year for nuisance?

A nuisance complaint costs local authorities up to £7,500, a Defra report suggests.

Action week may help?

Noise Action Week says highlighting noise issues could save money in the long run.

Licensing cuts ASB

A controversial £500 per year landlord licensing scheme pioneered by the London Borough of Newham may have cut anti social behaviour.

Noise barriers shortlisted for M40

Six proposals have been shortlisted in the second phase of a competition to design and produce a cost effective, innovative noise barrier, Highways England has announced.

Mayor directs City Airport refusal

London Mayor Boris Johnson has blocked plans for expansion of London City Airport because of noise concerns.

1,150 ‘mitigations’ by 2020

Highways England has taken over from the Highways Agency. Highways England will work to a series of ‘operational metrics’ including noise and other environmental constraints.

Probe into AM runs late

Decc’s promised review of amplitude modulation appears to have stalled, it was revealed during Parliamentary questions

Noise remains a problem across Europe

Noise remains a problem across Europe, an important pan-EU state of the environment report suggests.

Cobbing to Arup

Colin Cobbing has joined the leadership team of Arup’s UK acoustics business.

Levy amended

Amended supporting guidance for licensing authorities on the late night levy has been published.

Dig the Moles

Svantek has launched the MOLES (Miniature Outdoor Logging of Environmental Sound) system.

Big numbers

Some 1.1 billion teenagers and young adults are at risk of hearing loss due to the unsafe use of personal audio devices, including smartphones, and exposure to damaging levels of sound at noisy entertainment venues such as nightclubs, bars and sporting events, according to WHO.

Nuisance tested in High Court

The legal value of an environmental health officer’s opinion has been tested in the High Court.

Regulator could limit thwarting of fracking

Fracking will have local impacts – including noise – says an industry task force. It suggests there should be a shale gas regulator.

ANC awards

Entries are invited for 2015 Association of Noise Consultants Excellence in Acoustics awards.

Overzealous Pickles?

Epuk and CIEH have written to communities secretary Eric Pickles with a Freedom of Information request, asking for evidence to support his statement that “Too many town halls have been over-zealous in trying to silence church bells and village clocks which have chimed for decades, if not centuries”.

Entertainment dereg

Entertainment licensing has been further deregulated.

Military bangs sink log cabins

A leisure complex of 12 log cabins has been turned down at appeal because of excess noise from a military firing range. Holidaymakers would be exposed to too much noise and complaints could close down the facility.

Stansted flight fight

Pressure group Stop Stansted Expansion continues its fight against amended flight paths.

Inspector overturns refusal despite 30-fold traffic increase

A planning inspector appears to have understood the subtleties of low background noise, amenity and nuisance but then agreed plans for 114 homes despite extra traffic noise from a 30-fold increase in traffic in a quiet cul de sac. 

New runways cause headaches

Feature: Responses published to Airports Commission runway plans near London

What value sleep?

A new report discusses how to put a value on five impacts caused by environmental noise from transport. Lisa Russell reports.

March 2015 issue 90

Sleep effects to be considered

A report has been quietly slipped out by Defra suggesting sleep disturbance must now be considered when considering environmental noise.

Northern Ireland seeks turbine review

Northern Ireland politicians say that noise assessment rules for wind turbines need reviewing.

Etsu endorsed

UK Government has once again been asked in Parliament to reconsider Etsu. It replied: “The Government takes seriously the impact of noise from wind turbines. Potential noise impacts are considered within the planning process in accordance with ETSU-R-97, and taking into account any guidance on good or best practice that the Government has published or endorsed, before any decision is taken.

Block on fracking: decision delayed

Lancashire planners have delayed a milestone decision on fracking. Earlier this year noise was a key part of the decision of Fylde Borough Council to recommend rejection (Noise Bulletin Jan/Feb p1).

Crowdfunded action

Cash-strapped organisers of Noise Action Week have turned to crowdfunding in a bid to fund this year’s activities.

Extra insulation for Heathrow

Just one day before consultation on airport expansion near London ended, Heathrow Airport has upped its offer to insulate homes where householders are bothered by aircraft noise. More generous grants may mean houses in south London could qualify.

CAA warns against ignoring noise nuisance

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has called on the aviation industry and decision-makers to be much more ambitious in confronting aviation’s environmental challenges – including improving compensation for communities – or else face the prospect that essential additional runway capacity may never be built.

MPs study aviation noise

MPs have scrutinised noise at Heathrow Airport. An all-party Parliamentary inquiry culminated in a 76 page report on problems and possible solutions to aviation noise.

Regulation benefits

Noise is the third most cost-effective area of regulation within Defra, a report suggests.

Noisy processions

Scottish Government has studied the impact on the community of public processions. Some 67% have expressed annoyance over noise.

Noise and air

US researchers have tried to disentangle health effects of a busy freeway.

Average hides industry noise

A housing development has been approved at appeal with the consultant citing WHO guidelines which downplay industrial noise impacts. 

Motorsport noise petition triggers response

A petition calling for waivers for motorsports venues against incoming complainers has drawn sufficient support to demand a government response.

Ride quiet

For any local authorities hoping to take part in Noise Action Week and keen to tackle the issue of noisy off-road motorbikes,

WHO assessment underestimates

A study in an academic journal compares various assessment methods including World Health Organisation guidelines, BS8233 and BS4142. The findings reflect issues such as the planning case (see news, left) where experts play off metrics against each other.

Open source model promising

Air pollution modellers have used the open source (free) ‘R’ software to model noise exposure. They have found over one million people are exposed to noise over 65db.

Green walls can cut noise impacts by 15dBA

Spanish researchers used recycled boxes filled with coconut fibre, acting as ‘soil’ in a green wall intended to cut noise. They were all planted with Helichrysum thianschanicum, a popular shrub for gardening in the Mediterranean region, with an average height of 40 cm.

Den Brook fails High Court application

Den Brook protesters have been rebutted by the High Court. Protesters had sought permission to challenge the weakening of a planning condition intended to prevent amplitude modulation at a proposed wind farm (Noise Bulletin December p4).

Four year term

An elderly man has been given a four year prison sentence for stabbing a neighbour following an argument over noise.

Car cruise injunction arguments explained

Lawyers have analysed the High Court endorsement of an injunction issued by four Black Country councils against noisy car cruisers.

City airport agreed

Newham Council has agreed to grant planning permission to expand City Airport in East London.

New branding for Campbell Associates

Campbell Associates has rebranded – and announced the date of its popular annual charity fund raiser.

Noise Attitude Survey reveals decreasing tolerance

People are less tolerant of noise than they were in 2000 and many head off to quiet areas for a break. Lisa Russell looks at the implications of the newly published National Noise Attitude Survey 2012

Noise across Europe

The EEA’s eponymous report on noise in Europe 2014 throws up some interesting statistics, the most widely-reported being that around a quarter – about 125 million – Europeans could be exposed to levels of road traffic noise above legal guidelines.

January/February 2015 issue 89

Noise set to block fracking

High profile fracking operations near Blackpool may be thwarted because of noise.

Landlord is responsible for party house din

A court has dismissed an appeal against the Borough of Poole’s decision to issue a Noise Abatement Notice on a residential property in Sandbanks used as a party house.

More annoyed

As Noise Bulletin went to press, Defra released the long awaited Noise Attitude Survey.

Another turbine case hits the High Court

A High Court battle rumbles on and has growing parallels with the landmark Jane Davis/Deeping St Nicholas case (Noise Bulletin December 2011 p1).

‘Sensations’ linked to turbines

An in-depth study of residents’ ‘sensations’, monitoring data and turbine operational characteristics has uncovered possible causes of annoyance.

…while Canadian study fails to find effect

A study by Health Canada suggests there is no link between wind turbine noise and ill health.

No health effects, says review of reviews

An academic journal review of wind turbine noise suggests wind farms do not cause health effects due to infrasound.

Be Noisewise

Mary Stevens, formerly of Epuk, and Gwyn Mapp, formerly of Bureau Veritas, have jointly set up a noise policy website Noisewise.

Simulation ‘vague’

A report for DfT has analysed public attitudes towards the compensation procedures and noise consultations for the HS2 high speed railway.

NI closure

Northern Ireland’s dedicated noise website has closed.
l www.noiseni.co.uk

ASB review

Consultation responses have been published following the Scottish review of the anti social behaviour noise regime. The noise provisions which came into force in 2005 introduced a fixed penalty notice for domestic noise offences for any part of the day or night.

Decision trends

Wind turbine consultant Dick Bowdler has tabled an analysis of key issues presented at wind turbine inquiries.

HS2 bung

Compensation has been increased for those living near the line of the proposed HS2 high speed railway line between London and Birmingham.

Guidance tackles bad neighbours?

Important changes have been made to planning practice guidance on noise. Changes affect nuisance and planning.

Road and rail NPS released

Noise features in a new National Policy Statement for National Networks. The NPS sets out overarching planning policy for highways and rail infrastructure (but not HS2 which is being taken forward under a Hybrid Bill).

Noise becomes KPI in roads plan

Noise has been included as a key performance indicator in Highway England’s business plan.

Turbine group criticises Pickles bias

RenewableUK says a report by the Communities and Local Government (CLG) Select Committee, shows that Secretary of State Eric Pickles is picking on wind turbines.

M40 test bed

The Highways Agency says it is looking for new ideas for noise barriers. It will focus on the M40 near High Wycombe – where there has been a long standing campaign to reduce traffic noise (Noise Bulletin Oct 2013 p4).

Needham in

Simon Needham has joined Atmos Consulting’s acoustics and noise team, headed up by principal consultant Emma Parsons, to meet a growing demand for assessment work, both as stand-alone projects and as integral parts of comprehensive planning applications and environmental chapters of formal EIAs.

Mapping journal

A new open access journal specialising on noise mapping has been launched.

Patchy reporting across Europe

125 million Europeans could suffer from noise above recommended guidelines – but this could be an underestimate because of poor reporting.

Noise report prompts High Court showdown

Planning permission has been quashed by the High Court because a planning authority failed to make public a noise report.

BB93 revised

Building Bulletin 93 (BB93) has been revised. It covers minimum performance standards for the acoustics of school buildings.

Lewis leaves

Huntingdonshire EHO Toby Lewis has joined consultant WSP.

Wind yield tool

A new modelling tool allows onshore wind developers to identify the best way for maximum energy output while fully complying with noise limitations.

Pressure builds on bad neighbour laws

The public seem baffled that a person can knowingly move next to a noisy business and then complain about it. Lis Stedman reports

Talking about thumping

 Competing initiatives are under way in a bid to move forward the understanding and hence management of noise caused by amplitude modulation from wind turbines. Lisa Russell finds out whether there could be a consensus.

Dramatic reduction in amplitude modulation?

Acousticians at Hoare Lea were surprised by the extent of the reduction in AM that was achieved by alterations to the turbine blades at sites that were causing complaints.

December 2014 issue 88

Roads plan cuts 1,150 hotspots

The Autumn Statement outlined Government plans to spend £15bn on new roads in England.

More details emerge on three runway options

The Airports Commission has released a more detailed appraisal of the three remaining runway options for South East England.

AM conditions: third study promised
The Government has finally caved in to pressure to investigate wind turbine amplitude modulation (unexpected thumping) and possible planning conditions.

Stop press: party house and landlord liability
As NB went to press, a magistrates court in Bournemouth ruled that landlords and agents (in this case of a party house in Sandbanks) are liable for noise nuisance from their tenants. More next month.

Scottish guidance
Following a petition, Scottish Government will prepare guidance on good practice community engagement methods for wind proposals.

The Cambridge three
Cambridge City Council has prosecuted three people for breaching abatement notices.

Kids affected

The German Federal Environment Agency has released advice on noise for schoolchildren, highlighting that one in eight have some form of hearing impairment.

Homes sunk due to noisy m’way
New housing next to the M6 motorway in Cheshire has been refused on noise grounds. Some of the homes were just metres from the busy motorway.

Mental health care home allowed
An appeal has thrown out suggestions that shouting from residents of a mental health hospital could be sufficient to refuse planning permission.

Railway nuisance action contemplated
Stirling Council says rail noise at Alloa amounts to a nuisance. But railways are generally exempt from nuisance enforcement.

Navel gaze looks forward

Defra has belatedly released a report mulling over what might or might not happen about noise in the future.

Office-to-home fears raised
The Mayor of London and planning bodies are arguing that technical changes to the planning system that will see an end to the ability of authorities to exempt themselves from permitted development right relaxations.

Ombudsman finds council needed an expert
The Scottish Public Services Ombudsman has told East Ayrshire Council that it should have got expert external help if it was unable to fully understand noise arguments on a wind turbine.

Crossrail – the sequel
Consultation has started on safeguarding land along the route of Crossrail 2.

Sound advice

Welsh Government has updated its Sound advice on noise leaflet to include advice on new anti social behaviour powers.

Sedgemoor gets tough
Police forced entry into a property in Bridgwater where there had been repeated complaints of excessive noise and breaches of an enforcement notice.

Fullabrook breaches limits
The Fullabrook wind farm is breaching noise limits at seven out of eight monitored locations.

Appeal against condition fails

Protesters have failed to overturn planning permission for a wind turbine on grounds including noise.

High Court confirms Den Brook condition can be amended

The High Court has agreed that a council can change noise conditions on a wind farm despite them being imposed by a previous High Court hearing.

2013 air traffic rise leads to more noise

Rising aircraft numbers has led to a modelled increase in noise in 2013.

Stansted changes are not welcomed

Flightpath changes at Stansted have not been welcomed by locals.

Heathrow concessions

Consultations have already prompted concessions from Heathrow which has offered an enhanced compensation package which includes an offer to buy homes in villages in close proximity to a new runway at 25% above unblighted market value

Housing & health
The usually regulation-shy US has released new healthy housing standards.

More barriers please
A report by environment and transport groups including the Campaign to Protect Rural England and the Campaign for Better Transport is calling for £3bn to be invested over the next five years in a range of ‘green retrofit’ improvements for existing roads.

ANC’s proposed certification scheme
The ANC is considering introducing an optional certification scheme for its members, said Jonty Stewart of Wight Noise and Southampton Solent University, who chairs the ANC certification committee.

BS4142 is finalised
All 943 comments on the draft of the new BS4142 have been pored over and the standard is now out. Lisa Russell reports.

Midnight lawn mowing is now possible?
The Grass Group was present at the awards to further the cause of its interesting Infinipower mower, which is claimed to be virtually silent.

John Connells return to reward excellence
Back after a break last year, the Noise Abatement Society’s John Connell awards provide glitzy recognition of good work on noise. Lis Stedman reports

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November 2014 issue 87

Rival group set up to fight AM
An independent expert group has been set up to form a workable planning condition and methodology to deal with wind turbine amplitude modulation.

New anti social powers kick in
New powers have come into force that provide additional powers to deal with anti social behaviour including noise.

Judicial review
As Noise Bulletin went to press, wind turbine amplitude modulation was back in the High Court.

Elmbridge win
Elmbridge Council in Surrey has won this year’s Noise Abatement Society John Connell local authority award.
l More details of winners and runners up next month.

WHO chime test
Church chimes have been spared despite busting WHO ‘limits’.

Cattle prompt housing refusal
Noise from a prized Aberdeen Angus cattle herd has contributed to a refusal for a 19 home development in Worcester.

Acousticians failing
A US hearing expert says those complaining of low frequency noise from wind turbines have been let down by acousticians and learned bodies.

Share good practice
Environmental Protection Scotland is currently creating a repository of ‘noise wins’, i.e. best practice and successful outcomes to noise problems. 

Channel 4 plea
Channel 4 is making a pilot for a new series on dispute resolution. It is looking for people who are currently in dispute with a neighbour who may benefit from having their case looked at by a professional mediator and arbitrator (effectively a private court). Email

Summers winter move
Steve Summers of Anderson Acoustics has joined growing consultancy Accon UK.

Noise eviction
A woman has had her New Forest home repossessed and has been given a five-year Anti-social Behaviour Order (ASBO) after a catalogue of noise and abuse against her neighbours.

Waste planning
Detailed planning practice guidance for waste in England has been revised replacing PPS10.

IoA publishes AM group terms
The Institute of Acoustics has published the terms of reference and scope of work of its wind turbine amplitude modulation working group.

Government defends policy change
The Government has defended its recent policy change that has led to a number of wind farms being refused permission.

20m turbine notification
Scottish Government is consulting on improving good practice for neighbour notification for wind turbines.

Wales pollution staff suffer
Welsh local authorities’ ability to deal with noise and other local pollution has been disproportionately affected by cuts.

Plane toolkit
Arup is funding PhD research aimed at delivering a better understanding of noise related issues for airport stakeholders and affected communities, with one of the key outputs anticipated to be a noise illustration and communication toolkit. 

Joint effort
Airbus, British Airways (BA), Heathrow Airport (LHR) and NATS have launched a partnership to study and develop operational procedures to reduce the number of people affected by noise at Heathrow.

END under review
The European Noise Directive is under review.

Amber Valley secures £5,000 dog fine
Amber Valley Borough Council has successfully brought a prosecution against a Heanor man who has continued to allow his dogs’ barking to be a nuisance to his neighbours.

Flight paths – concentrate so polluter pays
Consultant Gwyn Mapp says that concentrating aircraft flight paths should make it easier to apply the ‘polluter pays’ principal.

IEMA guidelines arrive at last
Our feature reviews and explores the new IEMA guidelines on noise assessment

Busking noise
This feature reviews busking noise and what local authorities and regulators are doing about nuisance

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October 2014 issue 86

Free school need overrules noise
Noise objections against a proposed free school in Buckinghamshire have been overruled by the Secretary of State.

Aviation lobby mourns loss of PPG24
Aviation interests have warned that the withdrawal of PPG24 leaves a policy vacuum that is leading to housing developments in areas where aircraft noise may be annoying.

Tideway decision leans on NPSE
Noise impacts featured in the decision to approve the Thames Tideway wastewater tunnel in London.

Den Brook again
Den Brook wind farm is back in the High Court with local protester Mike Hulme judicially reviewing the local council’s decision to retrospectively weaken a planning condition limiting amplitude modulation.

Permittng Info requirements
Guidance has been updated by the Environment Agency to help applicants provide the necessary supporting data for noise impact assessment predictions to support industrial activities. The information sits alongside H3 horizontal guidance on noise.

Boris Island rejected
The Airports’ Commission last month rejected plans for a new airport in the Thames Estuary. ‘Boris Island’ was promoted by the London Mayor mainly due to the noise benefits of a remote hub airport compared to an extra runway at Heathrow.

Bad neighbour objections to homes overuled
425 homes have been approved despite being near noisy industry.

Glasto checks on noise
Noise measurement specialist Richard Wilson of The Event Safety Shop used Cirrus equipment to monitor occupational noise levels at the 2014 Glastonbury Festival.

Alarm code = off
Regulations have been laid to repeal the official code of practice on burglar alarms as part of Government drive to cut red tape.

Consultancy growth
The latest report from business intelligence and market research firm Environment Analyst finds that the UK environmental consultancy sector expanded by 5.2% in 2013.

Private nuisance explored
A resident has been refused a protective costs order to enable a court action against a noise and dust nuisance for an opencast coal mine in Wales.

Landlord liability for nuisance tested
Further analysis of the recent costs decision in the Coventry v Lawrence speedway Supreme Court case (Noise Bulletin August/September p4) suggests the case may prove useful in setting out a landlord’s liability for noise nuisance from a tenant.

Northern Ireland adapts English policy
Northern Ireland has adopted a noise policy similar that used in England.

IEMA at last
IEMA guidelines on noise have been finally published – nearly 20 years after they were started! More on the Guidelines in Environmental Noise Impact Assessment next month.

Busking guide
Liverpool is the latest city to produce a code of practice for busking.

Make some noise
A publican’s body has launched the Make Some Noise campaign in a bid to fight nuisance actions which threaten the closure of noisy venues.

Mapping journal
A new open access journal specialising on noise mapping has been launched.

Fullabrook: 2yrs and no data
Residents near Fullabrook wind farm are still awaiting results of noise monitoring over two years since turbines started operating prompting noise complaints (Noise Bulletin October 2012).

Shipdham: Leave noise to nuisance laws
Excess amplitude modulation from wind farms can be adequately dealt with through nuisance legislation, communities secretary Eric Pickles has said. But impact on tranquillity has helped sink a wind farm proposal.

Cornwall: No AM?condition – no permission
A wind turbine has been turned down because no amplitude modulation could be agreed.

Permission granted without AM condition
A wind farm has been approved by the Secretary of State despite causing excess noise for three households.

Last two notes
The final two supplementary guidance notes for the Institute of Acoustics’ good practice guide on wind turbine noise assessment have been published.

Environment diluted
DG Environment is being amalgamated with other departments as part of the Juncker review of European governance.

Noisy trucks
The Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) believes that relaxing lorry speed limits will lead to more noise.

Speakers boosted
Epuk has boosted topics at its forthcoming conference to be held in Aston on the 16th October. Topics now include action on noise and health.

Ireland win
A project in Ireland has won the European Soundscape Award 2014 for its work on acoustic planning and urban sound design. The prize was presented by the European Environment Agency (EEA).

Focus falls on aircraft tracks
A series of apparently technical consultations on where planes fly were not expected to cause controversy. But then people some distance from airports realised they might be badly affected, finds Lis Stedman

Guide to boost quiet areas
The recent publication of new guidance on quiet areas is helping local authorities around Europe gain fresh impetus in identifying and protecting them. Lisa Russell reports

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August/September 2014 issue 85

Experts ignore no-guidance plea
Experts have come together to produce planning guidance on noise – despite Government saying it does not welcome third party guidance.

Arsenal loses on appeal
Noise was at the forefront of a High Court planning appeal from Arsenal football club which is seeking to hold more pop concerts.

Kirklees cuts back
Kirklees Council is streamlining its noise complaint procedures.
It says increasing numbers of noise complaints were taking a long time to investigate and “did not consider the customer experience of the person complained about”.

Wetherspoon opts out
Discount pub giant Wetherspoon says it is to avoid paying late night levies by closing pubs early.

Ecohouse refused due to turbine
Planning permission for an ecohouse close to a wind turbine has been refused on appeal. The judgment centres on the dilemma of protecting amenity while allowing sustainable development.

IoA commence turbine thumping probe
The Institute of Acoustics has set up a group to look at wind turbine amplitude modulation.

Turbine approvals subside due to Pickles
CPRE has called for more planning guidance as it notes that turbine approvals have slumped by 20%. But it says that the approval rate has dropped only because so many are being called in by Communities Secretary Eric

Taylor confirms Govt input
Giving evidence to the Parliamentary High Speed Rail committee last month, noise expert Rupert Thornely-Taylor has confirmed Government was involved in putting numerical values on noise annoyance.

Noise annoys
A survey by noise insulation firm Saint-Gobain Isover, suggests more than a quarter of UK homeowners say they suffer with noisy next-door neighbours, but fewer than half have attempted to resolve the problem themselves.

Concrete din
Villagers living next to the concreted section of the A417 in the Cotswolds have produced a report on the impact of the noisy road.

Wind notes out
Supplementary guidance notes on Etsu wind turbine assessment have been finalised by the Institute of Acoustics.

Court report
Martin Court has joined Sharps Redmore on a full time basis. He has previously led on noise at Tendring Council’s environmental health department.

Call-in justification
Government has justified its extension of additional scrutiny powers for onshore windfarms.

£800 fine
A tenant of a Greenwich council flat in Woolwich, has been fined £800 for playing loud music. Following complaints from neighbours,

Low-tech mitigation...
Straw bales have been used at the Ravenstonedale Festival in Cumbria to cut noise nuisance.

... as high tech barrier nears market
Sonobex, a newly formed technology spin-out from Loughborough University, has won funding from the Technology Strategy Board, to bring its SonoBarrier acoustic fences to market.

Fenland Tigers back in Supreme Court
The landmark Fenland Tigers motor sport noise case has been back in the Supreme Court.

Night-time rollover
Consultation on rolling forward the existing night flight regime at London airports has concluded with the Government agreeing to the move.

Dreamliner may be (genuinely) quieter
The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has been monitored and appears “significantly” quieter than planes such as the 767 and A330 that it will replace.

More planes less noise
Heathrow Airport says it has independently shown that a third runway would be quieter.

Indoor listening to outdoor sound
Simulations produced by acousticians at Arup have been used to give people along the planned High Speed Two (HS2) rail route an idea of how the trains will sound. Lisa Russell reports.

US lawsuits tackle noise
Americans are notoriously quick to use the courts. Lis Stedman finds out how US law deals with noise

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July 2014 issue 84

NPPG helps sink biogas bid
A biogas plant has been turned down on appeal because of traffic noise impacts.

Defra to go?
News is emerging that Defra’s noise team is to be halved from the current estimated six posts.

No mention of noise in research strategy
Defra has released its strategy for research. Noise, nuisance and amenity are not mentioned once.

GLA to stage ‘rescue’ of PPG24?
Further alterations to the London Plan will be discussed in front of an independent planning inspector on 1st September.

Hacan disputes Heathrow will be quieter
A future expanded Heathrow will not be quieter than now as the airport claims, says protest group Hacan in a new report.

In the shadow of Heathrow
Three videos have been chosen to share £15,000 of prize money for the best Heathrow anti-third runway film.

John Connell’s restart
Following a break in 2013, the John Connell noise awards will once again be revealed at Westminster on 5th November.

CAA health update
The CAA has produced a report to update findings of its 2013 aircraft noise and health report (Noise Bulletin March 2013 p6).

New homes standard?
BRE has unveiled plans to develop a voluntary sustainability standard for new homes that will allow developers go beyond minimum regulation and provide increased choice for the consumer.

LAeq’s v Lmax argued in court
Westminster has lost its bid to refuse noisy supermarket deliveries following a High Court challenge.

Pavement seating rejected in Judicial Review
Noise concerns were at the centre of a High Court dispute over permission given to a restaurant with pavement tables.

Arup scoops ANC award
Arup Acoustics’ work on the High Speed 2 – Sound Demonstrations (HS2) project has won the environmental acoustics award category of the Association of Noise Consultants’ (ANC) annual awards scheme.

Election winners announced by IoA
Monitor equipment expert William Egan (pictured right) takes up post as president of the Institute of Acoustics.

Four airports get B&K WebTrak
Manchester Airports Group has taken on a new Airport Noise and Operations Monitoring System (ANOMS 9) from Bruel & Kjaer.

BV Burton
Nigel Burton has joined Bureau Veritas as technical director to lead the acoustics and vibration group in the London Bridge office.

Student competition
Environmental Protection UK?is holding a student prize competition with £500 on offer for a winning paper on noise, air pollution or land

NATS consults
NATS is consulting on changing the use of existing departure routes from Stansted Airport.

Health discussed in Japan meeting
Lis Stedman reports from the ICBEN Noise and Health meeting held in?Japan

Noise Action Week
Despite the cuts, Lisa Russell finds innovation and determination among local authorities ensuring that Noise Action Week continues to get the message across.

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June 2014 issue 83
Runway proposals tabled
London Mayor Boris Johnson has stepped up pressure against runway expansion at Heathrow.

Den Brook simmering
Arguments are continuing over the disputed amplitude modulation (thumping) condition for the proposed Den Brook wind farm in Devon. Protesters are warning that they may resort to a Judicial Review.

Smartphone apps could be fit for purpose
An academic study has compared various smartphone apps as a means of monitoring occupational noise.

Anti social noise rethink
Scottish Government has put out a call for evidence to support a policy review of the noise regime under the Antisocial Behaviour (Scotland) Act 2004 Part 5. The Noise Act-style powers allow issuing of fixed penalty notices against fixed noise limits for domestic nuisance.

ANC shortlist released for noise awards
The shortlist for the 2nd Annual Association of Noise Consultants acoustic awards has been revealed.

Mallory Park notice
Councillors have agreed the terms of a noise abatement notice to control Mallory Park racetrack nuisance.

Barking judgement
A Burntwood resident was fined £300 for breaching a noise abatement notice.

Cumulative noise sinks turbines
A Scottish Borders wind farm has been refused by Scottish ministers due to cumulative noise impacts.

WebTAG updated
WebTAG assessment modules have been updated.

Belgian Bart
Cirrus Research has appointed Bart Buermans as its new European export sales manager as part of its strategic expansion across the continent. He was previously sales manager

Noise Opex rises
A Government survey of environmental protection expenditure shows that in 2012, the latest available year of data, operational expenditure on noise rose.

Campbell Associates hosts charity Acoustic Cup
Last month acoustic consultancies gathered for the annual Campbell Associates Acoustic Cup 5-a-side football competition. 

CAA talks tough on noise
The Civil Aviation Authority  has released a policy thinkpiece on aviation noise with support for a noise tax.

Heathrow defends noise burden
Aviation is dominating the news at the moment – and will do so for many years as the Airports Commission is hit with ideas for three new runways. Lis Stedman reports

CIEH mulls over noise and health
Managing noise for better health was the subject of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health’s latest annual noise conference. Lisa Russell reports

Using mobile apps for noise nuisance cases   
Elmbridge Borough Council’s new mobile app is the latest stage in an initiative that began in 2008 with improvements to the online advice offered by the council and has continued with development of an online toolkit branded with eye-catching graphics as well as an earlier app.

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May 2014 issue 82

New nuisance powers
Powerful anti-noise nuisance possibilities within new antisocial behaviour powers are discussed in Parliament

Onshore wind freeze?
The Conservative Party has indicated that it will put a brake on onshore wind farm development.

Calm is the new preferred term for quiet
A European good practice guide on quiet areas suggests the term ‘calm’ is a better descriptor than quiet.

LFN found at Aussie windfarm
Internal measurements of wind turbine noise at an Australian windfarm suggest amplitude modulation (thumping) is present and may not be picked up by outdoor monitoring using recommended settings.

HS2 enters Hybrid Bill stage with new guide
The promoter of the High Speed 2 rail line from London to the north of England has released an information paper on noise. It includes definitions of LOAELS (lowest observed adverse effect level) and SOAELS (significant observed adverse effect levels) (Noise Bulletin December p1).

Turbine refused
North Somerset Council has refused permission for a 33m tall turbine on noise grounds.

NPPF under scrutiny
MPs are to investigate the operation of the National Planning Policy Framework in its first two years of operation.

Fracking relaxation
Exploration for onshore gas (essentially fracking) will be exempted from the need to obtain IPPC permits.

Dion din fine
A man who made neighbours’ lives a misery by blasting out Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On has had his sound equipment seized.

Smooth climbs change noise
Aircraft carrying out smooth climbs may increase noise in some places and reduce it in others, a CAA report suggests.

Flightpath concentration policy questioned
The policy of concentrating flight paths has come under scrutiny following complaints by Sussex villagers.

Exeter prosecution
Exeter City Council has prosecuted a resident for three breaches of a noise abatement notice.

Three LIFE projects to include noise research topics
Three EU LIFE projects covering noise issues have received funding, it has been announced.

Quiet delivery guidance out
DfT has released a package of guidance notes aimed at making it easier for firms to deliver at night if they do it quietly.

IoA raises fears on draft BS4142 code
The Institute of Acoustics has finalised its response to the proposed changes to the BS4142 noise standard which is heavily used in the absence of UK noise policy and planning guidance.

Soundscape award
The European Soundscape Award 2014, run by the European Environment Agency, is open for applications. The award aims to draw attention to the most innovative product, campaign, innovation or scheme solving a noise problem.

Legislation scrutiny
Government has published its terms of reference for the strategic long term review of environmental legislation.

New Cirrus GM
Monitor firm Cirrus Environmental has appointed a new general manager as it expands its UK presence with a new office in Cambridgeshire.

Duty cuts good
Fuel duty cuts are very successful, the Treasury claims – based on modelling which excludes ‘externalities’ such as air and noise pollution.

Tranquility theme rides high
Inclusion of tranquility as a factor in assessing the shortlisted airport expansion options is the latest proof of a rising awareness of the importance of safeguarding peaceful spots. Lisa Russell reports.

Automating data collection
Lis Stedman takes a look at using ‘cheap’ sensing to collect noise data prompted by Dublin's use of Intel environmental sensors

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April 2014 issue 81

Nuisance uncovered by FoIs
Churchill Insurance has carried out a huge exercise to establish the extent of nuisance across local authorities.

Hinckley rap for motor circuit noise
The Local Authority Ombudsman has found against Hinckley and Bosworth Council for failing to stop excess noise from the Mallory Park racing circuit.

Thumping notice
Aberdeenshire Council has served a noise abatement notice on a wind farm specifically requiring ending of amplitude modulation (thumping).

Airports probe tightens criteria
The Airports Commission has released its appraisal framework to support decision making for increasing runway capacity in the south east of England.

Gatwick runway plans out
Gatwick is consulting on plans for a second runway.

Watchdog progress
Stop Stansted Expansion (SSE) has welcomed the pledge at the recent Aircraft Noise Summit to push for an independent noise ombudsman.

Buskers fail in Camden
The High Court has rejected an appeal against the London Borough of Camden’s plans to regulate buskers to cut noise nuisance.

Anti social in
The Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill has now completed its passage through Parliament and has become an Act. ).

Dublin monitored
Chip maker Intel is working with Dublin City Council to provide cheap noise and environmental monitors across the city.

Noise cost update
Consultant Ricardo-AEA has updated costs of noise. It has calculated the external costs of noise and other environmental pollutants arising from transport.

Guidance adopted with few changes
National Planning Practice Guidance on noise has been finalised.

Change of use
There were 852 responses to proposals to allow change of use of shops to houses.

BB93 consultation: responses encouraged
IoA members are being urged to respond to the Department for Education’s consultation on school acoustic standards.

World Cup extension
Government has consulted on bypassing Temporary Event Notices as a means of extending opening hours for the World Cup.

Noise agreement
The European Parliament voted in favour of a Commission proposal to bear down on vehicle noise.

Sound generator
Electric and hybrid electric vehicles will be fitted with sound generating devices to provide audible warnings for pedestrians/visually impaired persons.

Huddersfield fine
A Huddersfield man has been fined for playing loud music failing to comply with a noise abatement notice.

News from the IoA wind turbine meeting held in Wales

Focus falls on indoor noise
Wind turbines may cause low frequency noise problems, some delegates at the IoA wind turbine conference suggested, with the focus shifting from noise measured outside to that experienced inside.

Noise odd man out in turbine assessment
Noise is the odd man out in the environmental assessment process, consultant Dick Bowdler claims.

Proposed planning condition will fail
There was much debate at the IoA wind conference held in Wales last month about the efficacy of planning conditions aimed at dealing with excess amplitude modulation from wind turbines.

Good practice guide discussed
Etsu good practice guide working group chairman Richard Perkins of Parsons Brinckerhoff told the IoA conference that the group was unable to reflect the findings of the Renewable UK research into amplitude modulation

Den Brook again
Wind farm developer RES has resubmitted its application to amend a condition limiting amplitude modulation from the pro-posed Den Brook wind farm.

£3000 fine
A Redditch woman has been fined £3,087 for causing a noise nuisance to her neighbours.

Awards open
Entries are now open for this year Association of Noise Consultants acoustics awards which will be presented on 24th June. There are four categories covering architectural acoustics, environmental noise assessment, transportation noise control, and sound insulation Entries close on 23rd May.

Teams sought
Campbell Associates’ five-a-side charity football tournament is now in its third year and is seeking entrants.
www.justgiving.com/ Acoustic-Cup2014

BS4142: key to noise assessment?
The committee behind the new draft BS4142 is likely to find itself sifting through a considerable number of comments if recent discussions among acousticians are an indication. Lisa Russell reports

Nuisance redefined?
Coventry v. Lawrence will become perhaps the most important precedent on nuisance for quite some time

Coventry v. Lawrence undermines wind farms
Consultant Gwyn Mapp has warned that the Coventry v Lawrence case will undermine the use of Etsu assessment of wind farms.

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March 2014 issue 80

Private nuisance defined?
An important and definitive Supreme Court decision has redefined the issue of whether planning permission can sanction nuisance.

BS4142 out for consultation
An update to BS4142 – which deals with industrial noise – has been released for consultation.

BS8233 finalised
Meanwhile BS8233 Guidance on sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings has been updated replacing the previous 1999 version.

£127k court costs
Redbridge Council has won a five year legal battle with a noisy Essex nightclub.

£1,000 bung for Gatwick noise
The properties most affected by a second runway at Gatwick would receive £1,000 a year from the airport as a sweetener to reduce objections to expansion plans.

London levy
Islington Council is the first London borough to introduce a late night licensing levy to help tackle crime and nuisance.

Noisy vehicles
The European Parliament has watered down the Commission’s proposal on noise emitted by cars, vans, trucks and buses.

Competence set out
The Government has concluded its review of EU laws and how they relate to the UK.

MUGA trouble hits High Court
The High Court has dismissed an appeal against granting of planning permission to a games area.

World Cup relaxation worries Epuk committee
The Epuk noise committee is concerned at the government decision to re-consider a relaxation of licensing laws during the World Cup this summer.

Hum notice
Highland Council has served an abatement notice on energy firm SSE.

£8,000 fine
A noisy late-night karaoke bar in East Putney has been ordered to pay more than £8,000 in fines and court costs after admitting numerous licensing breaches.

Heathrow four times noisier
An update to the Anase report claims that Heathrow is four times noisier than official figures suggest.

Magistrates given more leeway for high fines
Environmental offences in England and Wales are now covered by bespoke sentencing guidelines.

Airports appraisal
Protesters have argued against the Airports Commission’s draft appraisal framework document intended to help it decide where to increase capacity (Noise Bulletin Jan/Feb p2).

ASBOs applies to housing
New anti-social behaviour legislation has been changed and will now include provisions for dealing with nuisance in all residential settings.

RAF contours
Noise contours have been published for RAF Brize Norton as part of the MOD’s noise mitigation measures programme to reduce the effect of noise disturbance from military activities.

Aviation offer
Monitor firm Cirrus Environmental and Casper, a specialist aviation web-based visualisation and monitoring software firm, have announced a partnership on airport noise monitoring.

SLR buys HFP
SLR Consulting has bought North American acoustics firm, HFP Acoustical Consultants, which has offices in Houston, Texas, and Calgary in Canada.

Ministry of Sound wins noise fight
A scheme to build flats right next to a noisy nightclub has highlighted the difficulties of safeguarding both residents and existing businesses. Lisa Russell reports.

Action plans for England and Wales
Lis Stedman looks at English and Welsh Action plans

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January/February 2014 issue 79


Sealing-up solves nightclub row
The Ministry of Sound nightclub in London’s Elephant and Castle has been ‘saved’ by London Mayor Boris Johnson, the club claims.

Nuisance church clock partially silenced
In a situation which echoes the Ministry of Sound’s concerns about loan nuisance complainers invoking nuisance duties (see news above), a church has decided to stop its clock chiming overnight.

Blog beefs up
Noise Action Week preps In the run up to Noise Action Week, which has a health theme this year, there is now a regular blog on the NAW website and Twitter. Specialists are invited to contribute.

Runway options whittled down
An interim report by the Airports Commission has suggested new runways at Gatwick or Heathrow. An airport in the Thames Estuary remains an option.

Condition found to be legal in judicial review
A judicial review has failed to overturn a decision allowing building of a wind turbine in Northumberland.

Dog fine
Wolverhampton City Council has prosecuted a dog owner over continued barking despite issue of a noise abatement notice.

Twin study on noise
Finnish researchers studied twins to see whether noise sensitivity led to early retirement through ill health.

Speed limit may cut noise
A speed limit is being considered for a section of the M1. It is primarily prompted by air quality problems but it will also cut noise.

Wales retains NECs for planning
Wales has released details of its round two action plan on noise. Places such as Cardiff have set out additional quiet areas.

Fracking safeguards
Fracking could lead to some noise impacts, a strategic environmental assessment suggests.

Noise affects memory
Italian researchers have used innovative virtual reality techniques to test the impact of a new motorway – and associated noise – on the public.

Eire set to junk Etsu limits
The Irish Government is consulting on wind energy development guidelines. A consultation document signals a move away from variable limits based on Etsu towards a fixed 40dBA limit.

Cirrus launches Invictus
Cirrus Environmental has launched its Invictus portable noise monitor.

Lighter and tougher from Campbell Associates
Campbell Associates has developed a new kit which aims to bring a new versatility to remote environmental noise assessments.

NI gives partial endorsement to guide
The Northern Ireland Executive has given partial endorsement to the IOA’s Good Practice Guide to the application of ETSU-R-97 for wind turbine noise assessment.

Final wind turbine notes published
The IOA has published for consultation the final two supplementary guidance notes (SGNs) to support its A Good Practice Guide to the Application of ETSU-R-97 for the Assessment and Rating of Wind Turbine Noise (the GPG).

Wind condition necessary
The wind turbine industry body Renewable UK  appears to have caved in to pressure to contemplate a condition to deal with amplitude modulation. But at 5dBA, and based on Etsu assumptions, critics are not happy finds Jack Pease

A short history of noise policy
Noise policies across the years have been analysed in a report to Defra. Lis Stedman sees what the archives have to offer

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December 2013 issue 78

HS2 ES: 50,000 pages long

The Environmental Statement for the London to West Midlands High Speed 2 (HS2) line is out. It consists of 50,000 pages – many of which are on noise.

24 Acoustics solves museum ‘spin’ mystery

The mystery of a spinning statue at a Manchester Museum has been solved by consultant 24 Acoustics.

Record keeping leads to £1,500 rap
The Local Government Ombudsman has criticised Birmingham City Council for poor record keeping which led to continued problems from a noisy tenant.

Tigers in court
A controversial precedent defining how planning permission can permit nuisance is back in court.

Before and after turbine test
Scottish Government is funding a study comparing actual impacts of wind turbines compared to the impacts predicted in environmental statements. Noise, visual and shadow flicker impacts are being considered.

IoA dragged into ‘cover up’ row
The Institute of Acoustics has been dragged into claims of a cover up.

Complaint statistics inconsistent
A series of Freedom of Information requests have highlighted huge differences between London boroughs on how they record noise complaints.

Brize drop
Noise near Brize Norton airbase has dropped, an Amec report suggests.

Wind pre-consult
The Government is promising greater pre-consultation for wind turbines.

Dog injunction backfires on complainer
A homeowner complaining of nuisance noise from the flat above has lost his case and had to pay over £10,000 in counterclaim damages.

Policy review for NI planning
Northern Ireland is consulting on a noise policy statement (NPSNI).

Nuisance notices up in Northern Ireland
Complaints static, prosecutions down and notices are up – so says the latest noise complaint statistics for Northern Ireland.

Recognition for Swiss tyre campaign
A Swiss consortium of public and private partners led by The Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) won the European Soundscape Award 2013 for its communication campaign.

Deliveries fine
A meat firm in Birmingham has been fined £10,000 for night time deliveries which caused a noise nuisance.

Stewart questions role of ‘noise deniers’ “
Are climate activists the new noise deniers?” asks UK Noise Association chair John Stewart in issue one of a new newsletter published by UKNA.

Rollover for nightflights regime
Nightflights at London airports will continue. The Government wants to roll over the current regime for a further three years.

Ombudsman key to Heathrow expansion
London business lobby group London First says a noise ombudsman is needed if expansion at Heathrow is to go ahead.

Heathrow funds quiet outdoor classrooms
Heathrow Airport is spending £1.8m funding ‘adobe’ quiet classrooms in 21 local schools.

Annoyance compared
Swedish researchers have compared actual annoyance against annoyance predicted by European Noise digital noise maps.

LimA update
Brüel & Kjær’s latest version of its environmental noise mapping software, Predictor-LimA, is now

ASB: nuisance versus annoyance
Environmental health officers are worried by plans to give police and social housing officers powers to deal with noise. Lisa Russell reports.

Aviation responses revealed
Lis Stedman finds out who said what in response to plans to expand aviation capacity

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November 2013 issue 77

Planes cause heart attacks

Aircraft noise is associated with an increased risk of stroke, coronary heart disease, and cardiovascular disease. These are the conclusions of an important study reported in the British Medical Journal.

Noise prompts refusal near nightclub
A planning inspector has refused permission for new apartments near a Maidstone nightclub.

Etsu consult
As Noise Bulletin went to press, the Institute of Acoustics released supplementary Etsu guidance for consultation.

Newcastle first with night time levy
Newcastle upon Tyne is the first UK city to adopt a late night levy. The money will be used to ameliorate negative impacts including noise nuisance.

ANC makes noise on planning
A rushed session was squeezed in to the recent ANC Birmingham conference to discuss the latest ‘beta’ guidance on planning practice guidance (Noise Bulletin October p1|).

Four awards in inaugural ANC competition
Four firms were honoured in the first Association of Noise Consultants awards event.

ANC launches Green Book on measurement
The Association of Noise Consultants has formally launched its guide to noise measurement. Dubbed the “Green Book”, it complements the ANC Red Book on groundborne noise and vibration.

Dodgy Rions
The Association of Noise Consultants has warned of a spate of sound level meter thefts over the summer.

Firework gathering
Cirrus is gathering data on firework noise.

Big fine
York City Council’s out of hours noise team prosecuted a resident for playing loud rap music.

Asbo awarded
Cheltenham Borough Council was granted a full Asbo for a noisy resident.

Action plans outlined at Epuk
Defra noise specialist Stephen Turner told delegates at its annual conference held in Birmingham last month of progress on action planning and the new planning rules.

Quiet areas yet to take off
Defra admitted that to date there were no quiet areas identified under the European Noise Directive in England.

WHO update
WHO/Europe has confirmed it is updating the 1999 WHO Guidelines for Community Noise.

WSP appointment
Graham Hornby has joined WSP from Aecom, Australia where he was acoustics and specialisms leader.

Charges fail to cut plane noise
The CAA says that environmental charges on planes may fail to encourage airlines to use quieter and cleaner aircraft.

Winners and losers in airspace revamp
The National Air Traffic Control Service (NATS) is consulting on a revamp of aircraft routes near London. The aim is to concentrate planes onto particular routes to keep noise impacts together.

Airlines ranked according to annoyance
Heathrow Airport has ranked airlines by noise as part of its Fly Quiet programme.

Freedoms trial
Heathrow’s operational freedom trial reports have been released by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Heathrow Airport and will be used as input into the imminent interim report into capacity due from the Airports Commission.

Airport responses
The Airports Commission has published responses to its consultation on new airport capacity.

Police tool up to measure noise
More details are emerging of the shape of the new anti social behaviour regime. A Bill is currently working its way through Parliament.

More entertainment licence deregulation
Consultation is underway on further deregulation to entertainment in England as part of the continued drive against red tape.

Scottish police move against noise
Scottish police have held a targeted campaign against anti social noise makers.

Party house crackdown
Brighton Council is once again planning to tackle the issue of party houses – residential premises let out for weekends to partygoers causing complaints.

Noisy neighbours raided at Redditch
Two Redditch households causing misery to their neighbours by playing loud music have had audio equipment seized after they ignored formal reprimands.

Greenwich acts
The owner of a persistently noisy dog in Abbey Wood, Greenwich, has been fined £400, and a Woolwich man was fined £2,000 for playing music too loudly, after two successful noise prosecutions brought by the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Wind appeal ‘recovered’
Communities secretary Eric Pickles has endorsed a planning inspector’s rejection of a wind farm with conclusions on noise endorsed.

Solar points to wind change
Anti wind campaigners say the rejection of a solar farm in Suffolk is a further sign that Government may be turning against wind farms.

Approval for wind farm windshield
Wind can confound wind turbine assessments so Rion has obtained Class 1 Type approval for a new windshield.

Cirrus monitors noise from Bugattis
The Bugatti Owners’ Club (BOC) is using Cirrus monitoring to back up its own noise rules on cars competing at its renowned hill climb at Prescott Hill near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

New kit
Campbell Associates has developed the Nor-140 ENV K1.

Mapping guidance
The EU has published the common framework needed to assess noise from road, rail and air traffic and from industry in the EU.

AM dominates wind conference
Amplitude modulation was one of the big topics at a recent international conference on wind turbine noise. Lisa Russell looks through the papers.

Internoise draws the crowds
Nearly 1,000 papers were presented at Internoise 2013 held in Australia. Lis Stedman samples some of the talks in the first of our two part review

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October 2013 issue 76

Planning guidance hits beta

New planning guidance on noise in England has been released in ‘beta’ form. When finalised next month, PPG24 will officially be retired forever.

Waste yard prompts council payments

Cumbria and Barrow councils have had to pay penalties to homeowners bothered by noise and odour from a waste facility.

Chimes code out

The revised ice cream van chimes code has been released.

NAW 2014 is on

Epuk’s 2014 Noise Action Week is on! 


School ventilation
Architect Pollard Thomas Edwards says it has used an unusual ‘earth tube’ system for a new school in Hounslow.

HS2 tranquillity loss mapped
The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) has created an online map showing noise impacts of HS2. CPRE is particularly keen to minimise noise impacts on the most unspoilt parts of the countryside.

Heathrow winners and losers
An independent report has concluded that night flight trials carried out earlier this year brought noise respite to approximately 100,000 people living under the Heathrow flight paths – but with disbenefits for others.

Mapp moves
Gwyn Mapp, previously of Extrium and Bureau Veritas, has formed his own consultancy company.

Crossrail win
Network Rail acoustics consultant Roger Dentoni has received the “Delivery Award” for “outstanding work on delivering the noise and vibration requirements of the Crossrail project”.

‘Too close’
A film has been released showing the impact of a wind farm on a US community.
l http://vimeopro.com/user8792371/windwise

Gatwick louder, little change elsewhere
Noise exposure was up at some London airports, 2012 indicators suggest.

Aarhus threatens wind power?
A European Court judgement prompted claims that the UK onshore wind turbine planning regime is illegal.

Turbine noise in real time
Noise from a wind farm can now be monitored remotely via the internet.

Den Brook retreat
Den Brook wind farm developer RES has withdrawn its application to amend a condition aimed at controlling amplitude modulation.

NHS health concerns
An NHS health board says wind farms may have health impacts. NHS Shetland has commented:

Racetrack closes: noise blamed
The Mallory Park racing circuit in Leicestershire has gone into receivership. The firm had been fighting a noise abatement notice and in August was fined £2,500 with £23,000 costs for breaching a noise abatement notice.

Wycombe barrier progresses
A feasibility study into the new M40 noise barriers which combine traffic noise mitigation with solar panels has been completed.

Busking guide
Cornwall Council has produced a good practice guide for buskers in Truro.

Noise complaints
An analysis by ReviewPro of online guest reviews for 5,683 hotels in 20 key tourist destinations reveals that noise is the number one most common complaint by consumers in all but one city.

Heathrow expansion warning
The London Assembly says expansion of airport capacity should not take place at Heathrow because of noise concerns.

Revamped Trojan
Cirrus Research has re-launched its Trojan noise nuisance recorder with new innovations included as standard. 

Measures assessed
Researchers have found that there are insufficient formal assessment methods for noise reductions measures such as noise barriers.

Planning. Less is more?
Draft planning guidance about noise issues in England is now online. Lisa Russell takes a look at the words (but not at the numbers – there aren’t any).

Wanted: advocate for noise
Policy announcements continue apace – who is going to stand up for noise since the weakening of Epuk, Lis Stedman asks?

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August/September 2013 issue 75

Quiet areas remain voluntary
Defra has unveiled the shape of the second round of noise action plans. The second round involves councils identifying quiet areas but action will be voluntary and not cause an additional burden (and feature)

Further appeal at noisy car site fails
A vehicle auction site in south Wales has failed to reverse a damages award following long running problems at its site.

Own website for Scottish EPUK
The Scottish breakaway arm of Environmental Protection UK has launched its own website.

Noise forgotten
Defra has published a report valuing local environment quality. People were prepared to pay most to cut litter and fly tipping and a moderate amount for quiet areas. Noise nuisance was excluded from the study.

Fracking safeguards mooted
Planning guidance aimed at the fracking industry warns that noise can be an issue and should be covered by conditions.

Government confirms Etsu
New planning guidance for renewable energy has confirmed that Etsu guidance must be used for wind turbines. It adds that separation distances should not be used in local plans.

Change of use
The Government is consulting on yet more relaxation to change of use requirements.

Chimes are needed, Defra told
Plans to deregulate the code of practice on ice cream chimes have been published. Despite the Government’s belief that ‘red tape’ is unpopular, all wanted the code to be retained.

Heat pump noise ‘far from settled’
The issue of noise from heat pumps is ‘far from settled’ says a report prepared for Decc.

Scottish standards handbooks updated
Scottish Government has updated technical handbooks on building standards for noise.

Nuclear noise
Sharps Redmore is carrying out environmental noise surveys around the proposed Sizewell C Nuclear power station site.

Levy agreed
Newcastle upon Tyne City Council has agreed to bring in a late night levy aimed to help finance increase police and council funding for enforcement and anti social behaviour activities.

Agency separate
The Environment Agency and Natural England should be retained as separate public bodies with separate purposes and functions.

AM arguments rumble on
Arguments continue over the proposed Den Brook wind farm and its proposed amplitude modulation (thumping) planning condition. Proposals for an amendment have been knocked back.

AM: judge for yourself
Consultant Mike Stigwood has added an ‘idiot’s guide’ to spotting amplitude modulation on his listening room experience website.

Further endorsement for turbine guide
Devolved regions have followed English Government support for the Institute of Acoustics good practice guide on wind turbine assessment.

Railway noise
The European Commission is consulting how railway noise can be reduced.

Infrasound dismissed
Recorded levels of infrasound do not appear to have changed since a new windfarm in Australia was built.

Runways here, there and everywhere
Airports have been setting out their cases for why they want an extra runway. Lisa Russell looks at the noise implications.

Vanguardia cited
Vanguardia has been recognised by the Design Council for work carried out on the London 2012 Olympics.

Scottish refusal
Scottish Government has refused planning consent for the Druim Ba proposed wind farm in the Blairmore Estate, near Drumnadrochit.

Peace at last
English adults made 2.85 billion visits to the outdoors last year with many seeking peace and tranquillity.

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July 2013 issue 74

Elvington knocked back again

There has been another court battle in the seemingly endless war between Elvington Airfield and York City Council.

Give councils anti social behaviour powers
Councils could tackle anti-social behaviour by tenants in privately-rented accommodation if given greater powers to force landlords to crackdown on tenants causing problems, says the Local Government Association (LGA),

Commission underestimates rural impacts
Gatwick residents have claimed that the recent Airports Commission’s discussion paper on noise (Noise Bulletin April p1) underestimates impacts in rural areas.

Connell pause
The Noise Abatement Society has announced a ‘pause’ in the John Connell awards. Instead of awards this year the charity will prepare a “best bits” document showcasing the best of the awards, which have run for 12 years.

Public nuisance clarified?
A premises licensing appeal has added some weight to the view that a single person’s noise complaint can constitute a public nuisance.

Dog prompts £4k fine
A Royal Borough of Greenwich council tenant whose loud music and barking dog blighted neighbours’ lives has been prosecuted for noise nuisance.

Pub fine
A Woolwich pub landlord was fined £900 for disturbing neighbours with loud gospel and afrobeat music.

NI round 2 plan
Northern Ireland has consulted on its round two noise mapping action plan covering industrial sources.

Cumulative impact argued
A council has conceded for a second time in the face of a Judicial Review of its decision to award planning permission to wind turbines.

Noise condition at heart of judicial review
Gedling Council has been defending itself at a Judicial Review. It had made mistakes with noise conditions for a wind farm and a group challenged the council’s decision to grant planning permission.

Listening in
A further wind farm has been added to MAS Environmental’s collection of recorded wind farm noises.

Noisy neighbour
Chelmsford City Council has successfully prosecuted a resident for three separate breaches of a noise abatement notice.

Optimus approval
Cirrus Research has recently obtained type approval for the Class 1 versions of the Optimus Red and Optimus Green instruments.

Temple win
Temple, together with RSK, has been awarded a £1.5m contract to provide environmental services to HS2 Ltd.

Agency separate
The Environment Agency and Natural England should be retained as separate public bodies with separate purposes and functions.

New Section 182 guidance published
The Home Office has published updated Guidance under Section 182 of th

Alan Saunders change
Clarke Saunders Associates is the new name of the acoustic consultancy practice headquartered in Winchester previously known by the name of its founder Alan Saunders.

Week of action wins through
Noise Action Week faced a challenging national start this year, with the major restructuring of Epuk that has left it as a semi-voluntary organisation with a diminished presence and effectively no budget.

Mapping helps health analysis
Forthcoming changes to noise mapping plus proposals for some new directions in research could give invaluable information about how noise exposure affects health. Lisa Russell reports.

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June 2013 issue 73

Wind turbine noise guide published
The Institute of Acoustics (IOA) has published its Good Practice Guide on wind turbine noise assessment.(special feature can be freely viewed here as it is so important!)

Midi turbine finally silenced
n what is thought to be the first action of its kind, nuisance action has led to a medium sized turbine being shut down.

New planning guidance for windfarms
The Government claims it will no longer ignore the environment when planning new onshore wind farms.

York late levy
York is considering whether to adopt a late night levy of nightclubs in the city.

Ennah finalised
The Ennah (European Network on Noise and Health) report (on noise and health) has been finalised.

High speed rail mitigation
A draft environmental statement setting out the likely impacts of the first phase of the High Speed Two (HS2) rail project between London, the West Midlands, Manchester and Leeds has been published for consultation.

Scotland told that Etsu is okay for turbines
Etsu provides a reasonable degree of protection against wind turbine noise, a report claims.

Wind probe
Campbell Associates has added the next generation environmental noise measurement system to its extensive hire fleet.

Patent win
Brigade Electronics has won a legal battle over its patented low-annoyance reversing alarm.

Acoustic Awards 2013
The ANC has launched a set of awards to promote and recognise excellence among UK acoustic consultants and raise the profile of the acoustics industry.

Heathrow ramps up noise plan
Heathrow has announced new initiatives on noise – and says it does not want mixed mode in the short term. Mixed mode offers capacity increases but removes programmed respite for overflown communities.

MPs propose airplane compensation probe
MPs on the House of Commons Transport Committee have suggested increased noise safeguards to compensate noise sufferers facing increased numbers of planes. They suggest a rapid review of noise compensation.

Anderson switch
Neil Anderson - founder of Anderson Acoustics – has left the company to work for himself again, trading as 7th Wave Acoustics l Neil Anderson email neil@7wa.co.uk

Greene to ANV
ANV Measurement Systems, European distributor for Rion sound and vibration measurement systems, have appointed Charles Greene as UK sales manager.

Villa to Anderson
Sasha Villa joins Anderson to head up the new London Bridge office of the Brighton-based company. He joins from Temple Group.

AM condition to be overturned?
A planning condition endorsed by the UK High Court could be overturned.

RES fails to overturn condition in Dumfries
Wind farm developer RES has failed in its bid to overturn a noise condition imposed on its Glenchamber wind farm.

Another application
Banks Renewables is also seeking to remove an amplitude modulation condition attached to its Moor House wind farm development near Darlington.

Hyde Park simulation for Vanguardia
Vanguardia Consulting was asked to run simulations on a number of sound systems for use in Hyde Park to test coverage and controllability.

NI rules consult
Northern Ireland is consulting on an Environmental Better Regulation Bill. l www.doeni.gov.uk/better_ regulation_bill_consultation_may_2013.pdf

Wind probe
ClimateXCHange- a network of Scottish academic institutions – is commissioning research on wind farm noise.

Big fine ....
An Emsworth resident has been fined a total of £3,576.37 in Portsmouth Magistrates Court for eight breaches of a noise abatement notice served by Havant Borough Council.

....Small fine
Pendle Council has prosecuted a noisy neighbour but secured only a £110 fine despite a long history of problems.

EU directives questioned
The UK Government is consulting on whether EU regulation on the environment is working – including mapping.

Some safeguards in regulation shakeup
Secondary legislation is being laid to enable a raft of planning changes that some fear will lead to increased neighbour noise nuisance.

Micro testing
Atmos Consulting’s growing noise team continues to expand its services by offering noise performance testing of micro wind turbines to meet the requirements of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme.

Heat pump vouchers
In a bid to boost use of domestic renewables, vouchers are being offered.

Expansion views
 Initial findings of the London Borough of Hounslow’s consultation on the expansion of Heathrow have found residents overwhelmingly against an expanded airport, but also against its closure.

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May 2013 issue 72


Infrasound: fuss and nonsense
A world renowned British consultant has told a US state senate committee hearing that claims that wind turbines caused infrasound were “hoo-hah, fuss and nonsense”. The outburst was immediately excused by the wind industry.

Planning revamp prompts wider separation
A major revamp of Scottish planning policy includes the possibility of wind farm separation distances and turbine-free areas.

Website switch
Defra has joined other government departments and switched its website to the standardised www.gov.uk portal.

Soundscape entries needed
The European Soundscape Award 2013 is open for applications.

Expansion but less noise
Expansion of aviation over the next forty years will not increase noise, aviation lobby group Sustainable Aviation claims.

Noise in diabetes health link
Danish researchers believe that noise can lead to a higher risk of diabetes.

Nightflights plea
The London Assembly has concluded its investigation into Heathrow night flights (Noise Bulletin April p5) and wants them stopped.

Long term noise leads to sleep deficit
Long term night time rail noise has been linked to various health effects.

Open window nuisance: £10/day
Derbyshire Dales District Council has been criticised by the Local Authority Ombudsman for failing to take action over a noise complaint.

Turbine turmoil
A local council in Massachusetts has costed the removal of two turbines blamed for causing too much noise.

Nuisance contained in sentencing guidelines
The Sentencing Council is consulting on guidelines on penalties for environmental offences, including noise and abatement notices.

Heat pump regime revamp is delayed
The Micropower Council reacted with disappointment as the Government announced a delay until April 2014 of the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), a policy originally due to be implemented three years earlier.

More centres to run IOA Diploma
Two centres – Colchester Institute and London South Bank University – will resume running the Institute of Acoustics' Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control from the start of the 2013/14 academic year after gaps of two and 17 years respectively.

Studies debunk wind turbine syndrome?
Two studies have been released that claim to debunk wind turbine syndrome. The syndrome is claimed to be caused by low frequency noise affecting health.

Before and after study
The Australian EPA is undertaking a before and after study of the noise impacts arising from a wind farm.

Infrasound possible
An academic review of research cautions against saying that wind turbines cannot produce infrasound.

Setback for setback distances?
Milton Keynes tried to introduce a separation zone for wind turbines – and was taken to the High Court. Lis Stedman finds that there is some confusion as to who ‘won’

HHSRS minefield for noise
Few councils seem to be making use of the admittedly complex legislation that enables noise issues to be tackled as a hazard to health. Lisa Russell reports read the feature here.

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April 2013 issue 71


Framework retains contour
The final aviation policy framework has been published – it has failed to listen to calls to change noise assessment methods.

Noise Action Week saved: May 20th-24th
Fix the dates in your diary – 20–24th May – the 2013 Noise Action Week is on!

Scotland to split from Epuk
The Scottish branch of Environmental Protection UK is to split from Epuk.

Diary sheets questioned in Parliament
A debate in the House of Commons has highlighted frustration over the use of nuisance diary sheets.

Quiet house at Ideal Home show
Quietmark – a Noise Abatement Society scheme – is behind a large quiet house aiming to showcase quiet technologies at the Ideal Home Show.

Hayes heaved out
Michael Fallon has replaced John Hayes as energy minister.

Noise levels as traffic counter
Spanish researchers believe they can use to street noise levels as a measure of traffic density. The system is claimed to be able to distinguish between the flow of cars, vans, HGVs or motorbikes/scooters.

Football for charity: more teams sought
Noise monitor supplier Campbell Associates is organising another charity five-a-side football tournament. Last year the event raised over £850 for Sport Relief.

Etsu concerns made public
An academic is describing Etsu as bad science and tabled his concerns directly with Decc for fear that the forthcoming IoA good practice guide on wind turbine noise will not reflect his concerns.

Weak personality blamed for disturbance
A study by psychologists, engineers and built environment experts at The University of Nottingham has found no link between the measured level of noise from small and micro wind turbines and reports of ill health.

Measuring individual car noise
Scandinavian research group Sintef, using Norsonic equipment, is carrying out a large research exercise to measure the noise from individual vehicles in a busy traffic stream.

Johnson joins
Paul Johnson has joined Vanguardia’s Knutsford office in Cheshire to help to grow the business in the north of England.

Government summarises framework replies
The Government has summarised responses to its consultation on the Aviation Framework.

Housing affects airport noise disturbance
Researchers interviewed a total of 4,861 people living near seven European airports, including London-Heathrow, in a bid to see what factors led to disturbance.

Big noise survey
A “Big Noise Survey” is being organised as part of a project which aims to raise the profile of the need for good acoustics in schools, and highlight the effect on teachers’ health.

NPPF concerns
The CPRE has reviewed the workings of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) one year on from its introduction in March 2012.

Night time noise debated
The London Assembly has heard from aviation and noise experts about issues to do with night flights.

Four-runway Heathrow contours mooted
The entire borough of Wandsworth could be subjected to aircraft noise if Heathrow is allowed to develop into a four runway hub, claims Wandsworth Council and the 2M group of councils opposed to Heathrow expansion.

Extra school costs
The London Borough of Hounslow says it is having to bear some of the cost of aircraft noise.

Overheating worsened
Aircraft noise will worsen classroom overheating as global warming takes hold, London Metropolitan University researchers say.

Cumulative impact assessed
Cities, suburbs and towns are increasingly adopting cumulative impact zones as one of their tools for keeping licensed premises in check. Lisa Russell reports.

Quest for health effects goes on
Noise and health once again hits the headlines, finds Lis Stedman

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March 2013 issue 70

Planes prompt impact scrutiny

A raft of aviation announcements in recent weeks have included Heathrow studies which cost night time noise disturbance. Thresholds are taken down to 45dBA reflecting lower WHO night time noise disturbance guidelines.

Welsh publish round two noise maps

Welsh noise maps have been improved and are now posted with Google maps-style interactivity.

May launch for wind turbine noise guide

The Institute of Acoustics Good practice guide on wind turbine noise assessment is to be launched at an IoA one day conference on turbine noise in Bristol on 21st May.

MK wind challenge
As Noise Bulletin went to press, Milton Keynes Council was in the High Court defending a challenge to its wind turbine policy.

Arup wins again
Arup has once again scooped up noise contracts for HS2.

RES to amend AM condition
Wind firm RES is asking the local planning authority if it can amend a controversial condition put on the Den Brook wind farm approval.

Turbines not guilty on infrasound?
An Australian study claims that wind turbines do not cause infrasound.

Cardiff scrutiny says complaints serve as early warning
Cardiff Council has carried out a scrutiny into anti social behaviour and found that noise can act as an early warning for e

Spectacular pentangular
B&K has used a pentangular array (left) to take acoustic measurements of large wind turbines.

Planning key to quieter homes
The Noise Abatement Society and Rockwool have released a noise manifesto calling for urgent planning reform to include noise in building design. The initiative follows a noise ‘summit’ held towards the end of last year (Noise Bulletin December 2012 p4).

Mixed mode
Heathrow Airport told the recent London Assembly transport committee that it would not be pressing for introduction of mixed mode.

Noise violence
A number of cases have been reported where noise complaints have led to violence.

European weakening
Protesters have lamented a European decision that fails to clamp down on noise from new vehicles.

Health cash rise
Councils have been given more money than expected to pay for public health when responsibilities are handed over to them from April.

S.82 costs order overturned
Consumer noise complaint specialist Noisedirect has succeeded in overturning a costs order against a noise complainant.

Nuisance win
Noisedirect and barrister Simon Butler have been involved in another nuisance action, scoring an out of court settlement for damages from noise, smells and dust from a landfill site near Wigan.

App helps with acoustic tasks
Acoustassist has developed what is believed to be one of the world’s first ever multi-platform digital acoustics handbooks. It aims to provide acoustic reference and calculations “on-the-go”.

Noise camera
Campbell Associates has announced that the Nor848 Acoustic Camera from the Norwegian developer is now produced in three dish sizes to suit various applications.

Turbine distance
A Scottish homeowner blighted by noise from a medium sized wind turbine has launched a petition for increased notification distances for turbine planning applications.

Android app
The Noise Nuisance App is now available on Android.

50dBA sleep threshold
A study of over 7,000 Finnish public sector workers suggests that a threshold of 50dB Lnight for sleep disturbance for those with anxiety. For the general population it was 55dB.

NI sees complaints rise
There has been a 5.25% increase in noise complaints in Northern Ireland, government statistics show.

CIEH wades into guidance debate
Noise features in CIEH’s criticism of the Government’s planning practice guidance shake up.

Untangling noise and air pollution impacts
Researchers have tried to tease-out the confounding effect of noise and air pollution on health.

Pendle pair
Two noisy Pendle residents have been taken to court by Pendle Council for continuing to cause a noise nuisance, breaching a noise abatement notice twice.

Noise causes stress
Taiwanese researchers believe they have found a link between noise and human stress.

Plane noise
The international aviation body ICAO is developing an new aircraft noise certification standard.

Aviation health effects reviewed
Tucked into a new government consultation on night flights are two interesting CAA Environmental Research and Consultancy Department (ERCD) aircraft noise reports for the DfT, one of which pushes down the dBA threshold for night noise disturbance to new, low levels that reflect WHO guidance.

Heathrow Airport is to trial a new noise insulation scheme.
A Quieter Homes Initiative has been developed by Heathrow Airport following a consultation about the existing noise insulation schemes on offer and research into schemes offered by other major airports around the world.

Hosanna! Shrubs to the rescue?
Mary Stevens reports on an EU partnership project investigating novel solutions for quieter and greener cities

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Jan/Feb 2013 issue 69

Speed limit criteria include noise
New speed limit setting guidance includes advice on noise effects. Changes in traffic speed is claimed to have a marginal impact on noise.

Noise armoury strengthened in ASB bill
The Draft Anti Social Behaviour Bill has been published. Asbos will be replaced by measures that could make it easier to tackle noise nuisance and annoyance (Noise Bulletin July 2012 p8).

UKNA home survey
The UK Noise Association is conducting an online survey to find out more about sound insulation in dwellings.

Keon to Atmos
Emma Keon has joined Atmos Consulting’s acoustics and noise team as a senior consultant based in Edinburgh.

Noise guidance is needed
Advice on local environment issues should be retained, Lord Taylor’s review of planning guidance concludes.

New boss for IoA
The Institute of Acoustics (IoA) has a new chief executive. Allan Chesney replaces Kevin Macan-Lind who left abruptly last year (Noise Bulletin October 2012 p2).

Efficient is quiet
Transport pressure group T&E claims that fuel efficient cars are also quieter.

Plane change
Birmingham Airport is consulting on proposed changes to new flight paths needed for the opening of its runway extension in early 2014.

Judicial review reform
Over the Christmas break, Government consulted on making it more difficult to mount judicial reviews.

Low frequency noise is present
Assertions that wind turbines do not cause low frequency noise are being reassessed following publication of a ‘consensus’ report from Wisconsin, USA.

Amenity tested in High Court
Five wind turbines have been turned down following a High Court appeal by South Northamptonshire council. The turbines had originally been granted permission at an appeal but there were noise and visual amenity concerns.

HS2 opts for quiet construction
Noise has been thought about in proposals to build the HS2 high speed railway between London and Birmingham.

Appeal agrees noisy tonal turbine must be removed
A small turbine near Harrogate must be removed, an appeal states.

How to calculate health costs
European expert institutions – with the exception of the UK – have produced guidance on how to calculate health impacts of noise.

Moped tampering
TRL has investigated noise and air quality impacts caused by illegal modification of mopeds.

Anderson goes underground
Anderson Acoustics has been commissioned to carry out noise and vibration measurements on Crossrail’s western tunnels.

CadnaA updates to v4.3
CadnaA noise prediction software from Datakustik has been updated to version 4.3.

Methods compared
The favoured EU method for estimation population exposure to noise may give an overestimate.

Noise fine
A 23-year old Tilbury resident has been ordered to pay fines and costs totalling £275 after admitting breaching a noise abatement notice.

Wind guidance feedback
The IoA’s consultation on good practice guidance for wind turbine noise assessment drew almost 30 detailed responses. Lisa Russell looks through what they said

Getting rid of abatement zones
The Government is getting rid of red tape, little-used noise abatement zones were high on the list, finds Lis Stedman

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December 2012 issue 68

York yo-yo’s with Elvington
The City of York Council’s environmental protection team has been back in court yet again prosecuting a noisy racing circuit – and the long running saga is still not over.

North Devon windfarm confirmed as noisy
A huge north Devon windfarm has proved to be too noisy.

Separation spat
RWE Renewables has confirmed it is to challenge Milton Keynes’ plans for a 1m separation zone around new wind turbines.

Complaints soar in London
A number of indicators have emerged this month suggesting increased noise annoyance at Heathrow.

Noise contours rise
Heathrow and other London airports recently released their noise contours for 2011 – two show a marked worsening.

Night noise relief zones trialled at Heathrow
Aviation and anti-aviation interests have come together in a bid to trial night noise changes at Heathrow Airport and see whether noise relief zones could ease disturbance. A form of runway alteration is proposed – the same relief system which is currently vulnerable because of pressure to adopt mixed mode (both runway) operation (see above).

Operational freedoms
The Chancellor’s 2012 Autumn Statement is being accused of prejudging the outcome of the operational freedoms trial.

London councils 2M group reformed
A grouping of west London councils has been reformed in a bid to argue against further expansion at Heathrow Airport.

Open rotors annoy
A US report reviews next-generation ‘open rotor’ aircraft noise.

Sign up
Cities and organisations are urged to sign up to a declaration calling on the EU to increase the ambition for noise limits for new vehicles.

Autumn statement: more cuts
The Chancellor’s autumn statement contained a pledge to spend £5.5bn on infrastructure spending, change assessment rules, encourage inter-council cooperation and make more red tape cuts.

Significant infrastructure threshold lowered
The Government is consulting on extending the streamlined planning process for big infrastructure downwards to commercial and business development.

Permitted development consultation out
Detail is being added to the widely-trailed policy of relaxing planning regulations.

Planning integration
Government is consulting on new ‘one stop shop’ proposals for major infrastructure proposals in England.

New for old
Casella CEL is offering up to 30% off the price of new equipment to customers who exchange their old sound level meters and dosimeters.

Jail for noise
A man who breached his anti-social behaviour injunction on an Islington estate has been jailed for 16 weeks and may lose his council home.

Buildings are too noisy
New research commissioned by Rockwool among UK property professionals (a group of 206 architects, planners, estate agents and property developers) has found that they support action to reduce noise pollution in UK homes and offices, with almost two thirds (64%) saying the UK needs quieter buildings.

Vanguardia: Grand Prix
Vanguardia has been involved in racing car measurements at a recent Formula One Grand Prix.

Vibration worsens rail noise
Swedish researchers have analysed why railway noise can become annoying. Vibration can lead to worsened annoyance from set levels of noise.

Leicester fine
A nuisance neighbour who ignored notices to stop playing loud music at her home seven times has been ordered to pay more than £3,500 in costs and fines by magistrates.

Life assessment
An analysis has been published on the EU Life programme which supports environmental and nature conservation projects throughout the EU.

New software
Brüel & Kjær’s Predictor-LimA Type 7810 software for environmental noise calculation has entered its ninth version.

Motorcycle approval
International regulations have been agreed on how to certify new motorcycle noise.

£64k fine for Nottingham club
A city centre club in Nottingham has been fined £64,000 for ignoring warnings about noise levels.

Derby seizures
Derby City Council has carried out three seizures of equipment following complaints of excess noise.

No wind review
Climate change secretary Greg Barker says there are no plans to review noise regulations for wind turbines.

Awards for excellence 2012
Canny ideas that are helping local authorities be more effective in today’s tough times were among initiatives singled out in this year’s John Connell Awards. Lisa Russell reports.

Fears over the grim RIPA
What exactly are local authorities supposed to do when they are required to deal with statutory nuisance but are faced with legal uncertainty on collecting evidence, asks Lis Stedman

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November 2012 issue 67

HPA looks for noise role
The Health Protection Agency has proposed how it is to tackle its noise responsibilities. It wants to built up its noise capabilities and may even get involved in planning advice.

Defra starts ‘world’s largest noise map’
Noise mapping specialist Extrium is providing technical advice and support to Defra in the delivery of the second round of mapping for the Environmental Noise Directive (END).

Bill prompts fears
The proposed Growth and Infrastructure Bill which has had its second reading in Parliament may water down planning protection on noise.

£9k nuisance payout
A claim of nuisance against a vehicle garage has succeeded.

Building standards reviewed
Building standards – including those covering noise – are to be reviewed by panel as part of the Coalition pledge to cut red tape.

Planning plea
The London Assembly has called on the Mayor to oppose government plans to significantly extend permitted development rights and reject changes to planning rules.

Planning guidance in fast track review
Government is carrying out a rushed review of planning guidance.

Commission reviews future of EIA
The European Commission has outlined new proposals to streamline legislation on environmental impact assessments.

Appeals consultation
Government is consulting on the planning appeals process in England.

Nottingham fine
A nightclub in Nottingham has been hit with a £64,000 fine for ignoring noise warnings.

RIPA difficulties get worse
CIEH has warned that new regulations coming into force this month will make it even harder for councils to monitor nuisance neighbours.

Brighton tries HMO licensing to cut nuisance
Student noise is one of the reasons for Brighton and Hove council designating a Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) zone.

Pocket parks
The London Mayor is to part-fund some 100 “pocket parks” and to plant thousands more new trees in London by March 2015.

Young person award
Nominations are being sought for the Institute of Acoustics 2013 Young Persons’ Award for Innovation in acoustical engineering.

Minister on wind
A government energy minister has broken ranks to criticise onshore wind turbines.

Turbines affects mental health
Researchers believe that noise from wind turbines could impact on mental health.

Batworthy turbines allowed at appeal
A windfarm at Batworthy Cross in Devon has been consented but not without an argument about noise.

EEB makes suggestions for EU noise review
The European Environment Bureau has made a series of recommendations for the forthcoming revision of the European Noise Directive.

Regulation hit
Regulation, including environmental health, has taken the biggest hit in Welsh local authority cuts.

Worth to Cirrus
Cirrus Research has appointed Kevin Worth as business development manager.

Noise behind killing
Noise has been blamed for a killing in St Helens.

Turbines & health
An ear specialist has written a paper explaining why wind turbines can cause low frequency noise and why they can be hazardous to health.

Plane noise back on the agenda
The Department for Transport’s consultation on aviation has given a rare opportunity for anyone with an interest in aircraft noise to try to influence future policy. Lisa Russell reports

BS4142: the review continues
The all important and much used BS4142 is under review. Are we any nearer to a conclusion, asks Lis Stedman

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October 2012 issue 66


15m school turbine removed
A 15m wind turbine has been removed because of noise nuisance.

Scottish turbine case heads towards court
A householder is pursuing a private nuisance action against the operator of a 15m Proven wind turbine.

HSE recovers costs for enforcement
The Health and Safety Executive is introducing a fee for intervention (FFI) cost recovery scheme for breaches of health and safety laws, including occupational noise.

Epuk exists
An annual general meeting held last month by Epuk revealed that the organisation continues to struggle with its new semi-voluntary set up.

Turbine backtrack
A wind turbine in Devon has had its planning permission rescinded due to the lack of an environmental impact assessment.

Fullabrook is too loud
Noise measurements at the high profile and disputed Fullabrook wind farm near Barnstaple suggest turbines are too loud.

Porsche accused of over-influence on EU
Campaigners have accused the European Parliament Environment Committee of relying on wording from Porsche in proposed wordings for noise policy documents.

Northern Ireland first with round two maps
Northern Ireland is the first in the UK to produce and publish its round two noise maps.

Pub fine
The licensee of a pub in South Ockendon, Essex, has been fined £2,000 for breaching a noise abatement notice.

Sudden departure
The Institute of Acoustics and its chief executive, Kevin Macan-Lind have parted company. The surprise departure comes six years after he became boss (Noise Bulletin April 2006).

Plymouth busy
Plymouth is seeing increased numbers of noise complaints.

Etsu feedback trickles in
Feedback is starting to roll in from the Institute of Acoustics’ extended consultation for a good practice guide for Etsu wind turbine assessment (Noise Bulletin Aug/Sept p6).

B&K updates hand held analyser
Brüel & Kjær has launched a fourth generation of hardware for its sound level meters and hand-held analysers – Types 2250 and 2270 G4.

Part E tests
A report has looked at four examples of refurbs to see how Part E sound insulation regulations have worked. It was commissioned in 2003 but only just released.

Speed consult
DfT is consulting on speed limit setting criteria.
US disturbance A noise model of a US urban area has put a figure on noise annoyance and sleep disturbance.

Dog pack a ‘human right’?
Council chiefs in Moray were disappointed that a judge ruled that they could not silence a pack of dogs. They blame the lack of noise standards for the failure of a four year battle against the pack.

Listen to turbine thumping for yourself
Consultant Mike Stigwood has opened up his wind farm amplitude modulation ‘listening room’ project to the wider public.

Japanese monitor low frequency noise
A new measurement system for wind turbine noise is being developed in Japan, as researchers from Chiba Institute of Technology explained to Low Frequency Noise 2012 conference (see page six).

Common assessment method finalised
Common noise assessment procedures have been published by Europe. The aim is to standardise quantification of noise exposure across borders.

Dispute cost
Saga Legal Services has carried out a survey and found 28% of the over 50s have been in legal disputes – most with their neighbours.

Subsidy regime revamped
A raft of renewable consultations have been launched covering wind turbines and heat pumps, domestic and non-domestic.

ASB prompts Newham landlord tax
All private landlords in Newham will be expected to pay up to £500 in a new licensing scheme justified by the perceived need to tackle anti social behaviour, including noise from rented properties.

Etsu uncertainties could double background
Two academics believe that wind turbine assessment underestimates uncertainty.

Splott spat
Four residents shared a fine of over £1,000 for repeatedly playing music too loud in Splott, Cardiff.

Quackdown on noise
Also in Cardiff, officers have fined the owner of ducks for allowing too much noise.

Who awarded
The WHO/Europe publication Burden of disease from environmental noise has been highly commended at an annual British Medical Association (BMA) Medical Book Awards ceremony.

Low frequency noise
Latest research into low frequency noise includes projects looking at ways of helping people cope when the source cannot be found. Lisa Russell reports

All about noise
Mike Goldsmith’s new book on noise is like a history lesson, but interesting, finds Lis Stedman

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Aug/Sept 2012 issue 65


£2.49 app simplifies reporting
A new smartphone app simplifies noise nuisance reporting and could lead to more robust reporting of noise nuisance problems.

£500,000 grants help Welsh tranquillity
Welsh Government has announced funding of £494,016 to support 14 local authority-led projects that will improve noise and the local environment.

Layby nuisance claim dismissed
An appeal by a householder complaining of nuisance from a layby in a road has been rejected in the High Court.

Evans rejoins RPS
Phil Evans has rejoined consultant RPS as senior director to lead the acoustics team, following a period as a director at Southdowns and as consulting group manager of the acoustics team at Bureau Veritas.

Vanguardia grows once again
Dr Nicky Shiers and Anne Unwin have joined Vanguardia as the firm further expands.

Council removes AM condition
Central Bedfordshire has been persuaded to remove a planning condition attached to a wind farm aimed at preventing amplitude modulation disturbance.

Anglesey ponders wind turbine SPG
In further evidence that local authorities are developing their own separate guidance for wind energy, Anglesey is consulting on special policy guidance that includes minimum separation distances for wind turbines.

Core strategy lists 3km gap
Wiltshire Council is amending its core strategy planning policy to restrict turbine height and separation distances but has been told to reconsult the public.

Canada wind probe
Health Canada has launched a probe into the health effects of wind turbines.

Mapping harmonisation
The European Joint Research Centre has finished the first phase of the development of common noise assessment methods (CNOSSOS-EU) in Europe.

Pub prosecution
City of York’s environmental protection unit has successfully prosecuted a pub company and owner of a public house in York for failing to comply with a noise abatement notice.

Noise key to aviation revamp
Government is reconsulting on aviation – while the focus is very much on increased runway capacity in south east England and whether there should be further expansion at Heathrow, noise figures highly.

Survey suggests half of population annoyed
Insulation firm Rockwool has published a survey suggesting more than half of UK residents are bothered by noise.

Noise neglected
A new set of sustainable development indicators are proposed for consultation.

Licensing guidance
Guidance is being proposed for changes to the licensing regime following implementation of the Live Music Act in October. The Act became law earlier this year

Rushlight Awards
The annual Rushlight Awards for environmental excellence loom once again and entries are invited.

High Court overturns permit
A metal recycling operation has succeeded in overturning a noise condition in the High Court. European Metal Recycling of Stoke on Trent challenged the Environment Agency questioning whether noise was enough to justify a suspension order for the whole process.

Three categories proposed for development
Consultant Chris Hurst of Three Spires Acoustics has proposed the use of three planning categories to deal with noise.

Olympic noise: three consultants get stuck in
Consultants have been out there trying to capture the excitement of the Olympics and related celebrations.

Wind report
Wind farm protesters have produced a report which includes an analysis of how current procedures produce higher than expected background noise measurements. Under Etsu methodology, that means developers can install noisier turbines.

Jail for knife man
A man who used a knife to threaten a Westminster EHO following up a noise complaint has been jailed.

Tyneside outsource
Environmental health functions at North Tyneside council are being outsourced to consultant Capita Symonds as part of council cost cutting.

Etsu gains good practice guide
Some may see ‘Etsu’ and ‘good practice’ as a contradiction in terms. Will IoA’s planned good practice guide on wind turbine assessment reduce the sniping, asks Jack Pease

Comfy sofa key to thump impact?
Could realistic listening room conditions lead to greater understanding of the impacts of wind turbine amplitude modulation?

Soundscape in a seaside city
Mary Stevens, noise policy expert, formerly with Epuk, and a local resident, looks on with interest as Brighton plays hosts to soundscape experiments

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July 2012 issue 64

County loses Judicial Review
Northumberland County Council has been told that its handling of planning consents for wind turbines failed to properly consider noise impacts.

Europe consults on noise directive review
The European Commission has launched a consultation of its review report of the European noise directive.

Airfield driving centre breaches notice
Harrogate Borough Council has successfully prosecuted a firm using an airfield to offer driving experiences to the public.

Consultant maps ‘Bow Bells’
Consultant 24 Acoustics was commissioned by the Times Atlas of London to map out the sound of Bow Bells and compare it with the historical ‘earshot’ area 150 years ago.

Lower cost noise monitors from Casella
A new low cost noise nuisance recorder from Casella CEL is designed to simplify monitoring complaints about noisy neighbours.

New NI rules
Mapping and action planning guidance has been posted by for consultation by the Northern Ireland Department of the Environment.

Tranquillity review
The Civil Aviation Authority has released a report on tranquillity.

Council adopts 1km+ distance
Milton Keynes Council has adopted as policy separation distances for wind turbines.

Moray moratorium
Moray Council says it is the first local authority in Scotland to seek a moratorium on windfarm applications.

Car limits noisier
European transport and environment pressure group T&E warns that proposed vehicle noise rules could lead to noisier vehicles for the next 15 years.

Noise affects wildlife
A report commissioned by Defra on the impact of noise on wildlife has concluded that there is scarce research and that more research is needed. Bristol researchers came to this conclusion through a desktop review of 85 other people’s studies.

Section 82 notices decline
The newly launched Noisenuisance.org (see box, below) says there has been a long term decline in the use of s82 (non-local authority) nuisance actions under the Environmental Protection Act.

Noise nuisance website launched
Two noise consultants are heading up an initiative aimed at explaining noise nuisance to the public.

Noise expenditure rises in 2010
Capital expenditure on noise protection rose in 2010, the latest year for which figures are available.

Airport payout
600 homeowners affected by Manchester Airport’s second runway will share £1,500 compensation as part of a negotiated deal.

Change of use
DCLG is consulting on allowing deregulating planning change-of-use legislation to make it easier to convert existing commercial buildings into

NPPF response
The Government’s interpretation of responses to the NPPF consultation has been released.

Co-Op help for M40 barriers
A long-established M40 action group on noise has won grants that may lead to solar noise barriers being placed alongside the M40.

Smartphone app for Heathrow noise
Heathrow protest group Hacan has teamed up with University College London (UCL) to launch a smartphone app to capture aircraft noise.

Reliable turbine nuisance assessments needed
The need for reliable assessments of the noise impact of small wind turbines is likely to become ever more important, said Temple Group technical director Dani Fiumicelli at last month’s CIEH nuisance conference (Noise Bulletin June p8).

New President for IOA
Professor Bridget Shield has become the president of the Institute of Acoustics succeeding Trevor Cox.

IAC sold
Industrial Acoustics Inc (IAC) has been sold by current equity firm MML Capital Partners to another equity firm AEA Investors (not to be confused with AEA consultants).

Speeds up
Sampling of vehicle speeds has shown that between 2010 and 2011, the percentage of cars and motorcycles exceeding the 30 mph speed limit increased to 47 and 50% respectively. On motorways, 49% of cars exceeded the 70 mph speed limit in 2011, unchanged from 2010.

Planning in a vacuum?
The Institute of Acoustics meeting on the National Planning Policy Framework asked ‘What happens to noise policy decision-making in a vacuum?’. Lisa Russell reports.

Anti social behaviour makeover
We take a deeper look at Government White Paper plans for anti social behaviour. Lis Stedman reports

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June 2012 issue 63

Noise powers for the police?
19 sundry anti social behaviour tools, including Asbos, will be replaced by six under plans contained in a new Government White Paper. Many of the new powers can be used to tackle noise nuisance – with suggestions that the police will get increased power over noise.

Funding for quiet areas (but only in Wales)
Welsh local authorities will share £500,000 of grant funding for developing quiet areas.

Alton Towers rerun?
Court procedural hearings have cleared the way for a re-run of the high profile noise nuisance case against Alton Towers theme park.

Chimes plan annoys
The Noise Abatement Society does not welcome plans to deregulate ice cream chime noise. The deregulation is part of Government efforts to cut red tape (Noise Bulletin April p4).

Private nuisance action fails
Residents have had to shell out £50,000 in costs following failure of an Environmental Protection Act Section 82 nuisance action in Reading Magistrates’ Court following excess noise from a new playground.

Heathrow freedoms studied as trial extended
The CAA has reported on impacts of operational freedoms at Heathrow Airport which allowed BAA to alternate flights on its two runways. Meanwhile the trial has been extended in length and scope.

Regulations important
MPs have said that regulations to protect the environment are important. Their new report comes as Government culls environmental regulations as part of its drive to cut red tape (Noise Bulletin April p2).

Campbell extends
Due to the continued success of its UKAS and traceable calibration business, Campbell Associates has extended its offices at Dunmow in Essex, with the addition of a new calibration laboratory. Three pieces of kit can now be calibrated simultaneously.

Etsu. Unlawful and not fair
There has been further criticism, of Etsu from wind turbine expert Dick Bowdler.

Enough is enough? Lincs and Wales revolts
Politicians in Lincolnshire and Wales have both put down a marker against unfettered expansion of wind turbines.

Lincs loses patience with turbines
Lincolnshire county councillors want a halt to the “unrestrained invasion of wind turbines across Lincolnshire”.

Noise important
Visual impact and community benefit are less important than noise and local jobs when people are considering whether to support or oppose an onshore wind farm in their local area, according to a new poll.

Easy measurements
Measurement firm Brüel & Kjær has launched its Measurement Partner Suite – free, post-processing software for sound level meters and hand-hand analysers.

School reprieve?
The Institute of Acoustics has welcomed the news that acoustics is among eight out of 24 regulations that are to be retained in the Government’s new School Premises Regulations due to be announced in September.

More payments due to Essex bungle
Essex County Council and Epping Forest Council have been forced to make further payments due to a bungled waste site permit.

Summer service
A night time call-out service run by Hartlepool Council to clampdown on noise nuisance has begun operating for the summer.

Bells annoy
Swiss researchers have studied the science of awakenings due to bell noise.

Action day again
Despite little central help, councils and other organisations managed to put on a good show for Noise Action Week, finds Lis Stedman

Experts mull nuisance progress
Practical guidance on dealing with a range of noise nuisance issues was on offer at a recent CIEH conference. Lisa Russell reports

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May 2012 issue 62

Complaint prompts libel row
A bitter noise complaint has spilled over into the High Court.

EIA at centre of High Court ruling
Moving the site of a proposed rubbish plant did not require a new noise impact survey, the High Court has said.

Action week: still a force to be reckoned with
Local authorities and housing providers are showing a strong interest in Noise Action Week, even though only electronic resources are available to support it this time around.

Etsu and AM condition scrutiny
A methodology intended to patch up gaps in Etsu wind turbine assessment – dubbed the IoA Bulletin Agreement – may worsen noise.

RES to vary Den Brook condition?
Wind farm developer RES is consulting on a variation of a tight condition on amplitude modulation (AM) at the proposed Den Brook wind farm in Devon.

Airfield rap for Hambleton
Failure to tackle a noisy airfield has landed Hambleton Council, with an Ombudsman censure.

Olympics push for night time deliveries
Out of hours deliveries will be encouraged during the Olympic period in a bid to reduce road congestion at peak times.

Video sets out benefits of vehicle noise cuts
Three European environmental pressure groups have come together to produce a video on the proposed tightening of vehicle noise standards.

Scotland adopts devolution
Epuk Scotland is going its own way thanks to funding from Scottish Government which will allow Epuk Scotland (EPS) to employ two part-time members of staff.

Epuk membership: 50% subs cut agreed
Epuk member organisations will by now have received membership details for the 2012/13 financial year.

Brickbats awarded for noise failures
Noisedirect, which operates a noise advice service for the public, has revealed the winners of its Blue Mu awards for doing little or nothing to prevent noise nuisance or improve the noise environment. Blue Mu is based on the Japanese Kanjii symbol for nothing, the awards are “to noise what the Razzies are to the Oscars”.

How the Americans tackle noise
The UK Government wants localism and cut central guidance. The US abolished federal noise enforcement 30 years ago – leading to a myriad of local noise byelaws. Is this the future for Britain?

Vegetation: can it cut noise?
Researchers from around the world, including the UK, have been studying how trees and other vegetation can screen or alter the noise we hear. Lisa Russell looks at some of the findings.

Eviction first
Halton Housing Trust has used Campbell Associates’ Norsonic 140NNR kits for its first eviction based on noise nuisance. Evidence was gathered by the equipment to provide evidence of breaches of a noise abatement notice put on Sally Johnson’s flat in Clapgate, Widnes.

Asbo obtained
Thurrock Council has obtained a five year ASBO for a persistent noise maker.

HS2 awards
Further environmental contracts, which include noise assessment, have been awarded by HS2, the group promoting the proposed high speed railway line to the north of England.

Agency calibration
The Environment Agency is seeking tenderers for a c£80,000 contract to calibrate its noise instruments.

Insulation maps
Turkish researchers have translated European noise maps into noise insulation maps.

International day
International Noise Action day was marked in the UK with MP Bob Russell tabling an Early Day Motion in Parliament supporting increased efforts on nuisance noise.

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April 2012 issue 61

PPG24 out, tranquillity in
The National Planning Policy Framework is in – with tranquillity explicitly recognised despite just 47 pages of policy.

Guidance: in or out?
So it looks as though planning guidance, such as Planning Policy Guidance PPG24 on noise, is now superseded. Or is it?

Laminate flooring spat lands £140,000 costs
Residents of a posh flat have lost their court bid against noise from an upstairs neighbour caused by a laminate floor. Costs amounted to £140,000.

Epuk down but Noise Action Week thrives
Noise Action Week is going ahead this year despite the demise in its current form of parent organisation

Mildenhall fallout
A High Court appeal that appeared to suggest granting of planning permission changed the character of the area could lead to difficulties for local authorities.

Fixed complaint threshold challenged
A huge High Court case – focussing on odour but resolved based on many noise nuisance precedents – has thrown out an earlier appeal judgement which suggested fixed numbers of complaints as a means of judging nuisance.

Process noise leads to fine
Dudley MBC has been told by the Ombudsman to pay £7,000 compensation to residents near a foundry due to noise and smells. The council’s unwillingness to prosecute a permitted process because of potential loss of jobs was at the heart of the dispute.

London Assembly revisits Heathrow
London Assembly members, fearing further expansion at Heathrow, have revisited the issue of noise at the airport. A new report includes calls for:

Red tape conclusions drawn
Environmental regulation appears to have emerged relatively unscathed from cuts in “red tape”.

Council adopts 2km separation zone
North Yorkshire County Council has adopted as policy the need for a 2km separation distance between large wind turbines and houses.

Injunction to stop noisy car cruisers
An injunction has been granted to tackle nuisance from 200 car cruisers at a retail park near Nottingham.

Chimes change
As part of the drive to cut ‘red tape, Defra is consulting on the code of practice on ice cream van chimes.

Wales does it quietly
Lis Stedman takes a closer look at Welsh plans to designate quiet areas. There are far fewer candidate quiet areas than mooted a few years ago

Noises off (for eight years)
One man’s eight-year struggle to get respite from noisy neighbours offers lessons for local authorities and housing associations, reports Lisa Russell

Nuisance decline?
The number of nuisance complaints has dropped massively, CIEH statistics suggest. For 2010/11, the latest data available,

NI neighbourhood regulations now in
The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act (Northern Ireland) has come into force. Guidance has been issued on how to deal with nuisances such as noisy alarms and licensees’ premises.

Landlords’ ASB tool launched
The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) has launched a new tool designed to help social landlords highlight the impact of anti social behaviour (ASB) on the wider community.

Bromilow switch
Ian Bromilow joins Vanguardia as principal consultant. Bromilow has worked for Atkins, Sandy Brown and BDP and most recently was freelance.

IOA to sponsor ‘Noise Oscar’ again
The IOA is again sponsoring a Noise Abatement Society John Connell Award.

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March 2012 issue 60

Wind slashes 16% off value?
The farmhouse at the centre of the high profile Deeping St Nicholas wind farm nuisance case has been sold at a 16% loss.

Durham council rapped for allowing nuisance
Durham County Council has been found to be incompetent and neglectful by granting planning permission for cattle buildings next to housing.

Complaints ignored
Many noise complaints are not investigated by councils, Noisedirect believes.

Royal Parks win licence review
Westminster has ‘lost’ its battle to protect residents from excess noise from Hyde Park.

Web helps Matron investigations
Environmental health officers can now use the web to remotely monitor investigation progress with Bruel & Kjaer’s Matron Live neighbour noise monitoring system.

Noise deprioritised
Noise is no longer a priority for London, it appears.

Westminster ‘busiest’
Westminster City Council believes it is the UK’s busiest noise team.

HS2 appointment
HS2 Ltd has appointed Arup, supported by URS, to carry out environmental overview services.

Wales consults on quiet areas
Wales has set out quiet areas in line with European Noise Directive plans.

Noise must figure in air quality planning
Welsh Government is warning local authorities that they must consider noise when carrying out air quality planning.

Heathrow complaints up
Noise complaints have shot up at Heathrow since the airport commenced its mixed mode trial.

Noise indicator
Noise will be a ‘placeholder’ (ie reserve) indicator in the proposed performance indicators for the new public health set up.

Public health advice
CIEH has produced suggestions on how environmental health professionals can engage with the new public health service.

Noise Action Week
As Noise Bulletin went to press, the Noise Action Week website and associated Twitter account suggests the event will go ahead this year in May.

Noise death
An 18 year old Great Yarmouth girl who stabbed her neighbour to death because of motorcycle noise has escaped a murder charge but has been found guilty of manslaughter.

Status quo justifies noise
A controversial judgement on speedway noise has been overturned on appeal. It sets a precedent that planning permission can legitimise what could be considered a noise nuisance.

Elmbridge app?
Elmbridge is looking to further develop its online Noise Toolkit by producing an app that would see the key functions of the Toolkit developed for smart phones and tablets.

Consultants merge
Royal Haskoning and DHV intend to merge to create a top 10 independently owned global engineering consultancy, (and within the top 40 overall).

EIAs clarified
The European Commission has brought together all existing EU legislation governing environmental impact assessments to simplify the process.

CA gets UKAS
Campbell Associates has been UKAS accredited for its calibration service for measurement microphones.

What worth is quiet?
As Wales sets out its quiet areas Lis Stedman looks at a report valuing the importance of quiet areas

Noise and health revisited
Two new reports published by Defra highlight the unseen harm that high noise levels can do both to people’s pockets and to their health. Lisa Russell reports

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January/February 2012 issue 59

Salford will ignore complaints
Salford has spelled out which noise nuisances it will investigate – and those it won’t, even if it risks breaching its statutory duty on nuisance.

Fullabrook monitoring agreed
The controversial North Devon Fullabrook wind farm is being fully commissioned. The council has negotiated increased monitoring to check there is no excess noise at nearby properties.

Licensing help?
Elmbridge, which has won recognition for its work on publicising noise nuisance, is seeking to produce a code of practice for licensed premises. It is looking for partners and may tie the initiative into Noise Action Week.

Westminster serves improvement notice
Westminster has served an improvement notice on a landlord when it became clear the premises were too hot and too noisy to open windows forming a category one HHSRS hazard.

AM Condition refused in Biggleswade wind appeal judgement
A planning inspector has refused to use a planning condition to cover amplitude modulation for the Langford wind farm, near Biggleswade, which he has approved in a recent planning appeal judgement.

Taylor takes it
Defra has appointed consultant Rupert Taylor to study the impact of historic policy interventions on noise. The research aims to support the objectives of the Noise Policy Statement for England (Noise Bulletin December 2011 p4).

AM condition runs late
Work on framing an acceptable planning condition for wind turbine amplitude modulation is running late.

Two states get tougher
Australia’s New South Wales Government – and the Danish – have introduced new noise rules for wind turbines which include a low frequency component.

Wind team
The IoA has released details of its wind farm noise assessment working group.

Contours don’t match complaints
A policy document from the Civil Aviation Authority accepts that shrinking noise contours have not led to reduced noise complaints.

Noise more annoying, suggests Rickaby
Mike Rickaby of the London Borough of Hillingdon believes that aircraft noise may be more annoying than conventional metrics suggest.

Wandsworth and Lambeth clash at Clapham
Wandsworth is expressing concern at neighbouring Lambeth’s proposals to increase noise on Clapham Common in south London.

Kettering gets tough
Kettering has served a noise abatement notice on a couple who made too much noise.

Vehicle limits toughened
The European Commission has proposed stricter noise emission limits for cars, vans, lorries and buses.

NoiseSentinel chosen for Crossrail project
Brüel & Kjær’s real-time noise monitoring subscription service, NoiseSentinel, is set to ensure the compliance of the Crossrail construction works.

Further improvement to Casella kit
Casella has made further improvements to its CEL-630 series of sound level meters, which it describes as one of the smallest devices of its kind currently available in the market place.

£190,000 fine
South London firm Metal & Waste Recycling Ltd has been fined £150,000 with £40,000 costs in Woolwich Crown Court.

CIEH poll reveals cuts
The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health recently asked its members how cuts were affecting out of hours services.

Out of hours being cut
Following on from CIEH’s survey  Lis Stedman talks to some councils about their hours noise services, and how they are faring in the face of cuts

Firework noise affects human rights?
The European Court has dismissed a case involving noise from fireworks in Malta. A resident complained his Article 8 human rights to peaceful enjoyment of his property were being breached by fireworks displays.

Noise prompts tunnels for HS2
Concerns about noise has prompted increased tunnelling for the HS2 rail link. The Government has confirmed

Truck firm fine
Delivery and engine noise has cost a firm £15,000 in court.

Brighton pilots soundscape art
A pilot project has shown that introducing a pleasant soundscape outside a cluster of nightclubs may help reduce noisy behaviour among the revellers.

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December 2011 issue 58

Wind case settled
The long running nuisance case centred on wind turbines at Deeping St Nicholas in Lincolnshire has been settled.

Partial turn off for East Yorks wind farm
Noise nuisance provisions have been triggered at an East Yorkshire wind farm.

Injunction renewed to stop boy racers
Birmingham Community Safety Partnership, with the support of West Midlands Police, has successfully secured a two year extension to an Injunction Order under section 222 of the Government Act 1972, preventing anti social boy racers from car-cruising in Castle Vale and surrounding area, within Birmingham.

Loudness saves lives?
A noisy motorbike was partly to blame for the injury of a horse rider, a court says.

Epuk to cease trading
Environmental Protection UK is set to cease trading in March. Efforts are being made to allow the 113 year old charity to continue in voluntary form.

AM condition: more findings
Renewable Energy Systems has reaffirmed its opposition to the use of conditions to control amplitude modulation.

Wind discussed
IoA is holding a conference in wind turbine noise in Cardiff on the 26th January. Topics such as the Den Brook amplitude modulation condition (above) are being discussed. l More details www.ioa.org.uk

NI complaints
A new report published by the Northern Ireland Department of the Environment (DOE), finds a total of 11,585 complaints were received by district councils in 2010-11 compared to 11,687 for 2009/10. There were 24 prosecutions brought in 2010-11 compared to eight in 2009-10.

B&K probe
Brüel & Kjær’s new 2270-G can be linked with a screen to show coloured sound power contours from a noise source.

Barking fines
A Nailsea couple has been fined hundreds of pounds for failing to comply with a noise abatement notice slapped on their barking dogs.

Euro levels mapped
European citizens will soon be able to access and upload data on noise levels in their area with a new application.

Aecom sets out to find levels
Consultant Aecom has been appointed by Defra to identify, where possible, appropriate lowest observed adverse Effect levels (LOAELs) and significant observed adverse effect levels (SOAELS) for a range of noise source/effects based on strong scientific evidence in support of the Noise Policy Statement for England.

Second round of mapping begins
Defra has advertised for contractors to carry out the second round of noise mapping to comply with the European Noise Directive.

Defra assesses recent policy intervention
Defra is looking to study the effectiveness of recent noise policies.

Out-of-hours Olympic deliveries possible
Transport for London has released the results of a series of trials of out-of-hours deliveries conducted with a number of London boroughs, and a range of businesses including supermarkets, pubs and hotels in advance of the London 2012 Games.

Air noise changes
The European Commission has adopted a policy document on aviation that could influence aircraft noise.

Licensing Act causes grief
Licensing Act changes have not gone down well. Small wonder if you can organise a party for 5,000 without getting permission, finds Lis Stedman

Noise Abatement Society has concerns
The Noise Abatement Society has also responded to the Government’s plans to deregulate licensing.

Awards celebrate excellence
Lis Stedman finds out who won what at the annual Noise Abatement Society John Connell awards

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November 2011 issue 57

Mixed result in nightclub row
The Ministry of Sound nightclub in south London has succeeded in preventing one ‘bad neighbour’ development – but lost against another.

Biodiversity costed
Defra is to carry out research to cost the impact of noise on biodiversity. To date costings of the impact of noise have included human health and amenity but not impact on biodiversity.

Spaldington: AM condition not justified
Use of the Den Brook amplitude modulation condition has been rejected by the planning inspector at an appeal inquiry for two wind farms at Spaldington, East Yorkshire. One farm was rejected on noise grounds, the other approved.

Dismay over demise of PPG 24
A heated debate raged on PPG24 and what – if anything – will replace it at the recent Association of Noise Consultants annual conference held in Birmingham last week.

... & IoA PPG24 fears
The Institute of Acoustics has added its fears to the debate about the National Planning Policy Framework.

PI warning
An insurance broker has warned consultants to look at the small print in their insurance contracts to make sure noise is covered.

Heat pump noise spreads to 45m
There is a large difference in noise outputs between the best and the worst air source heat pumps, a study has revealed.

Sonic experiments underway in Brighton
The Noise Abatement Society is involved in a series of sonic artworks to ‘challenge notions of sound in public places’ as part of the Brighton White Night event.

Noise on the telly
Newcastle upon Tyne and other councils are to feature in a fly in the wall TV documentary. Noise Squad has 15 45-minute daily episodes starting at 11am on 5th December. Set your TV recorders!

Procedural delay
The European Court of Human Rights has found against a member state for unnecessarily dragging out action on noise.

Noise ‘too big to ignore’
A gathering of wind energy experts has been told that amplitude modulation is “too big to ignore”.

IoA sponsors
The IoA is once again sponsoring a John Connell Technology Award for efforts on noise.

Heathrow canned
There has been further bad news for those that want a third runway at Heathrow.

Etsu patch questioned
The IoA agreement was intended to patch up gaps in Etsu wind turbine guidance, but is it wrong? Jack Pease looks at the latest developments

Amplitude modulation condition defended with real data
Real wind data has been used to test the Den Brook wind farm amplitude modulation condition.

Noise Council update at last?
Newly published research into the impact of outdoor concert noise is being used to inform a revision of the Noise Council code of practice. Lisa Russell reports

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October 2011 issue 56

Epuk: Stevens departs
Epuk’s policy chief and noise specialist Mary Stevens is to leave Environmental Protection UK. She has been there since 1988.

IoA agreement worsens noise, says Stigwood
Consultant Mike Stigwood has reviewed the use of the “IoA agreement” which was intended to improve the use of Etsu for wind turbine assessments.

l A copy of the MAS Study of article method versus ETSU-R-97 can be down-loaded from www.masenv.co.uk/publications

Spaldington ruling
As Noise Bulletin went to press, an appeal inspector for turbines at Spaldington in East Yorks said amplitude modulation conditions were not enforceable. More details next month.

Homeowners complain of ‘gun shot’ noises
Loud cracking noises in new homes have been investigated in a report.

Challenge to AM condition
Wind farm developer RES is to question the amplitude modulation condition placed on the Den Brook wind farm. Meanwhile the industry is contacting planning authorities to “prevent them using” the condition.

Licensing relaxation goes to consultation
The Culture Department is consulting on relaxing entertainment licences. Noise is considered in the consultation.

Turbines and pumps permitted
Permitted development rights have been granted for wind turbines and other green infrastructure.

Temple growth
Rapidly-expanding Temple Group has appointed Dani Fiumicelli as technical director.

Key noise level study for policy statement
Defra is seeking research contractors to help set noise levels to support the Noise Policy Statement for England (NPSE).

News from Acoustics 2011 IoA conference in Glasgow

Etsu too prescriptive: Bowdler
Etsu wind planning guidelines are too prescriptive to work, says consultant Dick Bowdler.

Bowdler: Pan 1/2011
Consultant Dick Bowdler told the conference of his concerns over the recent planning and noise (PAN) guidance for Scotland (NB April p8).

Perkins sets out wind probe
Parsons Brinckerhoff’s Richard Perkins told the IoA Glasgow conference about progress towards good practice guidance on Etsu.
Henley goes Defra noise minister Lord Henley has been replaced by Lord Taylor (of Holbeach). Henley has gone to the Home Office.

Car wash approved with conditions
A car wash has been given the all-clear following an appeal centred on noise nuisance.

Norsonic helps Goodwood keep the peace
Norsonic has successfully installed a new noise monitoring and planning system at Goodwood Motor Circuit in Chichester.

Welsh wind respite
Over a thousand signatures have been gathered for a Welsh petition on wind farms.

Rushlight awards
Rushlight is repeating its successful awards scheme for technology. A noise abatement category is designed to include any type of technology, innovation, material and procedure that either prevents or reduces noise l More details of the annual award scheme can be found on www.rushlight awards.co.uk

£5,500 fine for noise
Noisy neighbours from Woodhall Spa, near Lincoln, have been fined over £5,500 and had their TV, stereo and DVD player confiscated by magistrates.

Shield award
Professor Bridget Shield has been awarded the Institute of Acoustics RWB Stephens Medal for her “outstanding contribution” to research and education.

Pop noise study concludes
In November 2009 Vanguardia was awarded a Defra research contract, (NANR 297) to review the environmental noise at concerts. Data has now been collected and published.

Proven fall
Wind turbine manufacturer Proven Energy has gone into administration.

10 minute rule causes concern
Airport campaign group Hacan says BAA is planning a ‘ten minute rule’ whereby planes that are more than ten minutes late can land on the ‘wrong’ runway.

Predictor update
Bruel & Kjaer has launched an updated version of its Predictor noise mapping software

Southern learning
Southampton Solent University is the latest centre to deliver tutored distance learning for the Institute of Acoustics' Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control.

Why noise matters?
Lis Stedman reviews a new book out with contributions from internationally renowned noise experts and protesters
Why Noise Matters: A Worldwide Perspective on the Problems, Policies and Solutions By John Stewart with Arline Bronzaft, Francis McManus, Nigel Rodgers and Val Weedon is available, price £24.99 from Earthscan www.earthscan.co.uk/?TabId=102825&v=513674

August/September 2011 Issue 55

Pressure on planning revamp
Pressure is growing on the Government to review plans to create a presumption in favour of development.

Mayor reveals updated London plan
The Mayor has produced his London Plan which sets out planning policy for new developments and guides boroughs through their LDFs (Local Development Frameworks).

Turbine case held
The case of a homeowner seeking an injunction against a “noisy” wind farm has overrun and been adjoined until November.

Danish go low
The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has said it will introduce a new indoor limit to reduce nuisance from low frequen

Back to court for Elvington
Elvington racetrack is once again appealing against a noise abatement notice.

Red tape purge turns to enforcement
The Government’s war against red tape and unnecessary regulation has turned its focus onto regulatory enforcement.

Consultants’ join exodus to Xodus
A number of ex-Bureau Veritas consultants have joined the growing 19-strong acoustics team at Xodus Aurora.

Edinburgh’s guide to busking
Buskers in the Edinburgh are being encouraged to be more considerate in a new crack-down on noise and anti-social behaviour.

Noise survey
The UK Noise Association is encouraging the public to fill in a noise survey.

l It can be found on http://freeonlinesurveys.com/rendersurvey.asp?sid=o3tlmuvsev48j64927912

TRL considers risks from quiet cars
DfT commissioned TRL to look at the safety issues of quiet vehicles such as electric or hybrid cars. There are concerns that at slow speeds, these vehicles could lead to more pedestrian accidents, especially among those with poor eyesight.

Noise annoyance surveyed by Dutch team
Groningen University researchers in the Netherlands have launched a survey into the nature of noise annoyance.

Bedsit decision
A bedsit can be used as a commercial kitchen preparing Indian food, an appeal inspector has ruled.

Penalty rise
There has been a sharp rise in fixed penalty notices issued for noise, Parliament has been told.

Night service
Herefordshire Council has run a summer trial of a night-time noise response service.

Responsible borough
Tower Hamlets council and the police have taken on new powers to tackle alcohol related anti-social behaviour.

More anti social eviction powers
Social landlords may be given strengthened powers to evict ‘neighbours from hell’.

Watts sets out tranquillity formula
Former TRL quiet area guru Greg Watts, now at Bradford University, has proposed a tranquillity formula which could increase the benefits of visiting urban and country parks.

Heathrow freedoms
Heathrow Airport may trial use of ‘operational freedoms’.
BA concedes BA appears to have accepted there will be no Heathrow third runway.

US wind farm views
The US Acoustic Ecology Institute has updated a report on wind farm noise.

ICBEN comes to London
Issues related to the Noise Policy Statement for England and new forthcoming guidance were on the agenda in July at the issue-packed ICBEN conference, reports Lisa Russell (and more from the conference in our next issue!)

Guidelines for quiet deliveries
The Noise Abatement Society has been involved with quiet deliveries over the past few years which has led to joint guidelines, finds Lis Stedman

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July 2011 issue 54

Acoustics and noise consultants review 2011
Our much anticipated ranking and review of consultants involved in environmental noise

Etsu: new guide needed
Wind turbine specialist consultant Hayes McKenzie has completed its review on the consistency of Etsu guidance. It has proposed new ‘best practice guidance’.

Birmingham City loses 5-a-side battle
Birmingham City Council has been rapped by a judge for failing to talk to a business on which it had served an abatement notice.

Highland halt
Highland Council placed a temporary stop on a wind farm to force the operator to comply with noise conditions.

Quiet deliveries
A DfT-commissioned study suggests that quieter deliveries could cut delivery costs and pollution by shifting commercial deliveries away from peak times.

15m turbines assessed wrongly?
An expert report submitted in response to a planning application for a 15m tall wind turbine has highlighted arguments against medium sized wind turbines.

Final renewables NPS tabled
National Policy Statement (NPS) EN3 for renewables – which include large wind farms – has been put before Parliament in its final form.

Lords discuss minimum separation
The House of Lords have further discussed the issue of imposing minimum distances on wind turbine developers. A proposed Bill has little chance of becoming law, but has gathered considerable support at Westminster.

10 million affected, says Which?
At least five million people are currently annoyed with their neighbour, and over 10 million have had a neighbour problem in the last year – but a quarter fail to take any action, claims consumer group Which?

Complaints guidance released
Defra has finally released a methodology for dealing with wind farm noise complaints.

Who won the windfarm war?
BBC’s Windfarm Wars provided a stark insight into wind turbine planning and noise issues. Jack Pease offers his opinion and reviews the programme

Planning futures considered
The Institute of Acoustics gathered noise and planning specialists together to discuss where things are going. Lis Stedman reports

Housing problems
Inadequate housing accounts for over 100 000 deaths per year in the WHO European region and causes or contributes to many preventable diseases and injuries, including respiratory, nervous system and cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

EU report welcomed
The European Environment Bureau has welcomed the Commission’s adoption of a report on the 2002 Environmental Noise Directive.

Heathrow action
Heathrow Airport has published its noise action plan.

Little abuse?
MP Joan Walley tabled a Parliamentary question asking the Home Office what instances there were of abuse by a local authority of its powers in connection with the investigation of neighbour noise complaints. None have been reported.

Annoyed Germans
A German Environment Agency survey suggests that road traffic is the greatest source of noise for some 70,000 respondents.

SEPA shake up
The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) says that its consultation on changes to regulation has received broad support.

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June 2011 issue 53

Amplitude modulation conditions approved
In what is expected to be the final chapter of the long running Den Brook wind farm ‘war’, both sides have claimed success in the High Court. The wind farm gets the go ahead – but stringent amplitude modulation conditions are confirmed and likely to be used elsewhere.

Research cut
Defra has updated its research plans.

Research delays
Epuk has reported continuing delays in publication of research on wind turbine noise.

Noise and other ‘services’ costed
Defra has released a study that assigns costs to noise and other environmental issues. The costings have been embraced by the Natural Environment White Paper released this week.

DfT revamps cost benefit analysis
The DfT has added a new tool to its suite of guidance for assessing transport infrastructure.

White paper affects noise
Noise features in a new natural environment white paper. Noise wasn’t mentioned in the initial draft (Noise Bulletin Aug/Sept 2010 p4).

Details emerge of industry amplitude modulation study
While taking the official line that amplitude modulation is not a problem, Renewable UK (formerly the British wind Energy Association) has bowed to the inevitable and is funding a comprehensive study into the phenomena.

Planning reform: hints given
A glimpse of the shape of future streamlined planning system have been included in the new environment White Paper

Experts suggest wording of planning policy
A group of Government-selected planning experts have proposed a wording for the overarching planning policy framework. The framework is intended to be a short overarching policy statement to replace current policy and accompanying detailed guidance such as PPG24 on noise (see above).

Turbine noise in Rome
Wind turbine experts gathered in Rome recently to discuss noise. Low frequency noise and amplitude modulation provided plenty to talk about

Heathrow plans to revamp noise schemes
Heathrow Airport is consulting on changes to noise amelioration policies including the Cranford Agreement.

Night flight delay
A consultation on changes to night flights at London airports has been delayed until Spring 2012.

Councillor wants 2km turbine separation
South Cambridgeshire Council has passed a motion requesting that wind turbines have a 2km separation zone and developers prove they cause no harm.

Councils spring to action
Lis Stedman finds out whether budget cuts have dampened the ardour of local authorities and other organisations taking part in Noise Action Week

Wales finalises quiet area guidance
Draft guidance on noise action planning and quiet areas has been firmed up by the Welsh Assembly.

Quieter fleets
The Campaign for Better Tyres has published tyre comparison data to help fleet managers choose better tyres to improve the economical, environmental and safety performance of their vehicles.

Wiltshire fine
A Wiltshire stonemason firm has been fined £20,000 for failure to comply with a noise abatement notice.

Motocross win
A planning enforcement notice issued by West Lancashire Borough Council ordering the motocross track at Leisure Lakes, near Tarleton to cease operating has been confirmed by the Planning Inspectorate and an appeal by the operator dismissed.

Night deliveries
Transport for London is considering relaxing overnight delivery restrictions during the Olympic games.

Carbon confirmed
Last month energy and climate secretary Chris Huhne confirmed tougher-than-expected carbon targets as set by the independent Committee on Climate Change.

Europe seeks help
The European Environment Agency (EEA) has advertised a vacancy for project manager for managing its noise reporting and assessments.

Turbine SPG
Scottish Borders has released special planning guidance for wind turbines.

Quieter vehicles
The EU has announced plans to make cars and lorries quieter

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May 2011 issue 52

Gorsedd cements Etsu fears
Etsu wind turbine guidance has once again been undermined in the written judgement just released for the Gorsedd Bran wind turbine appeal.

Euro noise award
Coinciding with International Noise Awareness Day on 27th April, the European Environment Agency (EEA) and the Noise Abatement Society (NAS) are seeking submissions for the new European Soundscape Award which will recognise innovative solutions to noise problems.

Noise directive ‘bureaucratic’: UKNA
The UK Noise Association has called on the Government to drop “bureaucratic” legislation imposed on it by Brussels.

Hyde Park win
Vanguardia Consulting has won the noise management and control contract for all concerts at Hyde Park for the next two years.

Roadside tests evaluated
DfT commissioned TRL to look at possible tests for roadside vehicle noise testing.

More regulation, not less
A Government website set up with the aim of cutting red tape appears to be gathering support for more regulation on noise, not less.

Endangered sounds captured ‘forever’
The British Library’s UK SoundMap now has nearly 1800 recordings as it nears the end of the 12 month project.

York reviews enforcement year
York has reviewed its noise enforcement work for the period 2010-11.

Class action
 Law firm Hugh James is launching a class action against The Monckton Coke and Chemical for compensation in relation to the noise, odour and dust nuisance coming from its site located at Royston in Barnsley.

LGR cut
Local Government Regulation – formerly Lacors – has outlined how it will function following drastic cuts of 45%.

Free tyre guide
Epuk has produced free tyre procurement guidance for fleet managers as part of the Campaign for Better Tyres.

US research needs
The US Transportation Research Board has outlined key research needs for noise and aviation.

Cheap mikes
Belgian researchers have looked at the use of cheap microphones for use in environmental noise

More Hypertension
Taiwanese researchers have confirmed a link between road noise and high blood pressure (hypertension).

Men suffer more from aircraft
Men may suffer more from aircraft noise, Swedish researchers suggest.

AM scrutiny
Speaking at the recent international wind turbine noise conference held in Rome, consultant Dick Bowdler has outlined the shape of new Renewable UK research into wind farm amplitude modulation (thumping).

Quiet spaces good
A Government survey has highlighted the value of green spaces.

Hinton odour win
Hinton Organics has won a four and a half year long court battle over perceived noise and odour nuisance issues at its composting site near Keynsham, Bristol.

Research down
Defra has set out its plans for research. Noise research will be 8% lower in 2011/12 than in the previous year.

Noise compared to air pollution levels...
Belgian researchers have tried to compare noise levels and ultrafine particle concentrations to see if one could be a marker for the other.

...and can confound pollution results
Spanish researchers have tried to tease out the impacts of noise and air pollution on health.

IoA wades into school debate
Deregulation of ‘red tape’ may impact on acoustics standards of schools. The IoA is not happy, finds Lis Stedman

Costing noise. £££s or DALYs?
Measuring and costing the health impacts of environmental factors such as noise is beset with uncertainties but a clearer picture is emerging of how much harm can be done, says Lisa Russell

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April 2011 issue 51


WHO costs health impacts

The influential world Health Organisation has costed the impact of traffic noise in Europe.

Small turbines ‘not quiet’

Small wind turbines are not quiet, Aecom’s Dani Fiumicelli told an IoA eastern region meeting in Braintree last month.

Aussie consultant proposes wind guidelines

Australian noise consultant Noise Management Services has suggested separation zones of 2km to avoid noise disturbance from wind farms.

Elmbridge plugs gap with out-of-hours toolkit

Closure of Elmbridge’s out of hours noise service has prompted the council to produce an online toolkit.

Budget cuts guidance

Last month’s Budget has confirmed that planning guidance will be cut to kickstart the economy and cut red tape.

Accon helps quiet area plans

Consultant Accon UK is contributing to the European €5m CityHush project which seeks to quieten urban areas.

Ministers back Epuk’s quiet tyre launch

Transport and environment ministers have formally launched Epuk’s quiet tyre initiative.

No noise HA

The Highways Agency has released its latest business plan for 2011/12.

Government restarts probe into aviation

A broad-based consultation has been launched by the Government aimed at improving the sustainability of UK aviation.

Noise spillage spotted at hall

Monitor equipment by Norsonic has been used in a novel way to spot noise spillage from a medieval hall in Norwich City Centre.

Webtrak software for Copenhagen airport

Copenhagen Airport has chosen monitor manufacturer Brüel & Kjær for a new noise and flight monitoring system upgrade.

Clarke to retire

Tim Clarke, pollution control manager at Bristol City Council, is to take early retirement next month.

Soundscape mag

The Noise Abatement Society has launched a new “e-zine”.

Local cuts

Councils are making their biggest cuts in central management, in response to Government spending restrictions

DVD on noise

Consultant Encentre has produced a DVD aimed at explaining the noise complaints procedure.

Road noise reviewed

An issue of TRL’s Current Topics includes over 40 abstracts of reports, conference papers, books and journal articles which focus on the ongoing, worldwide requirement for low noise surfaces.

Court sets WHO precedent?

Last month a hotly-fought fight between householders and a motor sports venue came to a head at the High Court. Jack Pease considers the arguments

Scotland bucks guidance trend

Lis Stedman looks at revised planning guidance on noise in Scotland



February/March 2011 issue 50


Speedway prompts damages

Complainants have won a long running battle against a speedway stadium which was causing noise disturbance near their home in Mildenhall, Suffolk.

Fight looms on high speed link noise

The Government has outlined plans for the proposed route of the high speed rail line from London to the West Midlands. HS2 is the first phase of a national high speed network capable of accommodating trains running at 250 mph.

Wales forges ahead on quiet areas

The Welsh Assembly Government has released a consultation on designation of quiet areas and noise action planning areas.

Wind farm conditions ‘minefield’

Wind farm conditions are a “minefield” claimed Welsh planning inspectorate chief John Davies.

Etsu undermined by Gorsedd Bran decision

An appeal has been rejected leaving further question marks over the future of Etsu wind turbine guidance.

Slimline guidance for Scotland

As England backs away from planning guidance, Scotland has re-released planning guidance on noise.

Cirrus launches nuisance Trojan

Noise monitor equipment manufacturer Cirrus Research has launched a new noise nuisance recorder, the Trojan.

Daly’s up

A WHO report on the health impacts of noise is due to report shortly.

Turner comes in

Stephen Turner has left Bureau Veritas to take up position as head of the noise and nuisance technical and evidence team at Defra.

Air costs claim

HACAN has published a study from consultants CE Delft which claims that sleep disturbance at Heathrow is costing the country so much money in terms of poor health, early death and low productivity at work that it would almost certainly help the economy if flights were banned before 6am.

Scots heed microgen fears

Planning controls for microgeneration in Scotland have been deregulated – but only partially, taking heed of fears that domestic wind turbines and heat pumps can create noise nuisance.

LTp replacement includes noise indicator

The funding mechanism that will replace the Local Transport Plan regime has been announced. Noise impacts are included.

Weedon teams up with Noisedirect

Val Weedon, a leading anti-noise campaigner, has been appointed creative consultant for Noisedirect, a dedicated noise service provided by Sanctum Consultants.

NI noise complaints rise again

Northern Ireland environment minister Edwin Poots has urged councils to step up efforts to drive down the level of noise nuisance. A new report revealed that noise complaints rose by 5% over the past year.

Heart effects

Danish researchers believe road traffic noise can increase the likelihood of a stroke among the over-65s.

Live music Bill

The Government has given provisional backing to a Live Music Bill at its Second Reading in the House of Lords.

Epuk warns on ‘red tape’ cuts

Epuk has cautioned against the Government’s plans to cut planning ‘red tape’ – such as guidance on environmental issues.

Regs cuts threaten schools

In a unusual move, the Institute of Acoustics has criticised the watering down of school noise standards in a bid to cut red tape.

London airport noise reductions

Noise contours have been released for the three main London airports for 2009 and show a dramatic reduction – mostly due to reductions in traffic volumes.

Finnish firm moots UK rental service

APL Systems from Finland has developed a series of noise monitoring products that are claimed to have endured tens of thousands of hours of uninterrupted operation in the harsh weather of Scandinavia.

2260 Investigator out

B&K is ceasing production of its long running Sound Level Meter Type 2260.

Useful website

Three Spires Acoustics has relaunched a new website which includes quick links to many useful noise policy documents, web pages and podcasts.

Noise: coming to your back yard?

Noise complaints about a 15m-high wind turbine in East Renfrewshire have focused attention on the information required to assess the impact of the smaller wind developments that are springing up. Lisa Russell reports.

What will replace ASBOs?

The proposed demise of ASBOs had been a worry – they were useful for controlling noise. Luckily, noise figures in new proposals, finds Lis Stedman

Missed opportunity for police powers

Epuk says it is disappointed that the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill, currently progressing through Parliament, has missed the opportunity to give the police similar powers to the local authority to take action on noise – the police have powers to act in Scotland under the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982.

January Issue 49


Civil Aviation Act order made

In what is thought to be the first use of a little known clause of the Civil Aviation Act, residents have succeeded in winning an order that could quieten flying activities at an airfield on the outskirts of High Wycombe.

Mayor no longer required to produce strategy

The Government’s Localism Bill will allow the Government to pass on EU fines to councils and removes the requirement for the London Mayor to produce a dedicated noise strategy.

Hepworth helps out at Coronation Street

Hepworth Acoustics has been appointed by ITV as acoustic consultant for the move of Coronation Street and ITV offices to MediaCityUK in Salford Quays in 2012.

Usual suspects overlooked

Defra has awarded a contract on the health effects of noise to a team including the Health and Safety Laboratory, an arm of the Health and Safety Executive.

Resident fails to stop extension

An Oxford resident – representing himself in the High Court – has tried and failed to overturn planning permission for a massive £130m extension to Oxford Brookes University on noise grounds.

Eviction notices made easier

So-called neighbours from hell could face swifter eviction, claims housing minister Grant Shapps.

URS completes Scott Wilson reorganisation

The acoustics teams at URS and Scott Wilson have now combined following the merger of the two firms last year (Noise Bulletin October p2).

Turner joins Defra

 In a widely anticipated move, Bureau Veritas’s director of acoustics Stephen Turner has joined Defra as head of noise & nuisance technical & evidence team.

MPs criticise Defra

Defra is not best placed to ensure that other Government departments embed sustainability in their operations and policy making, MPs on the Environmental Audit Committee have warned.

Cull criticised

The Coalition Government’s cull of quangos has been criticised by the House of Commons Public Administration Committee.

Indicator gives leg-up to noise?

A new indicator on noise to steer public health policy? Jack Pease ponders the future of noise following publication of the Public Health Bill

Planning guidance to be simplified

The Coalition Government has added further detail to its plans to simplify planning guidance.

Survey: how the cuts are biting

The prospect of continued cuts brings a wide range of personal and professional worries for environmental health officers, as Lisa Russell and Jack Pease found when they surveyed a cross-section (and were overwhelmed with their response!) 

December 2010 issue 48

Happy Christmas

Noise Bulletin’s wishes all its readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Boost for noise in White Paper?

The Coalition Government’s Public Health White Paper may provide a boost for noise and quiet area policy.

European guide accepts more annoyance

A 2010 European good practice guide on noise exposure and potential health effects suggests a lower threshold level of annoyance for aircraft noise than currently used in the UK for aviation.

More Court action for Elvington

York City Council has once again won a court case and £23,000 in costs backing its action against noisy activities at Elvington Circuit

Noise mentioned in waste water NPS

A draft national policy statement (NPS) on waste water developments has once again flagged up the issue of nuisance under the incoming major projects regime.

£4,000 for intentional nuisance

A Buckinghamshire couple have been told to pay significant compensation to their neighbours following a noise dispute.

High speed link prompts noise pledge

Campaign group Environmental Protection UK has welcomed transport minister Phil Hammond’s pledge to take a detailed look at noise impacts of the proposed High Speed 2 rail link.

Plea for minimum distance

Another attempt has been made to introduce a minimum distance Bill into Parliament covering wind turbines.

Metric chosen

Spanish researchers have tried to choose metrics that reflect the impact of noise on personal well being.

3dB is optimal level of reduction

Dutch researchers have studied aircraft noise and found 3dB to be an optimal level of reduction.

Low cost noise mapping method launched

NPL has formerly launched a low cost technique for mapping noise pollution. It claims this could replace current predictive models which rely on assumptions, and will help meet EU directives on noise pollution and inform strategic planning for noise control.

Noise ‘Oscars’ awarded for 2010

Each year the Noise Abatement Society seeks to find out who is doing good work and champion the best. Lis Stedman finds out who has been doing what

Council action: noise action planning tool

After years of talking the talk, Defra finally has something that local authorities can get their teeth into in the noise mapping and action planning process

Big turbines

According to official industry documents seen by The Sunday Telegraph, two companies plan to build wind farms each with turbines about 493ft (150 metres) tall in Norfolk and in Lincolnshire – about 80 feet higher than current large turbines.

Barrier tests

TRL has carried out testing of wooden noise barriers typically used on Highways Agency roads.

Heat pump call

Decc is seeking tenderers to research noise from air source heat pumps.

B&K joins suites

Brüel & Kjær has launched its new integrated Predictor-LimA software

Action week

Noise Action Week 2011 will take place on 23-27 May.

Student seizure

Leeds students’ TVs, stereos and laptops have been seized for ignoring late night noise warnings

Compliance thoughts

The European Commission is looking at a strategy that will try to ensure better compliance with environmental laws.

Sleep problems

Norwegian researchers have found that traffic noise can affect sleep, but found no link between noise and cardiovascular problems.

Noise review

The PARTNER grouping has issued a report on aircraft noise health effects.

November 2010 Issue47

Website review: who won?

We've repeated our popular review of over 800 noise websites and chosen our winners. Non subscribers can view our limited sample here

Industry to pay for wind study

Renewable UK (formerly the British Wind Energy Association) is commissioning research into wind turbine noise.

Subtle changes to energy planning statement

Draft energy national policy statements (NPSs) for power generation have been reissued for comment. A new clause has been added where wind farms only just meet Etsu guidance.

Schools free-for-all

Consultation is underway that may see new schools exempted from the need to get planning permission.

News from the EPUK Noise Update conference held in Birmingham

Web tool nears completion

Defra is nearing completion of an ‘Important Area’ web tool.

Westminster strategy ‘not a burden’

Westminster City Council is one of the few councils in the country with an action plan – and it needn’t be a burden, the council’s Phil McIlwain told the Epuk conference.

Cheap microphones key to noise mapping

Arrays of cheap microphones could be used to validate noise maps.

PPG24 has ‘had its day’ claims Bentley

Sharps Redmore consultant Clive Bentley told the Epuk noise update conference that PPG24 NEC noise categories have had their day.

IoA debates merits of Etsu

A debate on wind turbine noise at last month’s Institute of Acoustics/Association of Noise Consultants’ conference held in Birmingham failed to get past problems with Etsu guidance.

Cuts to hit council spending

Last month’s public spending review has outlined which departments will be cut.

Grugeon arrival prompts further Epuk review

Incoming Epuk chief executive James Grugeon has launched a review of the organisation.

Noise missed out in policy consultation

Epuk has criticised the Government for omitting noise in a discussion document on the natural environment.

Police remove dogs

A North Devon woman has had her dogs seized by police following conviction for breaching a noise abatement notice.

European charges can include noise

EU Ministers have voted in favour of new EU rules to allow member states to charge heavy lorries both for damage to roads but also external environmental costs such as noise and pollution.

Environment costing

The UK National Ecosystem Assessment (UK NEA) is the first analysis of the UK’s natural environment in terms of the benefits it provides to society and continuing economic prosperity. It will report in early 2011.

Aviation revamp

The Government is to consult on a new aviation policy in 2012.

TCN delayed

Major changes to south east England airspace have been further postponed.

Heart impacts

A study of nearly five million Swiss residents has linked aircraft noise with an increased risk of heart attack.

Casella scraps

Casella CEL is re-running its scrappage scheme for monitors – a ‘new-for-old’ replacement scheme for monitoring instruments.

October 2010 issue 46

Turbine to be silenced?

An operator has failed to turn off a noisy medium-sized wind turbine after being served an enforcement notice.

Appeal fails

A judicial review of an appeal decision which gave the go ahead to the Den Brook Wind Farm has failed.

Quiet surfaces get noisier over time

TRL has reported on the speed at which quiet asphalt surfaces lose performance over time.

Four contracts up for grabs

Despite the current spending freeze, Defra is seeking tenders for four research projects.

Town crier noise put to the test

Monitor firm Cirrus Research used its specialist range of noise measurement equipment to measure the loudest cry at the British Town Crier Championships held in Bridlington, East Yorkshire.

Back to court for Elvington

Elvington Airfield near York is back in the High Court over excess noise.

Sonic crystals tested as noise barriers

Sonic barriers are being tested as part of an EPSRC study.

DfT warns that legislation will be hard to get

DfT’s Iain Forbes told a recent South Yorks Care4Air conference that policies in future are set to change following pronouncements from the incoming coalition Government.

News from Epuk’s wind turbine conference held in Birmingham

Bradford EHO justifies subjective assessment

Bradford EHO Brian Fairclough told the Epuk wind conference held in Birmingham last month how he became embroiled in a planning squabble over a large wind turbine.

More court action over wind

QC Stephen Tromans told the Epuk wind turbine conference of the growing number of legal cases reaching the High Court to do with wind turbines.

Bowdler: noisy, not mysterious

Wind turbine consultant Dick Bowdler claimed that wind turbine noise can be annoying – but isn’t mysterious.

Gas turbine lessons

Experience in dealing with low frequency noise nuisance from gas turbines suggests wind turbine noise assessment criteria may be unsuitable.

Cobbing: wind nuisance prevention is better than cure

ARM’s Colin Cobbing argued that when it comes to wind farms, prevention is better than cure.

Tranquillity benefits outlined

An Epuk report, commissioned by the City of London, has supported the role of open spaces in providing tranquillity and improving the environment in other ways such as air quality.

Strategic planning plea from CPRE

The Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) is calling on ministers not to abandon strategic planning in their drive to forward the Government’s localism agenda.

ICBEN comes to London in 2011

The 10th International Congress on Noise as a Public Health Problem will be held between July 24th – 28th 2011 in London, organised by the UK Institute of Acoustics on behalf of the International Commission on the Biological Effects of Noise (ICBEN).

Noise effects lasts into secondary school

London researchers believe that noise impacts on primary school children can last into the teenage years.

Welsh rationalisation

The Welsh Assembly may combine Environment Agency Wales with other environmental bodies.

Scott’s to URS

URS Corporation has bought consultant Scott Wilson Group.

Heathrow pledge

Transport minister Theresa Villiers has ruled out further key changes to Heathrow operations.

MK noise up

Vanguardia director, Jim Griffiths, has won a court battle to significantly change the licence conditions regarding environmental noise at the Milton Keynes Bowl.

Epuk on booze

Epuk has recently responded to a Home Office consultation on proposal

Directive review arrives late

Dutch firm Millieu has carried out a review of the noise directive. Its findings form the basis of what might happen next, finds Lis Stedman

Best practice on construction

A recent Institute of Acoustics meeting offered advice and examples covering approaches to assessing and mitigating construction noise. Lisa Russell reports


Aug/Sept 2010 issue 45

Consistency check for Etsu
The Government has commissioned wind power specialist consultancy Hayes McKenzie to look at turbine noise guidance.

Police use meters
Almost 100 vehicles have had their exhausts tested for excessive noise by Suffolk Police.

Appeal fails but assessment criticised
A High Court appeal against six wind turbines in the Lake District has failed.

Action planning: more delays
Crucial guidance to support English noise action planning has been delayed.

New bosses for Environmental Protection UK
James Grugeon has taken over from Philip Mulligan as Epuk’s chief executive. Mulligan left last month

Defra seeks noise staffer
Defra is advertising for a high level technical advisor for its noise team.

No change for final report
The expert report on environmental noise on health has been released in final form.

Human rights breached by noise problem
The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that an applicant (called Oluic) had her human rights breached by failure to tackled repeated noise.

CIEH gets Kidney
David Kidney, former MP and climate change minister, has been appointed head of policy at the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) following his departure from Parliament in the May general election.

IoA stats
An Institute of Acoustics survey of its members suggests 1800 work in industry, commerce and consultancies, 400 work in the academic sector and 450 work in the public sector.

UK Soundmap launch
The UK Soundmap has been launched promising to form a community-led soundscape of Britain.

TENS vulnerable
Temporary Event Notices (TENS) could be changed in a bid to avoid “relentless form filling, high costs and red tape for organising summer street parties and fetes”.

WHO burden talks
The World Health Organisation is holding a meeting on the burden of disease from environmental noise in Bonn on 14-15 October 2010

Westlakes down
Consultant Westlakes Scientific Consulting has gone into administration.

White Paper excludes noise
The Government has launched ‘informal’ discussions to shape a White Paper on the environment due in Spring 2011. It doesn’t mention noise.

HPA and RCEP go in latest cuts
More quangos have been cut by the incoming government.

Train idling cut
Noisy train idling will be reduced as a result of East Midlands Trains introducing an energy saving mode on its Meridien trains.

Noise and air linked
The Lisbon Internoise conference has included papers on possible linkages and confounding of noise and air quality impacts in urban areas.

Gatwick green plan
The former BAA Gatwick Airport has launched its first sustainability plan as an independent airport.

Internoise: 845 papers!
There were over 800 papers at the massive Internoise conference held in Lisbon. Lisa Russell and Lis Stedman pick over the best bits

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July 2010 issue 44

Heart effects to enter policy?
The UK may be moving closer towards including noise-prompted deaths as input into planning decisions.

Less noise focus for Lacors?
Local authority group Lacors has published A clean bill of health, a guide that summarises for councillors, and other local decision makers, the health effects of pollution and what councils and their partners can do to improve the health of their communities.

Scotland warned on planning for turbines and heat pumps
Responses have been published to a Scottish consultation on extending permitted development rights to domestic wind turbines and heat pumps.

Birmingham airport sets up Google mapping
Residents and businesses located close to, or looking to relocate near Birmingham Airport, can now use Google Earth to find out about its flight paths, noise insulation scheme, air quality monitoring and other environmental programmes the airport offers.

Coalition Budget cuts, further cuts coming
The Government has published details of the £1.166bn local government contribution to the £6.2bn cross-government savings in 2010/11.

Unitaries stopped
Restructuring of councils in Norfolk, Suffolk and Devon has been scrapped.

Wind farm to disturb neighbours?
Lawyers acting for a wind farm in Northumberland have objected to a nearby tourist development claiming that holidaymakers may be subjected to nuisance noise.

Wind affects horse amenity
The British Horse Society suggests wind farms may deter horse tourism.

Casella measures air and noise in Spain
Casella Spain has been selected by the Spanish Traffic Police to participate in a working group assessing noise and air data provided by the instruments included in a month-long trial of roadside monitoring enclosure systems (Romons) under strict motorway testing conditions.

Vuvuzela warning from RNID
RNID is calling on football fans to defend themselves against the risk of temporary tinnitus or permanent hearing damage posed by the noisy vuvuzela plastic trumpets which are popular with South African supporters.

Property prices
A Swedish study has examined the effect of road and railway noise on property prices.

Construction noise
IoA is holding a one day meeting on construction noise and vibration at the British Museum on Wednesday July 14.

No flights increase, says London Assembly
The London Assembly has unanimously called for a ban on any increase in the number of flights operating from BAA’s London airports.

M40 move
A campaign group seeking action to quieten the M40 motorway in the Chiltern reports that it has met the DfT.

More noise please, says NAS
The Noise Abatement Society is commending the “safer-sounding car”.

Consultants suffer as recession bites
The UK environmental consultancy sector contracted by 3.0% in 2009, to stand at £1.36bn, says Environment Analyst.

Infrastructure planning changed again
Reassurance has been offered that planning will become more democratic following confirmation that the Infrastructure Planning Commission will be abolished.

Truck environmental footprints compared
UK and Swiss researchers are trying to establish the environmental footprint of road and rail vehicles and found a significant number of vehicles exceed manufacturing limits, including noise.

Epuk sets up turbine talks In September
Epuk is running a wind turbine conference entitled Where now with wind turbine impact assessment?

2011 Action Week
Epuk has announced that the 2011 Noise Action Week will be held on 23 - 27 May 2011.

Dogs and nuisance
There’s been a spate of reports of environmental health officers going to court over problem dogs. What’s happening, asks Lis Stedman?

Low down on quiet surfaces
Quieter road surfacing materials can prove cost-effective when all the factors including the monetised benefits of noise reduction are taken into account. Lisa Russell reports on recent research and development, including a new more durable material.

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June 2010 issue 43

Etsu under review
The Government is reviewing Etsu wind turbine guidance despite numerous protestations that it remains robust.

Mulligan departs from Epuk
Epuk chief executive Phil Mulligan is to leave the charity.

Government coalition programme lists many changes
The incoming Coalition Government has published a detailed programme for Government. It contains Bills and work programmes for the forthcoming term.

Dogs cause nuisance problems
Officers from Shropshire Council and West Mercia Police have removed 27 dogs from the home of a Shropshire man who was found guilty of failing to prevent them from barking constantly over a three-year period.

Tenant to get rid of noisy dogs
Sheffield City Council has had to go to court to force a woman to get rid of her noisy dogs.

‘Final mission’ for Stansted campaigners
Following the cancellation of plans to expand Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports by the incoming Government, Stop Stansted Expansion has set itself it’s “final mission”.

BAA concedes defeat at Heathrow
Airports authority BAA has formally dropped plans for a third runway at Heathrow following the new Government’s pledge to scrap expansion plans.

Denbighshire refusal overturned
A wind turbine proposal in Denbighshire, which has been in and out of the courts, has been given the green light in the latest development.

Huge 3mw turbines coming?
Alstom has launched the ECO 110 3MW wind turbine – one of the most powerful onshore wind turbines in the world.

Government line up
The incoming Government has completed its ministerial line up. Chris Huhne – MP and vice president of Epuk – has been appointed Secretary of State at the Department for Energy and Climate Change (Decc). Caroline Spelman MP has been appointed Secretary of State for the Environment.

Statement criticised
MP Bob Russell has tabled a Parliamentary Early Day Motion criticising Defra’s recent Noise Policy Statement (Noise Bulletin April p1).

Epuk comments on environment
PPS Epuk has replied to a consultation on a new Planning Policy Statement (PPS), Planning for a Natural and Healthy Environment.

Noise call?
The Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution has invited comments on a list of topics being considered for its next major study (its 30th).

Ash cloud silence studied
The ash cloud prompted shutdown of UK airspace, allowing a once-in-a-lifetime natural experiment to see what would happen if noise from aircraft was eliminated overnight. Lis Stedman reports

Westminster gets a strategy
A pioneering noise strategy has been introduced in Westminster. Lisa Russell takes a look at the measures it introduces

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May 2010 issue 42

3m have noisy neighbours
Epuk has recently concluded yet another successful Noise Action Week.

Stop press: runways
There will be no new runways at Heathrow, Gatwick or Stansted, the incoming Coalition Government has agreed in an environmental statement.

Information laws reveal turbine nuisance
A turbine pressure group has been systematically serving freedom of information notices on local authorities to find out about wind turbine nuisance complaints.

Noise sinks Matlock appeal
Five wind turbines have been rejected at appeal near Matlock in Derbyshire. Noise was a key part in the dismissal.

Health effects cited in Humber appeal
Health effects at a single household have overcome an appeal for seven wind turbines at Flixborough, near Scunthorpe.

Huhne takes key ministry post in coalition
As Noise Bulletin was going to press,  Libdem MP Chris Huhne has been chosen as Energy and Climate Change Secretary. Caroline Spelman has been appointed as environment secretary.

Ash prompts tranquillity bonus
The grounding of aircraft because of ash from the Icelandic volcano left the UK with deserted airspace.

Stevens wins Institute of Acoustics medal
Mary Stevens, noise policy officer at Environmental Protection UK, has received the IOA Award for Promoting Acoustics to the Public.

European progress fragmented
Irish researchers have found large differences in the way noise levels are calculated and geographically mapped in Europe. They call for more standardised and clearer guidelines.

Annoyance predictors listed
Serbian researchers have carried out a study to consider what are the mean predictors of noise annoyance.

Turbine index proposed
A scoring system could help authorities approve proposals for onshore wind plants.

Nuisance change
Defra and the Welsh Assembly Government have issued guidance on how the statutory nuisance regime should be enforced at premises regulated by environmental permitting legislation.

Work continues on reducing tyre noise
Epuk is to manage a two year project to push the concept of quieter tyres. It has funds for a two year project to implement and manage the national campaign for cleaner, quieter tyres.

50 mph limit improves environment
Dutch consultancy CE Delft has shown dramatic environmental benefits from a 50mph motorway speed limit.

Protesters claim Heathrow win
Protesters say they did win a High Court case on Heathrow.

Europe adopts cleaner vehicle strategy
Europe has adopted a cleaner vehicle strategy.

Germans link aircraft noise to health effects
The German Environment Agency (UBA) has compared noise complaints and illness around Cologne-Bonn airport.

Webtrak for Madrid
Madrid Airport now has an interactive Webtrak service.

Insulation aids climate
A Dutch local authority has combined airport sound insulation measures with climate change impacts to increase the benefit.

Greener transport
Greener vehicles pollute less – but the rise in traffic is counteracting any benefits, the European Environment Agency claims in its latest Transport and Environment Reporting Mechanism (TERM) report.

Feature: Experts tackle motorsport noise
Several working groups are seeking to develop new guidelines for assessing motorsports noise amid calls for more research to identify what aspects of the sounds cause annoyance. Lisa Russell reports

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April 2010 headlines (issue 41)

Defra sets out noise policy
Defra has released a policy statement in lieu of a noise strategy for England.

Use development plans to separate turbines
Local authorities should use their development plans to set out separation distances between housing and turbines.

Elvington rematch
The hotly fought motorsport noise nuisance battle between York City Council and Elvington Airfield is going to the High Court.

Defra consultancy budget cuts
Defra says it will deliver £194 million of savings, as its departmental contribution towards £11bn savings that are being made across Government.

Tool suggested to describe urban noise
New research has identified 25 variables that influence noise in urban areas. By combining these into an equation, a new study has proposed a tool to describe urban sound environments that could be useful in urban planning.

Etsu under fire once again
Two more turbine schemes have been turned down further undermining Etsu noise assessment guidelines.

Big wind nuisance claim: particulars laid
The Statement of Claim has been made public in what could prove to be a pivotal test case on nuisance law for big wind turbines.

Planning shake up for PPG17
Guidance is being consolidated as part of a plan to streamline existing planning policy guidance.

Probe into London City Airport expansion
The London Assembly’s Environment Committee has launched an investigation into the environmental impacts of the expansion of London City Airport.

Heathrow knocked by High Court challenge
London councils and pressure groups have won a Judicial Review on the legality of plans to expand Heathrow.

No blanket exemption
Epuk says it does not want a blanket exemption for live music events for 100 people or less.

Amec takes Entec
Construction firm Amec has taken over consultancy Entec for £61m.

Stigwood be heard
The High Court has allowed a Nottinghamshire householder to appeal a judgement that prevented him from complaining about noise and odour nuisance from the adjacent pub.

Landlord toolkit
DCLG has released a toolkit for social landlords aimed at tackling anti social behaviour including noise.

Petition duties
Local authorities have been given guidance on their duties to react to petitions. From June 15th the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009 requires councils to have regard to community petitions provided they are not covering areas such as planning or licensing where the public are already considered to have had their say.

EIA updates
Defra has updated guidance for environmental impact assessments including a Wider Environmental Impact Test and Sustainable Development Impact Test.

Daventry cuts
Daventry District Council will save £16,000 a year by cutting its out-of-hours service for day-to-day environmental health issues.

CIEH omits noise
The CIEH has published a public health manifesto for the General Election which mentions air quality, climate change and other public health issues, but not noise.

Heart risk found
Slovak researchers say they have found a link between noise levels and cardiovascular (heart) risk.

Blood pressure up
Taiwan researchers have studied 60 adults and found that environmental noise exposure leads to higher blood pressure – especially among young females.

Further detail on quiet deliveries
We revisit the issue of quiet deliveries from the viewpoint of TRL which has produced a look at some of the detail

Feature: Statement in lieu of policy
England was promised a noise strategy a decade ago. Defra has dithered and dithered and it now hopes that a Noise Policy Statement is better than nothing. Jack Pease offers his opinion

Feb/March 2010 headlines (issue 40)

Bradford turbine win
Bradford Council has succeeded in defending an appeal against its decision to refuse planning permission for a large wind turbine on noise grounds.

Camera enforcement
Victoria Government in Australia is using cameras to catch noisy trucks.

NPSs are in
Epuk has warned that the first round of draft National Policy Statements are inconsistent and offer weak protection for the local environment. The Royal Town Planning Institute claims they are not fit for purpose.

IoA defends Etsu guidelines
Incoming Institute of Acoustics president Trevor Cox has defended Etsu wind turbine guidelines.

Concerns aired on microwind
The Institute of Acoustics has warned that relaxing planning controls on micro wind generation could lead to increased nuisance complaints and noise abatement notices.

NHS cautions on wind
An NHS review has cautioned that a recent report on wind turbine health effects cannot be taken as gospel.

£1000 dog fine
A Lincoln resident has been fined more than £1,000 after breaching a noise abatement notice served on her for dogs that barked for 40 minutes out of 45.

Muted praise for English plans
Defra’s summary of responses to its consultation on noise action plans in England has been released.

Scotland goes firm on noise guidance
Scotland has released final guidance on noise management areas and quiet areas.

Noise simulator wins Dutch award
Sensibel, the Royal Haskoning noise simulator, is one of three nominees for the ‘Ei van Columbus’ Dutch award for sustainable innovations.

Cuts could put strain on environment
Council budget cuts would threaten local environmental quality, Epuk has warned.

Research downer
Defra has set out its research priorities for the forthcoming three years.

Directive not reviewed
Epuk has been told by the European Commission that the planned review of the noise directive is being delayed.

Infrasound okay
The independent Advisory Group on Non-Ionising Radiation (AGNIR), which reports to the Health Protection Agency, has reviewed the latest scientific evidence on the health effects of ultrasound (frequencies above 20 kilohertz) and infrasound (below 20 Hz).

Another Heathrow challenge
Councils and pressure groups have joined forces to challenge the decision to expand Heathrow Airport.

Heathrow conditions not fit for purpose
A report by the London Assembly has examined the environmental conditions placed on Heathrow Airport as a condition for expansion. It wants a “fundamental change” to the conditions describing them as “not fit for purpose”.

AEF: Noise action plans a sham
Airport noise action plans will fail to tackle impacts on local communities, an Aviation Environment Federation study has found.

Barrier pollution
US researchers have looked at the impact of noise barriers on road pollution.

ISO airport advice
A new standard, is aimed at regulators, professionals and researchers to reduce noise in the vicinity of airports.

Steeper glides
Hacan Clearskies has once again highlighted the growing area of influence of planes using Heathrow Airport.

Conditions scrutinised
Inclusion of amplitude modulation requirements for two recently-approved windfarms raises issues about the use of planning conditions, says Lisa Russell

Delivering peace and quiet
Lis Stedman takes a snapshot view of councils facing a new initiative to push quiet night time deliveries

January 2010 headlines (issue 39)

Etsu drafts reveal secrets

A response to a heavily contested Freedom of Information request claims to reveal that the Government suppressed warnings that wind turbines designed to Etsu guidelines would cause noise nuisance. l www.denbrookvalley.co.u 

Wind farm consented: tough conditions

The hotly-fought Den Brook wind farm in Devon has been approved at planning appeal – albeit with many conditions.l www.denbrookvalley.co.uk

Scots turbine noise

Scotland appears close to adopting similar noise restrictions on wind turbines and heat pumps as in England.l Permitted development rights: Domestic wind turbines and air source heat pumps can be viewed on www.scotland.gov.uk/resource/Doc/296738/0092262.pdf

Live music – more complaints

Proposals to allow pubs and bars to put on live music without the need for a licence could lead to a massive increase in noise problems, council leaders have warned.

Turbine noise not harmful

An expert panel review of wind turbine noise, brought together by the North American wind industry, has concluded that noise isn’t a problem. l Wind turbine sound and health effects: An expert panel review can be viewed on the association websites www.awea.org/newsroom/releases/AWEA_CanWEA_SoundWhitePaper_12-11-09.pd

Noise from off-road motorbike events

Lacors is seeking feedback on motorbike event noise nuisance. l Any comments please email cassandra.harrison@lacors. gov.uk

IPC starts to list applications

Details of applications for major projects are beginning to appear on the Infrastructure Planning Commission’s website. l Infrastructure Planning Commission website http://infrastructure.independent.gov.uk

Online monitoring scheme on offer

Online noise monitoring is now possible as Brüel & Kjær has developed a high-speed, web-browser functionality for its family of hand-held analysers. l www.bksv.co.uk

Free calibration!

Campbell Associates is offering to “calibrate your calibrator” free of charge when it is sent in with a sound level meter for calibration. The offer is valid for equipment sent in before the end of February 2010 with promotion code CAL-C2. l More details www.campbell-associates.co.uk

Wind turbine separation distances discussed

A House of Commons library report has analysed the issue of wind farm noise and separation distances.l Wind farms – Distance from housing www.parliament.uk/commons/lib/research/briefings/snsc-05221.pd 

Barking fine

A Rochdale man has been fined £450 after ignoring warnings to keep the noise down in his house 

Royal Napier win

Edinburgh Napier University has been awarded the Queens Anniversary prize for its research on noise insulation.

Motorsport meet

The Institute of Acoustics is holding a motorsport noise meeting at Silverstone on March 18th. It will explore the need to balance car enthusiasts’ expectation of hearing vehicles roaring along the track with the needs of neighbouring residents. l www.ioa.org.uk/event 

Sentinel launch

Brüel and Kjær has released Noise Sentinel, an internet based subscription service for urban and industrial noise monitoring. l Doug Manvell, B&K, email: dmanvell@bksv.com

December 2009 headlines (issue 38)

Heat pump ‘unneighbourly’
Permission to retain a heat pump has been turned down at appeal – just days before the Government relaxed planning rules on home generation.

l Email jackpease at empublishing.org.uk  for a copy of the decision

Lawyers raise microwind planning fears
A planning lawyer has warned that removing the need to get planning permission for wind turbines could lead to problems down the line.

Freedom to expose Etsu
As Noise Bulletin went to press, the inspector at the Den Brook wind farm planning inquiry is due to deliver a view on new turbines. Protesters are also expecting to hear damning evidence through a freedom information request

45db chosen, 100s of complaints expected
A 45dBLAeq 5min noise limit is proposed in relation to both domestic and non-domestic installations of wind turbines and air source heat pumps. Councils can expect to field hundreds of complaints, admits the government.

l Permitted development rights for small scale renewable and low carbon energy technologies, and electric vehicle charging infrastructure www.communities.gov.uk/documents/planningandbuilding/pdf/microgenelectriccars.pdf

3rd runway ok: #1
The Committee on Climate Change believes a third runway at Heathrow, which will allow UK aviation to expand by 10%, is compatible with targets to reduce CO2.

l Meeting the UK aviation target – options for reducing emissions to 2050 Committee on Climate Change www.theccc.org.uk/reports/aviation-report

3rd runway ok: #2
MPs have also failed to come out against a third runway at Heathrow. They don’t back a second runway at Stansted – but do think expansion at Gatwick is justified.

l House of Commons Transport Committee: The future of aviation, First Report of Session 2009–10 can be viewed on www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm/cmtran.htm

WHO: loosening or toughening?
Two consultants set out how they believe the WHO night noise guidelines change guidance

Hunt pushed on Etsu
Epuk is not accepting a refusal from Government to consider revising Etsu. Decc minister Lord Hunt last month told Epuk it would not change Etsu which is criticised for failing to properly reflect annoyance from wind turbines.

Wind shear alternative to Etsu method
Energy consultancy TNEI Services has devised its own method of tackling wind turbine noise.

l www.tnei.co.uk/pages//posts/new-wind-shear-assessment-model29.php

Complaints fall in Northern Ireland
A new report has revealed that noise complaints in Northern Ireland have fallen by 5% over the past year.

l Noise: Complaint Statistics for Northern Ireland 2008/09 can be viewed on www.doeni.gov.uk

Noise action 2010
Noise Action Week 2010 will take place on 26th to 30th April. International Noise Action Day is on the 28th April.

l website www.noiseactionweek.org.uk

Live music review
A proposed consultation on an entertainment licensing exemption for live music is expected to be published soon.

Etsu e-petition
An petition has been set up on the Number 10 Downing Street website calling for changes to Etsu wind turbine guidance.

l http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/ETSU-R97Failings/

Where’s the review?
Epuk has written to Europe seeking progress on the review of the noise directive.

Assembly on H’row 3
The London Assembly is holding an inquiry investigating whether “environmental conditions on possible expansion at Heathrow airport, which could lead to an extra 220,000 flights each year, are sufficient to deal with concerns about noise, air quality and climate change”. It will make an assessment of the proposed conditions.

l webcast online at: www.london.gov.uk/assembly/webcasts.jsp

Euronoise report
Our first of a two part report into the IoA-organised Euronoise conference

l www.euronoise2009.org.uk

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November 2009 headlines (issue 37)

WHO: 40dBA outside
The World Health Organisation has finally published its night noise recommendations.

l WHO Night Noise Guidelines 2009 www.euro.who.int/Document/E92845.pdf

GLA policy outed
The GLA is seeking consultants to carry out its noise policy work.

Regs prove hot
Quite by chance, a seemingly routine change to noise regulations has led to a fierce debate in Parliament.

Etsu “sticking plaster” slammed
An agreement to improve Etsu is simply a sticking plaster, claims a consultant.

BWEA blames nimbys for wind delays
The British Wind Energy Association claims that wind farm planning approvals by local councils slumped to “a record new low of 25%”.

Amplitude modulation is real
Further claims have been made that the phenomena of amplitude modulation is being underestimated.

Den Brook in court
A four day public inquiry into a disputed wind farm in Devon has been held.

l Closing submissions www.denbrookvalley.co.uk

Turbine distance plea
An MP has tabled a bill intended to insist on minimum distances between wind farms and housing. It has no chance of being adopted.

Wider transport costs laid out
The Government has spelled out the wider costs of transport in urban areas. The work feeds into the government’s recent The future of urban transport policy statement.

l The wider costs of transport in English urban areas in 2009 can be viewed on www.dft.gov.uk/pgr/regional/policy/urbantransport

Aviation plans ‘not fit for purpose’
Epuk has studied a number of aviation noise action plans produced by airport authorities

TRL noise topics
TRL has brought out a ‘current topics’ report on noise.

l CT21.5 Noise and vibration from traffic – update (2008-2009) is available from TRL price £30 www.trl.co.uk

Police crackdown on noise Fife boy racers
Fife Constabulary continues to crack down on noisy boy racers.

Much delayed strategy now loses date
The Government is no longer saying when or if it will deliver a noise strategy.

Aircon plans draw fire
Organisations have lashed out at plans to deregulate planning permission for air conditioning units

First policy statements out
The first National Planning Statements (NPS) have been issued by the Infrastructure Planning Commission.

Sheffield goes nightly
Sheffield City Council has launched a nightly ‘Noisebuster’ complaints service following a trial.

Airspace delay
Stop Stansted Expansion reports that National Air Traffic Services (NATS) has postponed plans to change flight paths and aircraft stacking areas across East Anglia.

Scotland noisier?
Scottish ministers say that new noise laws have prompted a rise in noise complaints. A Euronoise report will appear in a future NB.

New cans muzzle speedway din
British motorsport specialist manufacturer Prodrive has developed a new exhaust silencer which should help keep speedway quiet.

l www.prodrive.com

Restaurant convicted in Elmbridge
An East Molesey steak house owner has pleaded guilty to three breaches of a noise abatement notice.

Thurrock action
In separate Magistrates’ Court actions by Thurrock Council. a man and a woman were prosecuted for failing to comply with a noise abatement notice.

Weedon back
Former UKNA chief Val Weedon is back at work in noise campaigning.

l www.ukna.org.uk

Airports show rise
Noise has risen at some London airports.

l Noise exposure contours and reports for Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted www.dft.gov.uk/pgr/aviation/environmentalissues/nec/secnoise08/

Glastonbury quiet?
The Glastonbury Festival noise arrangements have been considered a success, a report to Mendip councillors suggests.

€1m multi centre health research starts
Queen Mary College London is hosting a meeting signalling the start of the one million euro ENNAH (European Network on Noise And Health) project.

Action plan consultation closes
Defra has received approximately 150 responses to its consultation on action planning

Dozens of awards at 2009 noise ‘Oscars’
The John Connell Awards 2009 has seen a record number of awards handed out to those making special efforts to reduce noise.

l www.noise-abatement.org

European exposure
The European Environment Agency has produced a map of European noise exposure. It aims to reveal the extent to which European citizens are exposed to excessive noise pollution.

l The database is on http://noise.eionet.europa.eu

Chartered Sharps
Clive Bentley and Kieran Gayler, of Sharps Redmore Partnership, have both recently been successful in obtaining Chartered Environmentalist status.

l www.socenv.org.uk

DfT on tyres
Defra is consulting on transposition of new European labelling rules on tyres.

l Consultation on regulations to control the sale and installation of replacement tyres on motor vehicles www.dft.gov.uk/consultations/open/replacementtyres/condoc.pdf

Can soundscapes help out?
Lis Stedman report from a major conference on soundscapes. Is the project simply a £1m gravy train for academics, or are there practical benefits?

London looks at tranquillity
A conference held last month looked at many different approaches to increasing provision of the tranquil spaces that give people a little respite from busy urban life. Lisa Russell reports.

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October 2009 headlines (issue 36)

England: airport action plans
Our feature on action plans and action plan

M40 noise assessed ....
A residents group has polled 1,000 householders near the M40 in a bid to assess the impact of motorway noise. It supports a submission under the Sustainable Communities Act

l www.m40-chilterns.org.uk

... and used as early case for new act
The M40 issues (see above) are being used to support an application to Government under the Sustainable Communities Act by Wycombe and South Oxfordshire councils. It is one of the first submissions under the act – almost certainly the first on noise.

l www.communities.gov.uk/publications/localgovernment/sustainablecommunitiesact

Flawed planning?
Plans to deregulate planning laws for air conditioning units on commercial properties maybe flawed.

l DCLG’s consultation Improving permitted development can be viewed on www.communities.gov.uk/publications/planningandbuilding/improvingdevelopmentconsultation

Transport leaflets
Epuk has produced a series of information leaflets, sponsored by Defra and the devolved regions. A copy is included with this newsletter.

l Leaflets arewill also be available from www.environmental-protection.org.uk

Wording of notices: be specific
A High Court judgement is likely to lead to changes in the wording of noise abatement notices.

Hunt: We will not change ETSU
Epuk’s plea to the Government for a review of Etsu guidance on wind turbines has been bluntly rejected.

Epuk responds on noise and health report
Epuk has put together a scathing response to the Health Protection Agency’s report on noise and health.

Noisy roads cause stress
Noisy roads tend to cause stress among the middle aged, Swedish researchers suggest.

Norsonic helps ‘no-nonsense’ Preston
Award winning Preston City Council has found that zero tolerance towards noise related anti-social behaviour has led to a reduction in noise complaints, seizures and prosecutions.

Dramatic cuts from new surface
The London Borough of Hillingdon has witnessed dramatic noise reductions following resurfacing of the A40 in West London.

Stansted residents complain of low planes
Stansted residents have complained about new take-off procedures that leave planes lower and noisier for longer. A new early morning flight is also causing particular annoyance.

Airport action plan data questioned
Stansted campaigners also claim that noise action plans contain incorrect data. They say Stansted’s action plan draft fails to provide a common approach for the numbers of people and dwellings affected by aircraft.

Overflown boroughs revealed
Analysis by aircraft protest group Hacan confirms that Hounslow is the most ‘overflown’ London borough – but east London boroughs also come high up the list.

Heathrow in court
A group of councils opposed to Heathrow expansion have been given leave to challenge the Government’s decision to support a third runway at Heathrow.

Lobby group rapped on airport claim
An advert claiming a third runway at Heathrow will not make the airport dirtier or noisier has been ruled “misleading” by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

New man at Defra
Former waste strategy guru Daniel Instone is joining Defra to look after environment issues, perhaps including noise.

Euronoise nears
The huge Euronoise conference in Edinburgh is looming. Organisers have now finalised the programme that will see hundreds of speakers and several hundred delegates converge on Edinburgh to talk about noise. The conference, organised by the IoA and Bernard Berry, runs from 26th-28th October.
l www.euronoise2009.org.uk

Film evidence?
The campaign group Hacan has released a short film which aims to show that aircraft noise is not confined to West London and the areas around Heathrow.

l www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXf8o_khz8s

Planning Act rules
A number of guidance documents have been published as part of the 2008 Planning Act shake up.

l Planning Act 2008: Guidance on pre-application consultation and other guidance www.communities.gov.uk/planningandbuilding/planning/planningpolicyimplementation/reformplanningsystem/planningbill/

Beaks’ sentencing
A revised version of the Magistrates’ guidance Costing the Earth has been released.

l Costing the Earth www.magistrates-association.org.uk/Earth

Nuisance on the rise
Reports of neighbour disturbance have risen by a third in two years, reversing 10 years of improving relations.

BB takes PB
UK construction group Balfour Beatty has taken over US-based consultant Parsons Brinckerhoff.

Airport action plan links

Aberdeen Airport: http://www.aberdeenairport.com/portal/page/Aberdeen%5EGeneral%5EAbout+Aberdeen+Airport%5ECommunity+matters%5ENoise+action+plan/6d348caece1ec110VgnVCM10000036821c0a____/448c6a4c7f1b0010VgnVCM200000357e120a____/

Belfast International Airport:

Birmingham Airport:

Blackpool Airport

Bournemouth Airport:

Bristol Airport:

East Midlands Airport

Edinburgh Airport: http://www.edinburghairport.com/portal/page/Edinburgh%5EGeneral%5EAbout+Edinburgh+Airport%5ECommunity+matters%5EAircraft+noise%5ENoise+action+plan/f7e4e2bdf772c110VgnVCM10000036821c0a____/448c6a4c7f1b0010VgnVCM200000357e120a____/

Gatwick Airport: http://www.gatwickairport.com/portal/page/GatwickNoise%5EConsultation+and+schemes%5EDraft+Noise+Action+Plan+Consultation+2009/36d3a75e5ac91210VgnVCM10000036821c0a____/448c6a4c7f1b0010VgnVCM200000357e120a____/

Glasgow Airport: http://www.glasgowairport.com/portal/page/Glasgow%5EGeneral%5EAbout+Glasgow+Airport%5ECommunity+matters%5ENoise+action+plan/3d93f9068b2db110VgnVCM10000036821c0a____/448c6a4c7f1b0010VgnVCM200000357e120a____/

Heathrow Airport

Liverpool John Lennon Airport:

London City Airport:

London Luton Airport

(click on ‘Draft noise action plan consultation’ tab)

Leeds Bradford Airport: NAP not available

Manchester Airport:

Newcastle Airport:

Southampton Airport: http://www.southamptonairport.com/portal/page/Southampton%5EGeneral%5EAbout+Southampton+Airport%5ECommunity+matters%5EAircraft+noise%5ENoise+Action+Plan+Consultation+2009/246e2c8652b91210VgnVCM20000039821c0a____/448c6a4c7f1b0010VgnVCM200000357e120a____/

Stansted Airport: http://www.stanstedairport.com/portal/page/StanstedNoise%5EConsultation+and+schemes%5EConsultations%5ENoise+Action+Plan+Consultation+-+2009/fb499442dff91210VgnVCM10000036821c0a____/448c6a4c7f1b0010VgnVCM200000357e120a____/

Southend Airport, Shoreham Airport, Coventry Airport (none classed as major airports), no information found on websites.

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August/September 2009 headlines (issue 35)

England: action at last?
Defra has released draft action plans for England (news plus feature).

Wind farm attracts private nuisance claim
A homeowner living near the Lincolnshire Deeping St Nicholas wind farm is launching a private nuisance action in the High Court.

Hinton ‘retires’
John Hinton (OBE) is taking early retirement from Birmingham City Council after nearly 36 years of service.

Nimbyism not to blame
An ESRC funded project has concluded that it is a mistake to blame nimbyism (not in my back yard syndrome) for refusal of projects, for instance wind farms.

l Beyond NIMBYism can be viewed on www.sed.manchester.ac.uk/research/beyond_nimbyism/deliverables/reports.htm

Report confirms turbine weaknesses
The Energy Savings Trust has studied the potential market for domestic wind turbines and found there are likely to be far fewer than originally thought.

l Location location location – The Energy Saving Trust’s field trial report on domestic wind turbines www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/Generate-your-own-energy/Energy-Saving-Trust-field-trial-of-domestic-wind-turbines

Barnet succeeds against church
The London Borough of Barnet has succeeded in getting an injunction against a 50-child school operating at a home.

Enforcement change
Defra and the Welsh Government are consulting on changes to environmental enforcement policy.

l www.defra.gov.uk/corporate/consult/env-enforcement

Air action plans
Many airport draft action plans have been published. The plans follow guidance released earlier in the year.

Research calls
Defra recently sought tenders for two items of research.

MPs suggest air curbs
MPs on the Commons Transport Committee say a third runway at Heathrow should come with conditions to protect quiet areas.

l Transport Committee – Fifth Report The use of airspace can be viewed on www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200809/cmselect/cmtran/163/16302.htm

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July 2009 headlines (issue 34)

Noisiest councils ranked
Perhaps the most comprehensive picture yet of noise nuisance across the UK has emerged thanks to noise insulation supplier Rockwool.

l www.rockwool.co.uk

MPs on licensing
MPs have called for pubs and clubs to be allowed more temporary event notices (TENs) despite concerns that they can be abused and lead to a noise nuisance.

l The Licensing Act 2003 Sixth Report of Session 2008–09 can be viewed on www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm/cmcumeds.htm

Pinning down noise costs
An expert group has attempted to cost the health effects of noise. While they have struggled to monetise many impacts, for heart attacks they suggest that high ambient noise exposure can increase risk by as much as 50%.

l Estimating dose-response relationships between noise exposure and human health in the UK can be viewed on www.defra.gov.uk/environment/noise/igcb/publications.htm

Ad hoc expert group produce ad hoc report on noise
An expert group has finished its draft review of noise.

l Environmental noise and health in the UK – draft for comment can be viewed on www.hpa.org.uk/noise

Regs elicit mixed response
Defra has released responses to its consultation on amending the noise regulations.

l Defra’s summation of consultation responses (ie not the actual responses), and Defra’s response to the responses, can be viewed on

Environment consultants suffer in the slump
Environmental consultants have been ranked in a new in-depth survey carried out by Environment Analyst Publishing & Research.

l Market assessment of the UK environmental consulting sector 2009 is available to Environment Analyst’s Market Intelligence Service customers via the website,

Best and worst cars ranked
The Environmental Transport Association has named and shamed the best and worst cars in terms of their environmental impact (including pollution and noise).

l www.greencarawards.co.uk

Post note on noise
The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology has released a briefing note on noise.

l It can be viewed on www. parliament.uk/parliamentary_offices/post/pubs2009.cfm IoA freezes fees The Institute of Acoustics has agreed to freeze membership fees for 2010.
l www.ioa.org.uk

Act inadequate
Epuk and Lacors have expressed concern at the “inadequate protection for local communities” in the 2008 Planning Act.

Conditions for music noise
Speakers and delegates at a recent IoA meeting highlighted the difficulties of agreeing appropriate conditions for managing music noise from licensed premises.

Vehicles: measuring nuisance
Manufacturers boast that vehicles are getting quieter. That ignores what their owners do to them.

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June 2009 headlines (issue 33)

Wind turbine silenced
Vale of White Horse District Council has silenced a domestic wind turbine.

Defra plans draw criticism
Groups have criticised Defra proposals to amend the Environmental Noise Directive (Noise Bulletin April p1).

Care home refused
A care home in Kent has been refused at appeal because of road noise. Lacors flowcharts Lacors has produced two flowcharts to help local authorities assess noise from licensed premises. The flowcharts show the interaction between the EPA and the Licensing Act. Guidance may be produced to clarify problems of noise from within premises, and noise from outside.

l Lacors website www.lacors.gov.uk/lacors/ContentDetails.aspx?id=21626

Lawyers urge wind review
Wind farm projects in the pipeline should be urgently reviewed to see if they are likely to cause a nuisance.

l www.shepwedd.co.uk

New research centre includes noise brief
A joint environment centre has been set up to focus research on the environment, including noise.
l website www.environment-health.ac.uk

Construction group to study sea noise
Construction research group Ciria wants to study above-ocean noise. l www.ciria.org

Night is right
The Freight Transport Association and the Noise Abatement Society have signed a memorandum of understanding to work together on quieter night time deliveries.

Renfrewshire ‘loses’ rail case
Renfrewshire Council has lost an appeal against an abatement notice – but says it has succeeded in improving the noise climate.

UKNA criticises Hyde Housing Association
The UK Noise Association has backed a tenant who claims he is being penalised for complaining about noisy neighbours.

EU noise climate
A report summarises noise exposure across Europe.

l Transport at a crossroads. TERM 2008: indicators tracking transport and environment in the EU www.eea.europa.eu/publications/transport-at-a-crossroads

Planners told
Northern Ireland planners have been told that greater weight will be given in the future, where appropriate, to the economic consideration of planning proposals.

Traffic disturbance increases
Epuk has revealed survey findings that suggest people are increasingly annoyed by traffic noise.

Elmbridge update
Elmbridge has updated its noise website to coincide with Noise Action Week. Elmbridge has partnered up with Mediation North Surrey and have issued ten top tips to think about when considering neighbours. It has also commissioned a short video produced by a trained mediator explaining the mediation process.

l Elmbridge’s noise website can be found on www.elmbridge.gov.uk

World class places
New guidance aims to set out why and how quality of place matters and the practical steps the Government will be taking to improve things.

l World class places: The Government’s strategy for improving quality of place www.communities.gov.uk/publications/planningandbuilding/worldclassplaces

Aircraft noise spreads far across London
To coincide with the imminent publication by BAA of its noise action plan for Heathrow, protest group Hacan has restated its view that plane noise will disturb residents further out in areas many miles from the airport.

l  www.hacan.org.uk

Stansted stalling criticised
Stop Stansted Expansion (SSE) has condemned as outrageous a request by BAA for the Public Inquiry into its plans for a second Stansted runway to be put on hold for what could turn out to be a period of three years.

l The leaflet can be viewed on www.stopstanstedexpansion.com/noise_complaint_form.html

Councils call for new Heathrow watchdog
Councils opposed to Heathrow expansion say a powerful new regulator is needed to enforce proposed new environmental standards for airports.

l The Government’s consultation document Reforming the framework for the economic regulation of UK airports is available at www.dft.gov.uk/consultations/open/ukairports

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May 2009 headlines (issue 32)

Nuisance wins damages
A court has ruled that restrictive leases do not override the right for residents near Cambridge to complain about noise nuisance.

Charnwood secures ASBO on dog owner
A dog owner has been issued with an Asbo after her barking pets caused noise nuisance and distress to neighbours.

Atkins wins Defra cost benefit probe
Atkins Acoustics, Noise and Vibration has recently been awarded a contract by Defra to undertake a study of environmental noise valuation and in particular a cost and benefit analysis (CBA) of remediation measures.

Wind lobby rapped for misleading claims
A ‘mythbuster’ newsletter aimed at clarifying wind farm impacts has itself been exposed as a myth.

l The adjudication can be viewed on

Air quality distorts noise results
Impacts of noise have been inadequately controlled for in air quality studies, Imperial researcher Lars Jarup told an Institute of Environment and Health conference last month.

New study links noise and air
A US study has tried to establish how noise and air quality interacts to affect health.

l The spatial relationship between traffic-generated air pollution and noise in two US cities, R Allen et al, Environmental Research 2009, April, Vol. 109 (3): 334-42.

Heathrow: challenge lodged
13 organisations have joined together to challenge the Government’s decision to expand Heathrow.

l www.2MGroup.org.uk

Open rotors: less fuel, more noise?
Fears are growing that a technology designed to improve aircraft fuel consumption could cause more noise.

Airspace rejigged following consultation
Plans to rejig flightpaths north of London are to be rethought.

Airport round up
Stansted campaigners say recent traffic forecasts reduce the case even further for expansion at the airport.

Ecotowns concerns?
Epuk has responded to the consultation on the draft planning policy statement on ecotowns.

PPS 4 consultation
DCLG is consulting on combining all national planning policy on economic development in urban and rural areas and town centres into one consolidated and streamlined Planning Policy Statement (PPS).

l Planning Policy Statement – Consultation paper on a new Planning Policy Statement 4: Planning for prosperous economies can be viewed on

Epuk welcomes tyre approval
Epuk has welcomed the European Parliament’s industry committee vote for a comprehensive labelling system for tyres.

Tyre benefits
In support of the impact assessment published with the consultation on noise limits on tyres, TRL has reviewed the monetised benefits of proposed limit values for noise.

l TRL Report PPR 394 (An examination of the monetised benefit of proposed changes to type approved noise limits for tyres) is available from TRL Library www.trl.co.uk

Road lobby call
The European road lobby is asking member states to ensure that cost effective measures are used for noise reduction.

l The ERF – IRF BPC position paper may be viewed online at www.irfnet.eu/en/position-papers/

Mapping release
There has been a new release of Woefel’s IMMI noise and air pollution mapping software.

l Further details from Woefel’s website: www.woelfel.de

Rich pickings likely from data mountain
Defra has launched a public consultation on the INSPIRE Directive.

l www.defra.gov.uk/corporate/consult/inspire/index.htm

Research plans set out by Defra
Defra has released its 2009/10 noise and nuisance research newsletter.

l Noise and Nuisance Research Newsletter can be viewed on www.defra.gov.uk/environment/noise/research/pdf/research-newsletter-2009-10.pdf

Edinburgh to host huge Euronoise meeting
One of the biggest international conferences on noise in Europe will take place later this year in Edinburgh.

l Euronoise 2009, 26-28th October 2009. For more information visit www.euronoise2009.org.uk

Road decision upheld
A High Court ruling that a council was responsible for noise on a public road has been upheld.

Chopper advice
Wandsworth Council has released a helpful leaflet aimed at explaining helicopter noise to residents near Battersea Heliport.

l www.wandsworth.gov.uk/Home/MyWandsworth/Newsextra/heliport.htm

Tranquillity priced
A new document reports on attempts to monetise the impacts of transport schemes on visual amenity, tranquillity and recreation.

l Valuing transport’s impact on the natural landscape:

Temple chills
Consultant Temple has been appointed to study the noise impacts of new efforts to cool the London Underground.

l www.templegroup.co.uk

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April 2009 headlines (issue 31)

Consultancy review
We asked consultants for their views on the acoustics market and publish the findings, and rank the firms active in this market

Turbines turned down
Noise is a key factor in the rejection of Dover wind farm on appeal. This is one of two important wind farm appeal decisions this month (see also news p3)

Second turbine turned down in Shipdham
More turbines have been refused at appeal in Norfolk. Again, it appears deficiencies in official ETSU impact guidance are to blame.

Regs consultation confirms Defra U-turn
A consultation on changes to noise regulations in England confirms that Defra is abandoning centralised listing of quiet areas.

l Consultation on proposed amendments to the Environmental Noise (England) Regulations 2006 www.defra.gov.uk/corporate/consult/environoice-regs2006/index.htm

Wardens start
The first community wardens in Scotland to target noise nuisance in addition to their other duties took to the beat last month in East Renfrewshire.

Felixstowe felons felt
The anti-social use of vehicles in Felixstowe is to be targeted as part of an enforcement campaign.

News from the EPUK spring workshop held in Warwick

Defra’s thinking set out
Defra advisor Stephen Turner updated Epuk workshop delegates on progress towards meeting the European Environmental Noise Directive.

Death numbers decided but not released
A noise and health study carried out for Defra was outlined to the Epuk spring workshop.

Nail in coffin for small wind?
“The national wind map is almost completely useless in urban areas,”, Matthew Rhodes of Encraft told Epuk delegates.

Flindell finds flaws in costing methods
Conventional costing of noise impacts using house prices may underestimate the value of nuisance.

Small wind lobby lashes out
The small wind turbine lobby has lashed out at Defra claiming it is holding back the market.

ARM completes turbine nuisance probe
ARM Acoustics has finished collating data as part of a Defra project to produce a methodology and guidance for assessment of nuisance due to noise from wind farms.

Pitt lined up for IPC chair
Sir Michael Pitt is lined up to chair the Infrastructure Planning Commission. The Commission is being created as part of the Planning Act shake-up that will see major projects decided by the Commission rather than public inquiries.

l Pitt’s grilling can be viewed on www.parliamentlive.tv/Main/VideoPlayer.aspx?meetingId=3695

Act: things might get missed
“Things might get missed,” warned Richard Atkinson of the Planning Aid Service, telling Epuk spring workshop delegates about the new Planning Act regime.

Beat the slump
Norsonic claims it is doing its bit to ease the credit crunch by cutting costs and down time associated with calibrating audiometer equipment.

l www.campbell-associates.co.uk

Scott Wilson grows
Scott Wilson says it is expanding. It has appointed Miles Woolley as principal acoustics consultant, Heather Billin as a technician and Jorge D’Avillez as a research engineer.

l www.scottwilson.com

Landscape: noise not mentioned
Natural England is consulting on a draft policy for landscapes. It doesn’t mention noise, quiet areas or tranquillity.

l All landscapes matter consultation can be viewed on www.naturalengland. org.uk/consultations/docs/all_landscapes_matters_complete.pdf

Stansted delay
Stop Stansted Expansion (SSE) has welcomed the decision by Government to postpone the start of the Public Inquiry into BAA’s plans for a second Stansted runway which had been due to start on 15 April.

Heart impacts in Sweden
More research has been published linking noise and heart attacks.

Parliament Office starts noise probe
The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) is carrying out a probe into noise pollution.

l www.parliament.uk/post.cfm

Lobby groups tyred of delays
Epuk has welcomed the new EU regulation on tyre safety – which addresses noise, and for the first time, rolling resistance.

Urban noise studied
A research project has studied the impact of traffic measures on urban noise in Dublin.

Going unitary
A handful of authorities are going unitary from 1st of April.

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Feb/March 2009 headlines (issue 30)

Injunction for race track
The High Court says that noise sufferers can get an injunction against Croft Circuit for excess noise.

Scots also delay turbine relaxation
Scotland has followed England by allowing domestic technologies such as solar panels to be installed without planning permission. And like England, they have deferred a decision on domestic wind turbines and air source heat pumps.

Surveys gauge noise opinions
A trio of noise statistics have been released in Northern Ireland and England.

l Northern Ireland noise stats can be downloaded from www.doeni.gov.uk/noise_complaints_statistics_20072008.pdf.
l Northern Ireland environmental statistics report can be downloaded from www.ni-environment.gov.uk/index/about-niea/our_environment/niesr_page.htm
l CIEH stats can be viewed on:

Planning Act lets Heathrow off the hook?
New consultation is adding detail to huge changes to the planning system resulting from the 2008 Planning Act.

l www.communities.gov.uk/publications/planningandbuilding/consultationstatutoryconsultees

Stansted Inquiry
A preliminary hearing has taken place as part of the Planning Inquiry for the expansion of Stansted Airport.

l www.stopstanstedexpansion.com

Trucks cause damage
Lorries cause far more environmental damage and congestion than previously thought, claims European green lobby group T&E.

l Are trucks taking their toll? www.transportenvironment.org/tag/noise/news/

Salford forced to reveal sources
The Renewable Energy Foundation (REF), a body highly sceptical about the benefits of wind turbines, has used the Freedom of Information Act to force Salford University to reveal its sources.

l Web: www.ref.org.uk

Bristol tries new style consultation
Bristol is developing new approaches to consultation as it sets out to seek public opinion on how road traffic noise affects their lives.

l The main page for the noise consultation is www.bristol.gov.uk/noisedebate

Heathrow Airport
Six pages on the Heathrow decision

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January 2009 headlines (issue 29)

3rd runway for Heathrow
Expansion of Heathrow airport will be supported by the Government despite widespread opposition on noise, air quality and climate change grounds.

l  www.dft.gov.uk/pgr/aviation/heathrowconsultations/heathrowdecision/

Bristol flat appeal allowed despite objections
Student flats have been allowed on appeal despite Bristol City Council’s objections that future residents will be disturbed by nightclub noise.

Official: all noise and no action
In the largest, most rigorous study to date, building mounted turbines appear to produce on average less than 1% of their rated power.

l The trial results are available www.warwickwindtrials.org.uk

Epuk welcomes tyre consultation
In a new consultation, the DfT has given its support for lower rolling resistance and lower noise tyres, as set out in the EU proposal for regulation concerning type-approval requirements for the safety of motor vehicles.

l More details of the consultation, see feature page six & DfT website www.dft.gov.uk/consultations/open/motorvehiclessafety

Little impact if speed limits are enforced
Intelligent speed controls on vehicles would have little impact on noise, a report cla

l More details can be found on website www.cfit.gov.uk/docs/2008/isa/index.htm

Impacts assessed
Defra has commissioned research on noise and environmental impact assessment (EIA).

l www.defra.gov.uk/environment/noise/research/eia.htm

Farnborough grows?
Owner of Farnborough Airport TAG Aviation has tabled plans to develop it into a civil airport. Its new voluntarily-produced master plan sets out its plans to apply to Rushmoor District Council for permission to expand to 50,000 annual business air traffic movements.

l www.farnboroughairportconsultation.com

MOD claims reports
There has been a sharp increase in compensation claims made to the Ministry of Defence for low flying aircraft damage. 244 claims were made in 2007/08 compared to 175 in the previous year.

l www.mod.uk/DefenceInter net/AboutDefence/CorporatePublications/FinanceandProcurementPublications/Claims/

Exeter for Hitchcock
The University of Exeter has appointed Dr Guy Hitchcock as the new head of its Centre for Energy and the Environment replacing Dr Trevor Preist.

Kings Cross monitoring for English Cogger
The English Cogger Partnership is installing long term, remote noise monitoring equipment at the long running Kings Cross Central development site in London

l www.tecp.co.uk

ETSU fails large wind turbines?
There are calls for more research into the complex issue of predicting the noise impact of today’s large wind turbines

Wakeham quits
Peter Wakeham has quit as boss of the Noise Abatement Society.

Manby appeal
East Lindsey DC has taken the Manby vehicle noise compensation decision to the Court of Appeal.

Accon UK win
Accon UK, set up in July 2007, has been awarded a commission to provide noise and air quality input for the proposed BX-D Luas tram line in Dublin.

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December 2008 headlines (issue 28)

Delivery truck noise leads to compensation
Noise from refuse vehicles accessing a new depot is unacceptable, says the High Court.

Skateparks need not be noisy
Skateparks should not create any noise nuisance provided they are built more than 200m from properties, Alan Saunders told an IoA meeting in Winchester last month.

l www.alansaunders.com

Government urges use of ‘wellbeing’ powers
Councils have failed to use an obscure legal power that could be used to aid local environment quality.

l www.communities.gov.uk/publications/localgovernment/evaluationwellbeingpower

England action planned
Outgoing Defra environmental noise head Wendy Hartnell told the recent Epuk noise update conference of progress on English action plans.

Wendy Hartnell heads off
Defra environmental noise chief Wendy Hartnell is leaving to join DECC, the climate change and energy department. Hartnell took over from Jo Bray in 2005. A replacement has not yet been announced.

Licensing: What is public nuisance?
Lawyers are going to the High Court to test the meaning of public nuisance in licensing cases.

Westminster swats Mosquitos
Westminster City Council is backing calls to ban a controversial Mosquito device which emits annoying signals to disperse groups of young people.

Noisemap and Tompsett splits from Atkins
Newly launched Noisemap Ltd has bought all rights to the Noisemap environmental noise mapping software from consultant Atkins.

l Website: www.noisemap.com

Premises closed
The first Premises Closure Order to be served in England and Wales took place in east London just one week after the power was introduced.

l Guidance can be found at www.respect.gov.uk/members/article.aspx?id=12676

Epic tyre win for Epuk
The European Parliament’s internal market committee has voted to support proposed legislation that would make tyres quieter and more energy efficient. Epuk is among the groups that have hotly argued that tyres should be quieter.

BAA promises to stick to limits
A Government announcement on whether it will support expansion at Heathrow is now due in January. Compliance with noise limits is a major constraint on the expansion.

Airport action planning: fears voiced
Epuk is urging Government to clarify draft noise action planning guidance for airport operators.

Noise complaints suppressed in Planning Bill
Epuk has expressed disappointment that the Planning Bill has been passed with clauses that will limit the ability to complain about noise and dust nuisance.

Tees Valley councils get together for survey
The five Tees Valley local authorities (Darlington, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Redcar & Cleveland and Stockton) have carried out a survey of occupational noise levels within the entertainment and leisure industry.

l More details http://tinyurl.com/6f7937

Cardiff works late
Cardiff City Council’s recently launched an out of hours noise service which has proved to be a success.

Tens in Parliament
Government has been questioned on Temporary Event Notices in Parliament.

Campbell UKASsed
Campbell Associates has announced that its calibration laboratory is now UKAS accredited.

l website www.campbell-associates.co.uk

Vanguardia grows
Environmental acoustics expert David Trevor-Jones has joined Vanguardia Consulting’s management team, headed by Jim Griffiths and John Staunton. The enlarged firm also opened a London office near London Bridge last month.

l website www.vanguardia consulting.co.uk

Cutting glass noise
A new HSE publication has been published aimed at managers, buyers, designers and manufacturers of recycled glass collection equipment. Noise during collections can reach 120db

l Reducing ‘kerbside’ glass collection noise risks in the waste and recycling industry can be viewed on www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/waste16.pdf

Stansted appeal
Stop Stansted Expansion (SSE) has lodged an appeal with the High Court challenging last month’s decision by the Government to sanction an additional 10 million passengers a year on Stansted’s existing runway.

l www.stopstansted expansion.com

Freight mapping
Hackney has introduced an online freight mapping facility aimed at cutting noise nuisance.

l www.hackney.gov.uk/fg-gis.htm

Surrey councils agree
Surrey County Council has signed up to an agreement to cooperate on possible future development of Gatwick Airport.

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November 2008 headlines (issue 27)

Wales launches plans
Wales has launched its draft action plans for noise. It has beaten England in publishing the plans – England’s action planning has had several false starts with Defra unable to decide how to engage local authorities in the process.

l Environmental noise action plans for major roads, railways and agglomerations consultation can be viewed on http://new.wales.gov.uk/consultations/environment/endactionplans/?lang=en

High court squashes valuation verdict
The High Court has reversed a decision from a valuation tribunal to cut council tax for those living near a motorway which had experienced increased traffic.

l Chilton-Merryweather v Hunt & Ors can be viewed on

PPG24 guidance overruled
Crawley has effectively been told that it was wrong to give weight to the NEC bands in PPG24 planning guidance on noise.

York gets tough with noise makers
The City of York Council is continuing its crackdown against noise nuisance after gaining its second Criminal Anti Social Behaviour Order (Crasbo) against a noisy neighbour in a single week.

St Albans loses pub nuisance fight in High Court
St Albans District Council has lost its High Court battle to force a pub owner to reduce nuisance noise. It was appealing against acceptance by a Magistrates Court of a best practical means defence.

US combines aviation findings
The US Government has published a compendium of research into aviation noise.

l Effects of aircraft noise: Research update on selected topics: A synthesis of airport practice can be viewed on the US Transportation Research Board website www.TRB.org

Airports get green light to grow
Two airports have received the green light to expand their activities. Next month the Government is scheduled to decide on whether expansion at Heathrow should go ahead.

l The Stansted decision can be viewed on :
Stansted G2 Inquiry website: www.planning-inspectorate.gov.uk/stanstedg2inquiry

Stewart leads environmental top 100
Aviation and transport campaigner John Stewart has been voted number one in The Independent newspaper’s Top 100 list of environmentalists. Stewart has been instrumental in highlighting the noise and air quality impacts of the proposed expansion of Heathrow Airport.

Agency solicits views on Monckton works
The Environment Agency is consulting directly with local residents to see whether they are happy with levels of nuisance from the Royston Monckton Coke and Chemical site near Barnsley.

Wandsworth wins John Connell award for second time
Wandsworth has once again won the Noise Abatement Society’s John Connell Awards.

‘Tireless’ campaigner wins IoA awards
Working “tirelessly” with schools and engaging them with acoustics has clinched Richard Collman, of Acoustical Control Engineers, the Institute of Acoustics’ 2008 award for promoting acoustics to the public.

Noise responsible for 1.7% of Flanders’ Dalys
Noise in Flanders is responsible for 1.7% of disease impacts say Belgian researchers.

Long term aviation noise may cause stress
A Swedish study suggests that long term aircraft noise exposure may cause hypertension (stress).

Environmental sound barriers: mixed blessing
A recent study highlights the benefits and disadvantages of sound barriers.

Renewable energy fears from Epuk
Noise and other environmental issues have not been covered sufficiently, Epuk says in its response to the Government’s Renewable Energy Strategy consultation.

Scotland SEA
Scotland has released it’s strategic environmental assessment of draft noise action plans released earlier this year

l Noise action plans strategic environmental assessment: Environmental report is available from www.scotland.gov.uk/Publications/2008/10/27112402/0

Scottish nuisance
The Scottish Government is consulting on new guidance to accompany incoming statutory nuisance provisions of the Public Health etc (Scotland) Act 2008.

l The draft guidance can be found on the Scottish Government Consultation website www.scotland.gov.uk/Publications/2008/10/14154946/0

Vanguardia Audioview
Events specialist Vanguardia continue to use its Audioview software to aid sound monitoring at large events.

l More information: www.vanguardiaconsulting.co.uk

Tram noise reported
A series of reports have been commissioned by tram lobby group UKTram looking at the incidence and control of noise issues surrounding UK tram systems.

l The reports, commissioned by UKTram from Delta Rail, can be viewed on

Licences totalled
207,800 licences and certificates were in force in England and Wales in March 2008, based on DCMS statistics.

l More details: www.culture.gov.uk/images/research/AE-Statistics-bulletin-2008.pdf

Lockwood to Temple
Robert Lockwood has joined Temple as principal consultant. Lockwood joined Temple Group after a number of years with the Environment Agency.

Hepworth grows
Hepworth Acoustics is opening two new offices in Plymouth and Leeds.

l www.hepworth-acoustics.co.uk

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October 2008 headlines (issue 26)

Noise kills 134 a year
Corrected calculations carried out for the GLA suggest just a handful of people in London die due to aviation noise. But nearly 140 die each year due to road noise.

l The revised report is on www.london.gov.uk/mayor/strategies/noise/

Plan panned
Aviation noise action plans released by Defra have been criticised.

Defra forced to release turbine findings
Defra has been obliged to release research on domestic turbine nuisance under freedom of information laws.

All change – Shaw out, Hunt in
Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s recent Cabinet shake up sees noise minister Jonathan Shaw moving on.

Epuk works to amend Planning Bill
Epuk is working with other bodies in a bid to amend a clause in the Planning Bill that will remove rights to complain about nuisance.

Epuk join EU lobbyists
Epuk has joined with other European groups to work towards reducing the impact of traffic noise on health.

Councils rescue north eastern 101 service
The ill-fated 101 helpline service in the North East of England rescued by Newcastle and Sunderland councils has now racked up over 10,000 calls.

Heathrow inequalities revealed
A decision on expansion at Heathrow is set to be delayed until the end of the year at earliest while the Government carries out an equality impact assessment of the proposals.

l www.dft.gov.uk/heathrowconsultation

Superjumbo: is it quieter or not?
Tests on the double-decker Airbus A380 superjumbo suggests it really is quieter than other planes.

l www.sydneyairport.com.au

Helicopters seem louder than they are
Normal decibel measures do not adequately predict helicopter annoyance, a study for Defra suggests.

l Research into the improvement of the management of helicopter noise (NANR235) can be viewed on www.defra.gov.uk/environment/noise/research/index.htm

Wind farm permission quashed
Anti wind farm protesters have succeeded in the High Court in forcing a wind farm developer to supply detailed noise data.

l www.denbrookvalley.co.uk

Kids learning
A Belfast protest group believes children’s education will suffer as the City Airport expands

l website www.belfastcityairportwatch.co.uk

Remote noise test helps keep festival peace
Nuisance to local residents was kept to a minimum during Ireland’s Oxegen music festival, with the local council using a wireless network to monitor noise levels in surrounding areas.

l www.bksv.co.uk

Soundscape research launched
Defra is seeking a firm to carry out research into soundscapes in what looks suspiciously like a hint at what policy might look like if Defra ever gets a strategy out
l Research into the practical and policy applications of soundscape concepts and techniques in urban areas (NANR 200) can be viewed on www.defra.gov.uk/science/funding/competitions.htm

Mendip pleased despite Glastonbury increase
Mendip District Council believes the Glastonbury Festival is “possibly the best managed event of its kind in the world”.

30% more details
Robust Details Ltd has expanded its handbook of low noise standardised building methods by a third.

l www.robustdetails.com

Ireland consults
The Irish Government is consulting on a large scale shake up of noise legislation.

l www.environ.ie/en/environment/noiseissuesconsultationpaper/

Witterick to Capita
Capita Symonds’ acoustics team has appointed Susan Witterick as senior acoustic consultant.

Wales consults
Wales is consulting on changing detail within its noise regulations.

l http://new.wales.gov.uk/consultations/currentconsultation/envandcouncurrcons/endregulations/?lang=en

Turbine numbers
Berr has told Parliament that there are currently 1,130 micro-wind turbines in operation.

Little red re-release
The second edition of The little red book of acoustics has been released.

l www.bluetreeacoustics.com

Open space omission
The Mayor of London and the CABE is consulting on best practice guidance on open space strategies. Noise is not mentioned.

l Open space strategies: Best practice guidance. A joint consultation draft by the Mayor of London and CABE Space can be viewed on www.london.gov.uk/mayor/strategies/sds/open_space.jsp

Wellingborough OK
In the website review in our last issue, we wrote that Wellingborough’s website failed to suggest noise complainants should contact their neighbours informally. In fact this is mentioned on page three of the website and in the ‘frequently asked questions’.

Rushlight Awards call
Entries are being sought for the 2008 Rushlight Awards for environmental technologies and innovations.

l www.rushlightawards.co.uk

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Aug/Sept 2008 headlines (issue 25)

Bill will cut noise rights
A minor clause inserted into the Planning Bill could take away the right to complain about noise arising from large projects.

Wind turbine noise sufferers win rate cut
Noise from wind turbines has been recognised as a nuisance problem and prompted a cut in council tax rates.

l The valuation tribunal decision can be found on http://tinyurl.com/6dk4lm

Low frequency noise probe launched
Defra and the Department of Health have launched a project to help sufferers to cope with low frequency noise problems.

l More details on www.copingwithnoise.org

Home turbines: weak benefits
Many householders will not be able to generate sufficient energy from wind turbines to offset carbon used in their construction, says the Government’s Carbon Trust.

l A copy of the report can be accessed at: www.carbontrust.co.uk/smallwind

Micro in Parliament
The Government was asked in Parliament about the status of permitted development rights for domestic turbines.

IoA adds to turbine woes
The Institute of Acoustic has thrown its weight behind fears that plans to deregulation wind turbines may lead to nuisance problems.

l www.ioa.org.uk

Guidance for smoking nuisance
Local authority groups have produced guidance for councils facing complaints about noise nuisance from pub-goers forced outside to smoke.

l Tackling noise: Guidance relating to licensing and smokefree issues is available at www.lacors.gov.uk/lacors/upload/18583.doc

Banbridge bears down on street disturbance
Banbridge has set up a night-time economy working group which has set up a three-month pilot scheme in a bid to resolve excess noise from transport providers who park close to residential areas in order to drop off and pick up club goers in the town.

Truck tests for London lorry ban
A comprehensive review of the London lorry ban may see introduction of a noise test for lorries and a noise-based sleep disturbance map.

Airport submits health impact analysis
Birmingham International Airport has submitted a planning report which includes a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) to Solihull Council. The analysis will support a planning application for a proposed runway extension.
l The Health Impact Assessment and supporting material is available at


Government seeks more data on noise and health impact costs
Defra is seeking to quantify the adverse health impacts of noise.

l www.defra.gov.uk/science /funding/competitions.htm

B&K releases software for noise logging
Direct access to real time environmental noise recording, via a remote computer is now available through Brüel & Kjær’s latest Noise Management Terminal software – Type 7843.

l For more information, please contact heather.wilkins@bksv.com

Airport noise logged
Noise at London’s three main airports both rose and fell in 2007.

l 2007 noise exposure reports and contours for Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports can be viewed on www.dft.gov.uk/pgr/aviation/environmentalissues/nec/secnoise07/

Bike petition
A group of motorcycle noise sufferers has set up a petition on the Prime Minister’s petition website. onable noise levels.”

l More details http:// petitions.number10

Microlights allowed
Small microlight aircraft will no longer be prohibited from overflying congested areas of a city, town or settlement, the CAA says.

Truck charges set
A European proposal to allow member states to charge tolls for trucks includes a methodology for costing noise from vehicles.

l Proposal for a Directive on road tolls for lorries http://ec.europa.eu/trans port/greening/doc/road/2008_07_greening_transport_road_proposal_en.pdf

Rail noise costed
A European Commission paper has set out how member states can cut rail noise.

l Communication on rail noise http://ec.europa.eu/transport/greening/index_en.htm

Robust review
The independent report into Robust Details first three year’s in operation (Noise Bulletin December 2007 p1) has just been published.

l Robust Details: 3 Yr Report www.communities.gov.uk/documents/planningandbuilding/pdf/robustdetails.pdf

Sound advice issued
The Health and Safety Executive has released it’s Sound Advice book covering the control of noise at work in music and entertainment.

l Sound Advice website http://soundadvice.info

Ciria probes
Construction research group Ciria is to study noise and vibration issues for developments near infrastructure.

l More details on www.ciria.co.uk/rp772.htm

Deadlines missed
According to English noise regulations, England should by now have drawn up action plans for roads, railways and agglomerations.

Defra costs noise
Defra is letting a research project in a bid to estimate the amenity value of various local environmental factors including noise.

l www.defra.gov.uk/science/funding/competitions.htm

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July 2008 headlines (issue 24)

Turbines: guidelines needed
The Renewable Energy Foundation says that a new Dutch study confirms the need for new noise guidelines for UK wind turbines. The Government last week proposed a huge increase in the number of UK wind turbines.

l More details www.rug.nl/wewi/WFP1?lang=en

Wales gets its maps – and outlines action
Wales has completed its noise maps – the last region in the UK to do so.

l The noise maps can be viewed on http://tinyurl.com/69tmr5    Action plan documents can be viewed on http://tinyurl.com/5dgh2d

McKell to Faber
Bernadette McKell has merged her acoustics consultancy Hamilton & McGregor with Faber Maunsell.

In Parliament
Last month MP Maria Miller asked noise minister Jonathan Shaw on progress on the national noise strategy. Shaw replied: “The Government plans to publish a combined National Noise Strategy for England, which will cover ambient and neighbourhood noise, for consultation later this year.”

Government goes green in renewable push
The Government has announced a huge push for renewables in its latest renewables strategy. Wind power is a key part of future plans.

GLA links noise to heart failure
A report released by the GLA has linked transport noise to heart attacks.

Surface transport noise debated in Europe
The EU research project SILENCE, which aims to develop technologies and methods for reducing noise from surface transport, has just finished with a final conference in Germany.

l www.silence-ip.org

Defra sets out research needs
Defra has released its yearly update of research it wants to carry out. Much of it has been carried over from previous years.

l The noise wish list can be viewed on www.defra.gov.uk/environment/noise/research/funding/index.htm

Airport review
Tranport Secretary Ruth Kelly has delayed a decision on Heathrow expansion. It was due this month – and will now be ‘before the end of the year’.
l www.dft.gov.uk/pgr/aviation/airports/reviewregulationukairports

Danish study low frequencies
Danish researchers have studied 203 cases of low-frequency complaints in a bid to see what is causing them.

100th member for ANC
The Association of Noise Consultants has recently approved the application for membership of its 100th member. New Acoustics based in Clydebank, Scotland is the latest company to join the association.

l www.theanc.co.uk

Glastonbury: good
Glastonbury Festival has been hailed as “very successful” by Mendip District Council, which grants the licence for the event.

Red cards planned
Ministers are considering widespread introduction of red and yellow cards to discourage noise and other licensing breaches.

Edinburgh: one hour
Almost 100% of domestic noise complaints are responded to within one hour by the City of Edinburgh Council’s dedicated noise team.

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June 2008 headlines (issue 23)

Scotland springs into action
Scotland has outlined its draft noise action plans.

English noise maps finally published
Defra has completed its noise maps covering road, rail, air and industrial noise in England.

l The maps are available on the Defra website at: www.defra.gov.uk/noisemapping

Brum maps updated
The Birmingham Updated noise Mapping Project (BUMP) team has finalised its maps which include road, rail, air and consolidated noise sources – and quiet areas.

News from the IoA’s Spring Conference held in Reading

Soundscape monitor developed
A device is being developed that attempts to be able to home in on specific noise to aid noise enforcement and planning.

Air noise set to grow, says Mitchell
ERM’s Steve Mitchell told the IoA spring conference that noise from aircraft is set to increase.

Rooftop turbine no nuisance
Large rooftop turbines are unlikely to cause a nuisance based on monitoring of a turbine in south London.

Proceedings from the IoA spring conference 2008 Widening horizons in acoustics are available from Linda Canty, IoA, 01727 848195

Hinton to lead IoA
Noise mapping guru John Hinton of Birmingham City Council is taking over as president of the Institute of Acoustics.

Court challenge fails
A group of councils have failed to secure a judicial review to cut the number of aircraft allowed to arrive at Heathrow before 6am.

l www.2MGroup.org.uk

Label proposed to cut tyre noise
The European Commission is set to propose new noise and energy efficiency standards for tyres but with a blanket exemption for the largest 4x4s, according to draft rules seen by European pressure group Transport and Environment (T&E). The group is attempting to include noise in a noise label for tyres.

l T&E website www.transportenvironment.org

Brigade wins night delivery endorsement
Brigade Electronics has received one of the first Noise Abatement Society-Piek certificates to be awarded for their reversing alarms which assist quiet night time deliveries.

l www.reverseinsafety.co.uk

Noise Action Week sends the message
A survey carried out to support Noise Action Week has highlighted annoying street sounds.

IoA seeks publicity makers
The European Commission is set to propose new noise and energy efficiency standards for tyres but with a blanket exemption for the largest 4x4s, according to draft rules seen by European pressure group Transport and Environment (T&E). The group is attempting to include noise in a noise label for tyres.

l T&E website www.transportenvironment.org

German speed cut
Germany’s city-state of Bremen announced last month that its 60 kilometres of motorway will have a blanket 120 km/h speed limit (80mph).

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May 2008 headlines (issue 22)

Weedon quits over delays
Delays to development of UK noise policy has pushed prominent noise campaigner Val Weedon to quit.

Councils told not to overdeclare tranquillity
News of Weedon’s departure (above) emerged at the recent Quiet Conference opened by presenter Jonathan Dimbleby.
Minister Jonathan Shaw warned local authorities (who have input into quiet areas): “Any inappropriate adoption of a tranquillity indicator to prevent new development and activities must be looked at very carefully.”

Epuk loses patience
Epuk (formerly the NSCA) has written to noise minister Jonathan Shaw seeking a date for the completion of the national noise strategy. The strategy has been much delayed

Westminster plans own strategy
Westminster City Council is developing its own noise strategy.

London Underground loses PA battle
London Underground has been saddled with costs of £115,000 after it abandoned its appeal against an abatement notice.

Local authorities poised for action week
Noise Action Week is looming – 19th-23rd May – and the event’s organiser Epuk says the event will once again provide the opportunity to give noise a proper hearing at local level.

l www.noiseactionweek.org.uk

Bristol latest to go online...
Bristol has published an interactive noise map online. It has been developing its noise map over the past few months but has now added the clickable map to its website.

l http://maps.bristol.gov.uk/noisemap/viewer.htm

... as London maps pulled
London noise maps, produced nearly four years ago, have been pulled off the web.

Guidance and device approval for premises
Defra has issued guidance to English local authorities on the new night noise powers available for dwellings and licensed premises which exceed the “permitted level” of noise prescribed under the Noise Act 1996 as amended by the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005.

l Guidance to local authorities in England – Noise Act offence for licensed premises and Measuring devices (Noise Act 1996) (England) Approval 2008 and permitted level of noise (England) directions 2008 can be viewed on www.defra.gov.uk/environment/noise/noiseact.htm

Anase: ‘Shambles’
The local authority Strategic Aviation Special Interest Group (Sasig) has described the Anase study as “a shambles”.

Europe seeks help
Europe is seeking a consultant through the European Journal to help it review the noise directive 2002/49/EC.

Mapping equivalence
The European Commission has proposed a series of protocols to allow member states to test whether the mapping systems they are using can demonstrate equivalence.

l http://circa.europa.eu/Public/irc/env/noisedir/home

Ecotowns quiet?
A consultation on Ecotowns does not mention noise.

l Eco-towns: Living a greener future – consultation paper

BV props up Defra
Bureau Veritas has been re-appointed by Defra for the provision of acoustic advisory services to their noise and nuisance team.

Inaudibility: is it possible?
Is it reasonable to combine the buzz of city centre living with isolation from the entertainment noise around? Lisa Russell reports

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April 2008 headlines (issue 21)

Europe frees UK map data
While Defra is still holding back from publishing its noise maps, the data that will be used to produce the maps can now be obtained from Brussels. The maps can be downloaded from

Actions plans due this summer, says Defra
Action plans should be complete by July 2008, Defra’s Wendy Hartnell told the recent EPUK spring workshop.

Snetterton silenced?
A council in Norfolk has dropped legal action against Snetterton motor racing circuit in return for a best practice pledge on noise from the circuit owner.

Turbine turmoil (nearly) resolved
Gordon Brown’s Budget has resolved some of the prolonged uncertainty on noise output of English domestic wind turbines. Turbines in gardens and on detached houses will not have to apply for planning permission provided they conform to agreed standards.

l BWEA Small Wind Turbine Performance and Safety Standard can be viewed on www.bwea.com

Highways Agency lists actions
Highways Agency noise specialist Pam Lowery updated delegates at the Institute of Acoustics transportation noise meeting held in Birmingham last month.

McKell still struggles with TAG
Hamilton and McGregor boss Bernadette McKell repeated concerns she had about the recent changes to English Transport Assessment Guidance.

Birmingham uses maps to identify hotspots
Birmingham’s head-start on noise mapping and action planning has hit problems due to funding.

Smoking noise
Bristol City Council has put figures on the increase in complaints prompted by the smoking ban introduced into England last year. Pop code revamp Howard Price of the CIEH reported progress to the EPUK workshop on the update of the ‘pop code’.

More rate cuts?
An MP has questioned the Government on whether increases in aircraft noise can prompt revaluation of rates as has been agreed for road noise in Manchester.

Faber expands
Pierre Klemas has joined Faber Maunsell’s acoustics group at a new base in central London alongside Nigel Burton. The firm already has acoustic teams in Altrincham, Beckenham and St Albans.

UK highways authorities not as sympathetic to noise curbs
Bristol City Council’s Steve Crawshaw updated delegates at EPUK’s recent spring noise workshop held in Warwick on progress with the city’s noise maps and action planning. The city is one of the few to have carried out noise and air quality mapping with a view to taking action.

Maidstone wishes
As part of its air quality action plan, Maidstone Borough Council has asked the Highways Agency to introduce speed limits on the M20 motorway. The Agency is thinking of installing variable message signs on the motorway which could be used to cut speeds and resulting noise.

UK follows European lead
European experts gathered at last month’s Noise in the City conference held in Amsterdam.

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March 2008 headlines (issue 20)

Defra trumped on turbines
It is appearing increasingly likely that Defra has been overruled by Dberr (formerly DTi) on noise limits for domestic wind turbines.

l www.warwickwindtrials.org.uk

Pub fixed penalty rules now in
Legislation has finally come into force aimed at reducing night-time noise from pubs and clubs.

Road traffic increase leads to rating cut
Government is appealing against a High Court endorsement of a tribunal’s decision to allow a reduction in council tax for homeowners living near busy roads.

Blobs and slugs for Scotland
Progress on Scottish action planning was revealed at the EPUK Scotland (formerly NSCA) conference held in Glasgow last month.

Tone finder from B&K
Local authorities and acoustic consultants may save time and money spent investigating the existence of elusive tonal noises with Brüel & Kjær’s new tone assessment tool.

l www.bksv.co.uk

Yet more delay for strategy
The Government has now admitted to further delays for the noise strategy.

Finnish Government adopts noise strategy
Finland has adopted a noise strategy that includes fixed targets in noise reduction.

London Assembly probes noisy boom cars
A survey carried out to support a probe by the London Assembly into loud car stereos confirms they are a nuisance.

l Booming and fuming: Noise nuisance from car stereos and mini-motorbikes, is available at: www.london.gov.uk/assembly/reports/environment.jsp-booming

Wind farms: An EHO’s tale
Speaking at the recent Institute of Acoustics meeting on wind turbine noise held in Northern Ireland, an environmental health officer recounted problems with wind farm applications.

‘Conservatism’ can cost 40% of output
Cumulative conservatism in noise prediction can cost wind farm developers up to 40% of their potential power output, Andrew Bullimore of Hoare Lea Acoustics told the Armagh IoA conference.

Terrain key to turbine annoyance?
Swedish researchers have studied wind turbine annoyance and found that the local environment and terrain are key factors in annoyance.

l Wind turbine noise, annoyance and self reported health and well being in different living environments, Eja Pedersen et al, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Vol. 64 pp480-486.

24hr licensing reviewed
The government has published its review of 24hr licensing.

l www.culture.gov.uk

No change for temporary event notices
Government has told Parliament that it sees no reason to change the system for temporary event notices (TENs).

Government pushes for live music
The Government has pledged half a million pounds to boost live music at small venues.

Heathrow criticism flies in
Responses to plans to expand Heathrow have now been submitted. Many are critical of noise impacts.

EU airport review
The EU has published a report on the impact of its airport noise directive passed in 2002.

l Noise operation restrictions at EU airports (report on the application of Directive 2002/30/EC) can be viewed on http://eur-lex.europa.eu/lexuriServ/lexuriServ.do?uri=com:2008:0066:fin:en:pdf

Heathrow economic benefits ‘negligible’
A report has undermined Government claims on economic benefits of further Heathrow expansion.

l The report on the economics of Heathrow expansion can be viewed on the HACAN website www.hacan.org.uk

Expansion unwelcome
Hacan also commissioned a public opinion poll which suggests Heathrow expansion is not welcomed by most. 18% of people support the Government’s policy of expanding UK airports and 62% back a reduction in the number of short-haul flights using Heathrow.

l Aviation and climate change: public opinion and the scope for action, by Woodnewton Associates can be viewed on www.hacan.org.uk

New CAA flightpaths
The Civil Aviation Authority is consulting on a fundamental shake up of flight paths and waiting stacks over a large area north of London.

l website www.consultation.nats.co.uk

In Parliament MP
Dan Rogerson asked the Government what research he has (a) commissioned and (b) evaluated on the effects of low level decibel sound (sic) on public health.

Blood pressure rise when asleep
Further output from the Hyena noise and health effects study suggest that noise can raise blood pressure even while asleep.

Noise prompts 50,000 deaths a year
Close to half of all Europeans are regularly exposed to traffic noise levels that are potentially dangerous to health, a pressure group claims.

l Traffic noise reduction in Europe: health effects, social costs and technical and policy options to reduce road and rail traffic noise was commissioned by T&E and carried out by Dutch environmental consultants CE Delft www.transportenvironment.org

Performance indicator research released
Defra has published the findings of research that was commissioned to investigate the use of performance indicators for noise, Lacors reports.

l Performance indicators: A review of their use to monitor the management of environmental and neighbourhood noise can be viewed on http://randd.defra.gov.uk/Document.aspx?Document=NO01117_6988_FRP.pdf

Delivery launch
The Noise Abatement Society in association with Wandsworth Borough Council and Doncaster MBC is formally launching its Silent Approach quiet delivery initiative at the Commercial Vehicle show in Birmingham on the 17th April.

l website www.noiseabatementsociety.com

101 service fragments
Home Office funding cuts have claimed more victims among the 101 hotline pilot authorities.

Helicopters come under fire
Helicopter noise is very much in the news so the recent IoA conference in Manchester inevitably attracted considerable interest. Held at Salford University’s revamped conference facilities, the event drew in a wide range of experts in this complex field.

Nuisance noise unpicked
Methods of dealing with nuisance noise are having to keep abreast with changes in behaviour, legislation and technology, reports Lisa Russell

Smoking advice
Lacors has published advice on the noise and nuisance implications of the smoking ban.

l Guidance to noise, licensing and smokefree issues can be downloaded from

Edinburgh seats
Edinburgh City Council is considering changing the current permit system for outdoor tables and chairs outside pubs and cafes.

130 chapters on noise
An 130-chapter book on noise and vibration has been published. The Handbook of noise and vibration control contains 1,600 pages and was edited by Malcolm Crocker. It costs £105.

l More details on website www.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-0471395994.html

Plymouth criticised
The Local Government Ombudsman has criticised Plymouth City Council for delays in taking enforcement action over non-compliance with planning conditions at industrial premises.

l www.lgo.org.uk

Wind approved
Three new wind farms have been granted consent by the Government – two onshore farms at Keadby, North Lincolnshire and another at Thorne, South Yorkshire. An offshore farm has been approved on Gunfleet Sands, Thames Estuary.

Hard shoulder boost
Hard shoulders are set to be used to improve capacity on motorways.

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Jan/Feb 2008 headlines (issue 19)

NI counts noise exposure
In a move that will further isolate England, Northern Ireland has completed its noise mapping. Welsh maps are due within days.

l Maps can be viewed on an interactive website – www.noiseni.co.uk

Isoniq elsewhere
Isoniq is working in Wales and Ireland, as well as in Northern Ireland

l www.isoniq.co.uk

Contours released for English airports
England’s busiest airports have been mapped. Results have been posted on Defra’s website.

l http://www.defra.gov.uk/environment/noise/ambient.htm

St Albans bar row spills over to High Court
St Albans District Council is pursuing a case to the High Court that will test a defendant’s ‘best practical means’ defence.

HYENA finds blood pressure link
A huge multi national study has shown that a 10db increase in long term exposure to noise increases the risk of hypertension (high blood pressure).

l The paper can be viewed via the Environmental Health Perspectives website www.ehponline.org/members/ 2007/10775/10775.pdf

WHO late on noise
World Health Organisation night noise guidelines, (NB October p1) which were to have been released last year, are not now expected to be released until later in Spring.

Costs outlined
The European Commission has produced a 300 page report setting out the external environmental costs of transport, including noise.

l The costing document can be viewed on  http://ec.europa.eu/transport/ road/policy/index_en.htm

Video capture
A large rise in complaints about late night rowdiness at pubs has prompted the launch of a video based

l More details: www.campbell-associates.co.uk

Flat tyres
European lobby group T&E reports that the European Commission has “once again” postponed proposals on limiting road noise from tyres by six months.

l www.transportenvironment.org

Health fillip
EPUK (formerly NSCA) has suggested that prime minister Gordon Brown considers spending more on the environment to improve public health.

New EPUK website
Environmental Protection UK has a new website. Close on the heals of its rebranding from NSCA

l EPUK’s new website can be found on www.environmental-protection.org.uk.

Deliveries on the quiet
Trials at a sensitive London location have shown that night-time deliveries to supermarkets need not wake the neighbours.

Microgeneration: councils talk
EPUK organised a conference to swap experiences of environmental benefits – and downsides – of domestic turbines and heat pumps

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December 2007 headlines (issue 18)

Bigger Heathrow, less noise
50% more planes, a sixth terminal and a third runway at Heathrow will not worsen noise nuisance, claims the Government.

l www.dft.gov.uk/consultations/ open/heathrowconsultation/

Inaudibility rejected at appeal
Birmingham City Council has lost an appeal mounted by a developer of 162 flats on the issue of ‘inaudibility’. The council feared that allowing housing in an entertainment zone would lead to nuisance actions putting pressure on local night spots.

Details emerge of Defra noise strategy
Details are emerging on the shape of Defra’s draft noise strategy.

Amber light for wind turbine relaxation
DCLG will lay regulations to take wind turbines and heat pumps out of the planning system – subject to further research on noise impacts.

l www.communities.gov.uk/publications/planningandbuilding/householdermicrogeneration

Planning Bill
In the same batch of planning announcements as that on domestic microgeneration, a Planning Bill has been published that will streamline major infrastructure projects.

NI complaints up
Almost 12,000 noise complaints were recorded last year, a new report from DOE in Northern Ireland has revealed.

l www.northernireland.gov. uk/news/news-doe/news-doe-151107-noise-complaints-on.htm

Top tapper
A Norsonic tapping machine from Campbell Associates has been launched. l www.campbell-associates.co.uk Inspire consultation The Commission is consulting on the shape of the Inspire directive which seeks to harmonise data provision, for instance in noise maps.

l www.ec-gis.org/inspire/ public_consultations/metadata/index.cfm

Nuisance can now be logged online
Two new websites allow logging of nuisance noise via online maps. Mike Stigwood of MAS Environmental has launched
www.makeyourownnoise.co.uk to allow complaints to be logged against commercial nuisances such as factories, theme parks and wind turbines.
   Meanwhile Croydon is using Google maps to allow complaints to be registered against barking dogs

Last chance saloon for 57LAeq
The concepts contained in the consultation on expansion of Heathrow, mostly based on ANASE, are hugely important and will be debated for years to come

ANASE: what it concluded:
The study makes clear that compared to the 1980s Aircraft Noise Index Study (ANIS), the role of aircraft movements has become much more critical – that annoyance is more closely related to the number of movements than to averaged noise (LAeq).

l http://www.dft.gov.uk/pgr/aviation/environmentalissues/Anase/http://www.dft.gov.uk/pgr/aviation/environmentalissues/Anase/

Anase reviewers slam the researchers
A high profile and contentious spat between acousticians was published along with the ANASE study

l Attitudes to ANASE – Non SP Peer Review: www.dft.gov.uk/ consultations/open/heathrowconsultation/technicalreports/
Robust review
The Robust Details scheme, set up to improve sound insulation standards in homes, has passed its three year review.

Sustainable & robust
A masonry wall ‘robust detail’ has achieved credits under the Code for Sustainable Homes.

l www.robustdetails.com

Scottish grants reviewed
Most of Scotland’s local authorities have taken advantage of Scottish Government grants to launch services on anti-social neighbour noise nuisance. The first evaluation is now available.

l The report can be viewed on www.scotland.gov.uk/socialresearch

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November 2007 headlines (issue 17)

Anase challenges plane nuisance
The suitability of the LAeq measure is under scrutiny following the much delayed publication of the DfT’s Attitudes to noise from aviation sources in England (Anase) report.

l Anase can be viewed on www.dft.gov.uk/pgr/aviation/environmentalissues/Anase

Standard planning conditions proposed for wind turbines
Dberr (formerly the DTi) has set out guidance on planning conditions for wind turbines in a bid to add more clarity to developers proposing wind farms.

l Onshore wind energy planning conditions guidance note can be viewed on www.planningrenewables.org. uk/cgi-bin/resource.cgi

News from the NSCA (now EPUK) noise update meeting held in Birmingham last month

Turner’s turning theory
Turning aircraft may be the cause of increased noise nuisance above London, Bureau Veritas’ Stephen Turner told the EPUK noise update conference held in Birmingham.

Mendip tackles entertainment noise
On top of Glastonbury rock festival, Mendip Council also deals with more mundane noise nuisance issues because the district is particularly quiet.

Asbos exposed
Asbo legislation is broadly defined and can be used to tackle varied types of anti social behaviour, legal expert Stuart MacDonald of Swansea University told delegates at EPUK’s noise update conference in Birmingham last month.

l ASBOs, a guide for the judiciary can be viewed www.jsboard.co.uk/publications/asbo_guidance_for_judiciary_edition_3.doc

Scottish services scrutinised
Scottish Government has released in-depth research into provision of council noise nuisance services.

l An evaluation of local authority antisocial neighbour noise nuisance services www.scotland.gov.uk/pub lications/2007/10/24132337/0

Councils scoop John Connell awards
The annual John Connell awards for effort in tackling noise have been announced.

l www.noiseabatementsociety.com

Tyre standards criticised by EPUK
Environmental Protection UK (EPUK) is calling for quieter tyre standards.

EPUK launched in Westminster
Environmental Protection UK is the new name for the National Society for Clean Air (NSCA).

Tube too loud
The UK Noise Association has completed its study into noise on London’s underground.

l The Mind the (gap) noise report can be viewed on www.ukna.org.uk

Appraisal ‘refresh’
The DfT’s key appraisal guide is set for a ‘refresh’.

l The NATA refresh: reviewing the new approach to transport appraisal is on www.dft.gov.uk/consultations/open/consulnatarefresh

Protest website
Hacan Clearskies and other pressure groups have launched a new anti expansion website to coordinate their objections

l www.stopheathrowexpansion.com

Book review: Manifesto for silence
Unusual take on noise nuisance of interest if you fancy an intellectual challenge
Manifesto for silence: confronting the politics and culture of noise, Stuart Sim, Edinburgh University Press £15.99.

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October 2007 headlines (issue 16)

Scots first with action plans
Scotland is the first administration in the UK to complete noise maps and consult on action planning.

l Maps can be viewed on www.scottishnoisemapping.org

Noise can help ADHD learning for children
Background noise can help the performance of children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), Swedish researchers say.

l More details can be found on www.diva-portal.org/su/abstract.xsql?dbid=7040

Stone crusher fails at appeal
Protection of a tranquil area from noise has been instrumental in an appeal refusal for a stone crusher operation in Scotland.

Minister pressed to continue WHO research
UK Noise Campaigners have joined together to urge continued funding for World Health organisation research into noise and health.

Commission urged
NSCA is also pushing the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution (RCEP) to launch a probe into noise. The Commission recently consulted on what topics it should cover.

NSCA manages microgeneration
NSCA has produced guidance on domestic wind turbines. The group is organising a one day conference on the issue. It will be held in Manchester on 21st November.

l Small scale wind turbines – a guide is available from NSCA www.nsca.org.uk

News from Internoise held in Istanbul last month

WHO to agree 30dbA for night?
Dutch noise expert Martin van den Berg revealed early details of thinking behind the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) proposed night noise guidelines. These will complement daytime guidelines set in 2000.

Variable speed yields minor benefits
The introduction of variable speed controls on the M42 motorway in the West Midlands has led to a minor, barely significant reduction in noise.

Aircraft noise linked to mental health
Japanese researchers say that aircraft noise may be linked to mental health, especially during the evening period.

WHO: noise kills 3% ?
Noise could be responsible for killing 3% of those with weak hearts, the New Scientist has reported.

101 for London
London may trial use of the non-emergency 101 number for noise complaints.

Anase: more waiting
The Government has been asked in Parliament when it expects to publish the results of the Attitudes to noise from aviation sources in England (Anase) study.

York prioritises
York City Council has responded to the findings of the Rogers Review of Local Authority Regulatory Priorities during a meeting of its neighbourhood services panel.

Racing noise debated
Motor racing measurements are among topics to be discussed at the Institute of Acoustics Autumn conference organised by the noise and vibration engineering group.

l IoA autumn conference: Advances in noise and vibration engineering to be held in Oxford on 17-18 October, website www.ioa.org.uk

Turbine disturbs
Ryedale Council has received noise complaints from neighbours living near a domestic wind turbine.

Louth turbine agreed
A domestic wind turbine has won planning permission on appeal.

Robust Details boosts web presence
Robust Details Ltd has revamped its website which now features up to date information about gaining credits under the Code for Sustainable Homes using Robust Details, in a move to make the scheme more accessible to a wider audience.

l www.robustdetails.com

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Aug/Sept 2007 headlines (issue 15)

Wind expert quits thinktank

Wind turbine noise expert Dick Bowdler has quit a government working party. He says the Noise Working Group has become “redundant” in the light of the Government’s endorsement of a Salford University report that claims that rhythmic noises from wind turbines are negligible and unlikely to be a nuisance. The government says Salford’s report “eases concerns over wind turbine noise”. Bowdler says it is misleading.

Sainsbury fine for allowing cruise nuisance

Crawley Borough Council has successfully prosecuted Sainsbury’s supermarket for allowing boy racers to tear around a superstore car park causing a noise nuisance.

Agency misses road quietening target

The Highways Agency has missed its target for cutting noisy road surfaces.

Pub generation

Planning rules on microgeneration are set to be relaxed for small businesses as is being done for domestic properties.

Speed cut proposed in Bristol

Bristol City Council has produced a study showing a speed cut on the urban M32 motorway could reduce noise and air pollution.

l Bristol City Council’s M32 noise and air quality study can be viewed on www.bristol. gov.uk/redirect/?oid=Category-id-56555

Council indicators omit noise

Government has spelled out what it expects local authorities to do on the environment – and a new set of indicators. While climate change and air quality is included, noise is not. l The proposed indicators can be found at: www.defra.gov.uk/environment/localgovindicators/index.htm

NSCA agrees name change

NSCA members have voted at a special general meeting to change the group’s name to Environmental Protection UK (EPUK).l More details of voting issues on www.nsca.org.uk

Good and bad for air contours

Noise contours for BAA’s London airports show a mixed picture. DfT reports that Heathrow noise contours grew.l www.dft.gov.uk/pgr/aviation/environmentalissues/nec/secnoise06/ 

Richmond first with remote concert monitor

The London Borough of Richmond is the first council to use Bruel and Kjaer’s sound testing equipment with a wireless link to monitor concert noise levels and reduced the number of staff it usually needs at this type of event. l www.bksv.co.uk

Little red book launched

A “Little Red Book” has been launched for acousticians. The 225-page pocketbook (little larger than a pocket diary) focuses on environmental acoustics and building acoustics.l email richard.watson @ hepworth-acoustics.co.uk

Bristol rapped

Bristol City Council has been criticised by the Local Authority Ombudsman for failing to properly consult on noise and other impacts of a waste transfer facility that caused a nuisance.

Leg up for EHOs

Environmental health officers living in London, the south- east and east of England will be eligible for key worker housing, the Department of Communities and Local Government has confirmed.

RCEP escapes

An independent review of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution suggests it may be retained.l www.defra.gov.uk/environment/rcep/index.ht 

Tyre plea from NSCA

NSCA has written to the Government demanding a review of the EU tyre directive.

Scotland maps

Scotland is holding a conference detailing its noise mapping progress. The conference will be held in Edinburgh on 4th September. l For further details email noise @ scotland.gsi.gov.u 

Lothian uses meters

Lothian Police is using sound meters in a bid to quieten down modified cars. Noise Bulletin asked for more details but the force refused to comment.

Ten pilots chosen

Ten local authorities have been chosen to pilot more localised control of spending priorities including nuisance and noise



July 2007 headlines (issue 14)

Noise ‘burden’ to be resisted

A taskforce has warned against adoption of noise performance indicators. l The Lifting the burdens task force review of Defra can be viewed on www.lga.gov.uk/ download.asp?path=/Documents/Publication/ LBTF_DEFRA.pdf

New minister ‘chooses’ noise

Tony Blair’s departure as Prime Minister has seen incoming PM Gordon Brown shake up ministerial positions. The expected merger of Defra and the energy side of the DTi failed to materialise.

New name, new mission?

The National Society for Clean Air (NSCA) is close to deciding on whether to change its name and adopt a new strategic plan.

Home turbine revamp fears

NSCA has roundly criticised plans to deregulate installation of domestic wind turbines. DCLG earlier this year launched a consultation suggesting that turbines need not require planning permission if they met certain noise limits (NB April p1). l www.nsca.org.uk

Tough New York noise code enters law

New York’s new noise code came into force on July 1st.

l The code can be viewed on http://home2.nyc.gov/html/dep/pdf/noise_code.pdf

Mediation review released

A review of mediation services has been released by Defra. l The report Review of use of mediation services by local authorities and housing associations Defra Contract NANR 197 can be viewed on www.defra.gov.uk/environment/noise/research/index.htm

Tube announcements considered too loud

Noise campaigners are seeking to quieten London tube announcements following the serving of an abatement notice on London Underground. l www.ukna.org.uk

EU programme omission

European pressure group EEB is highlighting the omission of noise from core European policy. EEB response to the mid-term review of the sixth Community Environment Action Programme, www.eeb.org/publication/EEB-response-to-the-Mid-Term-Review-of-6EAP-130607.pdf

Acoustic firms highlighted

A building website is listing firms specialising in acoustics. Acoustic consultants are listed by county on The Construction Centre website. Over 200 firms are listed. l www.theconstructioncentre.co.uk

More guidance for licensing

New 2003 Licensing Act guidance has been released. l Revised Guidance issued under section 182 of the Licensing Act 2003 – June 07 can be viewed on www.culture. gov.uk/what_we_do/Alcohol_entertainment/licensing_act_2003_explained/

Glastonbury over

This year’s Glastonbury festival has passed with few complaints from neighbours but reports that bands were too quiet.

Update for pop code?

Experts are being asked for comments on an update of the Code of practice on environmental noise control at concerts.

Action week: who did what

Local authorities around the country used the annual Noise Action Week to educate, advise and even have a bit of fun.

Coventry expansion rejected

Expansion of Coventry Airport has been rejected on noise grounds. www.communities.gov.uk/pub/382/coventryairportsiskinpark

Agency wades into Heathrow growth debate

The Environment Agency has tabled its reservations about further expansion at Heathrow Airport.

Airports get advance warning from PSDH?

The 2M grouping of London authorities opposed to Heathrow expansion are complaining that airport operator BAA has been given advance access to data on noise.  www.2MGroup.org.uk

Quest for peace and quiet images

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets’ environmental health team is running a Peace and tranquillity photograph competition aimed at raising awareness of noise issues in the borough. l Details of the competition can be found on www.towerhamlets.gov.uk/ templates/news/detail.cfm?newsid=7750

Noise Update 2007

NSCA is finalising its line up for the Noise Update one day conference to be held on 10th October at Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Topics to be covered include: l Noise action planning – where are we now?; l Online booking www.nsca.org.uk/pages/events_and_training/index.cfm

Merton rap for stair nuisance

The London Borough of Merton has been criticised by the Local Authority Ombudsman for noise nuisance from a metal staircase on a new block of flats. l www.lgo.org.uk

Smoking ban prompts warning

England has joined Wales and Scotland with a ban on smoking in the workplace. NSCA has warned that the ban might lead to extra noise for pub neighbours.

Industry awards to reward noise

The inaugural Rushlight Awards have been launched to promote and celebrate the achievements of the leading UK and Irish environmental technology and innovation. l www.rushlightawards.co.uk

Green expenditure revealed by Defra

Defra has released its 2005 environmental protection expenditure survey. l Environmental protection expenditure survey by industry 2005 can be viewed on www.defra.gov.uk

Further delays to powers

Parliament has been told that there will be further delays to implementation of Noise Act powers to licensed premises. Defra still can’t say when the notification process will be completed. l www.defra.gov.uk/environ ment/noise/noiseact.htm

European annoyance

43% of people living in the UK reported substantial noise annoyance at home. l The questionnaire is available on the website www.ifado.de/silence.

June 2007 headlines (issue 13)

All change for planning

The widely anticipated shake up of the planning system is outlined in a new White Paper. l Planning for a sustainable future www.communities.gov. uk/embedded_object.asp?id=1510669

PPS24 vulnerable?

 Rumours have been circulating that planning policy statements and guidance on specific issues (such as PPG24 on noise and PPS23 on air quality) will be axed in favour of more overarching policy statements contained in an expanded PPS1 Delivering sustainable development.

House closures

Councils are to be given powers to close houses due to excess noise. The powers will be like those given to the police to close crack dens.l http://press.homeoffice. gov.uk/press-releases/ new-house-closure-powers-asb?version=1

Smoke shelter refused

Noise and nuisance fears have scuppered plans to erect a smoking shelter at an Asda store in Ellesmere Port.

BAA lets Londoners track loud planes

BAA has launched a new website that will enable local residents around its Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports to track planes and find out which ones are making excess noise. The software is similar to that used at other airports (such as East Midlands).  BAA’s noise and web tracking can be seen at: www.heathrowairport.com/noise www.stanstedairport.com/noise www.gatwickairport.com/noise

Ecolabels for planes

Budget airline Flybe has launched an ecolabel for its flights.  Flybe’s ecolabels can be seen on www.flybe.com/ environment/eco-labels.htm

Trains: plans to make them quieter

The European Commission is consulting on the need to reduce noise from trains. l http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/ener gy_transport/home/consultation/transport_en.htm

Annoyance due to anxiety, not noise

Annoyance may be more related to anxiety traits rather than noise or air quality, Danish researchers suggest.

Heathrow footprint spreads

Flight numbers at Heathrow are likely to rise to 800,000 a year, the Government has admitted. l www.hacan.org.uk

Operation Torque tackles noisy bikes

Noise Action Week saw hundreds of UK authorities carrying out innovative events. l www.nsca.org.uk

Port loses appeal

A scrap metal exporter operating from Brightlingsea Harbour in Essex has lost its appeal for extended operating hours.

Grants restart

Grants for people who want to install micro-wind turbines on their homes have been made available again – albeit with tighter conditions.l More details on www.low carbonbuildings.org.uk

For the record...

Environment minister Ben Bradshaw has told Parliament that he will issue a combined national noise strategy, covering both environmental and neighbourhood noise, “by the end of 2007”.

Stansted inquiry opens

Noise arguments will be aired as the inquiry opens into plans to expand Stansted airport. BAA wants an extra 75,000 flights a year and the complete removal of the annual 25m limit on the number of passengers.

Rehis seeks feedback

The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland is urging councils to respond to a Scottish Executive consultation on environmental health. l Consultation on Environment and health Strategic Framework, can be viewed on www.rehis.org

Mosquito backlash

MPs have asked Home Office ministers whether there are any environmental impacts or health and safety implications from the increasing use of the Mosquito ultrasonic youth deterrent device.ay 2007 headlines (issue 12)

Inspector rejects noise fears

A planning inspector has rejected noise and air quality fears in an appeal judgement in Sandwell.

Councils plot action week gimmicks ....

Noise Action Week – 21st to 25th May – is looming. l www.noiseactionweek.org.uk

... as Prime Minister’s petition is set up

To mark Noise Action Week, consultant Sanctum has launched an online petition on noise. l  http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/noisenuisance/

Survey results

UK is number three UK ranks third best in terms of domestic noise pollution in new Europe-wide survey released to mark International Noise Awareness Day held last month on 25th April.l  The full version of the AEG-Electrolux Noise report can found on www.electrolux .com/noisereport

Tranquillity: a better way

NSCA has set out its thoughts on tranquillity. It has produced a position paper following publication of a TRL report commissioned by Defra that suggested identifying tranquil areas, then knocking out all but a few on cost grounds.

Quiet life aims to cut domestic machine din

Noise campaigner Val Weedon has relaunched her Quiet Life guide. l  www.thequietguide.co.uk

Germans show off active window technology

Researchers in Germany have devised a window that offers relief from noise pollution, reports the ICE. l More details on the website www.ice.org.uk/knowledge/spec_news.asp?ARTICLE_ID=1858

Choppers heads research list

A study into helicopter noise is proposed in the latest list of noise research projects planned by Defra (see news, below).

Research: Defra’s (very long!) wish list

Each year, Defra publishes a long list of noise research projects it wants to carry out. Usually relatively few are carried out due to financial constraints – and Defra overspending and subsequent moratorium’s have taken their toll on the programme. l www.defra.gov.uk/environment/noise/research/index.htm

CAA outlines procedure for airspace changes

Updated guidance on the application of the Airspace Change Process has been published by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). l The document is available on the CAA website at: www.caa.co.uk/cap725

Wind up for turbines

Wind farm noise was the theme of a lively workshop held in Swaffham by the Institute of Acoustics

Consultation: early views on wind

Noise Bulletin asked some experts what they thought about noise aspects of domestic wind turbines contained in last months consultation on deregulation of such turbines. Views were mixed.

Sustainability starts at home

Acoustic performance plays an important part in a building's contribution towards the creation of sustainable developments, says Lisa Russell.

Snap meeting on wind

The spate of planning applications for domestic wind turbines – and planned removal of the need to get planning permission– has prompted NSCA and the Institute of Acoustics to organise a meeting to be held in Birmingham on June 1st  www.ioa.org.uk.

In Parliament

The Government has confirmed in Parliament that it has no intention of ring fencing money for council noise abatement services.

Boy racer Asbos

Aberdeen City Council has warned anti-social drivers that they face tough measures to bar them from city streets in a bid to cut noise and disturbance.

Lacors plea on stats

Local authority group Lacors has urged councils to complete the annual statistical questionnaire on noise enforcement activity. l website www.lacors.gov.uk/lacors/ContentDetails.aspx?id=16163

Glastonbury go ahead

The Glastonbury Festival has won a four year licence from Mendip council.

Vibration studied

Defra has released a report aimed to develop a method by which residential exposure to vibration can be assessed.  Human response to vibration in residential environments www.defra.gov.uk/environment/noise/research/index.htm#research Quarrying noise

Hepworth Acoustics has updated a database of noise from quarrying machinery. l Update of noise database for prediction of noise on construction and open sites (weblink as above).

Turbine request

Mole Valley’s Gillian Rose is seeking a domestic wind turbine to study for her IoA diploma. If there is a suitable one on your patch, l email Gillian.Rose@ molevalley.gov.uk

April 2007 headlines (issue 11)

Home wind turbine boost ...

The Government is boosting small scale renewable energy schemes – including domestic wind turbines – through increased grants and relaxation of planning laws.  Domestic installation of microgeneration equipment: a review of the permitted development regulations www.communities.gov.uk/ index.asp?id=1504866

... but noise fears prompt council action

Potential noise problems from domestic turbines dominated discussions at last month’s NSCA spring workshop. The reaction prompted the spontaneous setting up of a special interest working group by Alick Natton of Vale of White Horse District Council. l Natton is coordinating an email ring: alick.natton@ whitehorsedc.gov.uk

Map areas set

Defra has set out the areas that will need mapping in detail as required by European directives. Areas are more fragmented than at first imagined.  Environmental noise (identification of noise sources) (England) regulations 2007 can be viewed on www.opsi.gov.uk/si/em2007/uksiem_20070415_en.pdfTAG: hindrance to development?

A seemingly obscure guidance document could make it more difficult for developers to get their schemes approved on noise grounds says Lis Stedman l www.webtag.org.uk (noise section)

Noise not a national priority

A review of local authority priorities has said that noise is not a national priority. l The Rogers Review can be seen on www.cabinetoffice. gov.uk/regulation/reviewing_regulation/rogers_review/index.asp

Weak Alton Towers order deal to stand

An appeal against a ‘weak’ nuisance order made against Alton Towers has failed. l www.richardbuxton.co.uk/ reference/view.php?table=transcripts&id=182&flag=name

Boston recounts domestic turbine nuisance

Boston is one of a growing number of authorities that have already dealt with domestic wind turbine nuisance complaints.

Council rapped for ignoring PPG24

The Local Authority Ombudsman has criticised South Cambridgeshire Council for allowing housing to be sited next to a noisy factory. The factory fears that it will be liable for any future noise nuisance claims from new residents.

News from the nsca spring workshop held in didcot

EU mapping: hope for Defra backtrack on local involvement

The NSCA spring workshop heard from both English and Scottish governments on the progress of action planning.

Mediation: how is it going?

Stuart Dryden of consultant Rupert Taylor revealed details of a study into mediation carried out for Defra.

Turbine studied

Bureau Veritas’s Gwyn Mapp told the conference of his personal research study into a domestic wind turbine in south London.

Scots share smoking secrets

Scotland has had a smoking ban since last year, experience there is set to be repeated in England from this summer.

Licensing problems outlined by Horton

Independent environmental health officer Keith Horton outlined many difficulties with the new Licensing Act – for which revised guidance is due out shortly. Horton told the NSCA audience he was “quite concerned about the way licensing is going”.

Soundscapes take centre stage

Acousticians, social scientists and artists alike are becoming more interested the role that soundscapes play in urban life, says Lisa Russell from the recent GLA Soundscape conference.

Licensing: time to change?

As the DCMS concludes a consultation on possible revisions to licensing guidelines, Lis Stedman talks to EHOs about how the process is working

Defra reorganises?

Defra’s noise team is set to undergo yet another reorganisation.

Award scheme

A new environmental award scheme has been launched. l www.rushlightawards.co.uk

BAA ‘fast tracks’

Airport operator BAA Ferrovial says it is to ‘twin track’ plans for extra runways at Heathrow and Stansted.

Fit for purpose

The Institute of Acoustics is holding a one day meeting on 11 July 2007 to answer the question How good a measurement should I make to ensure it is fit for purpose?  www.ioa.org.uk

Code includes sound

The Code for Sustainable Homes released by the Government this month mainly deals with carbon emissions but also focuses on health and well being and the impacts of external sources, such as noise pollution, on quality of life.  www.robustdetails.com.

Boost for quiet roads

The Highways Agency has said that next year there will be a five fold increase in amount of lower noise road surfacing it will lay.l Highways Agency business plan 2007-2008 website www.highways.gov.uk/aboutus/14772.aspx

Horns strangled

The Railway Safety and Standards Board has accepted pressure to reduce nuisance and is introducing new measures intended to reduce the impact of loud train horns.

Action week reminder

Noise Action Week (21-25 May) is looming and NSCA is reminding participants that support materials are available. l www.noiseactionweek.org.uk

March 2007 headlines (issue 10)

RCEP sidelines urban noise

A high profile report on the urban environment says that noise is “outside the thrust” of its study into the urban environment.l www.rcep.org.uk

Wind turbine rejected on appeal

A planning application for a wind turbine in a domestic garden in Aylesbury Vale has been turned down on appeal.

Multiple noises

A consortium assembled by Addiscombe Environmental Consultants Ltd, comprising Ken Collins of KC Environmental, Bernard Berry of BEL, Nicole Porter, and Ian Flindell of IHF Associates have been awarded a research contract by Defra on the effects of noise from more than one source.

Courts allowed to ignore EHOs

A judgement has confirmed that courts are entitled not to follow the views of professional council officers when deciding whether noise amounts to a statutory nuisance.l London Borough of Hackney Vs Moshe Rottenberg [2007] All ER (D) 174 (Jan)

 Westminster wins street noise case

Westminster City Council has won arguments in court that it had powers to control noise from a shop window. l Westminster City Council v French Connection Retail Ltd [2005] Env LR 42. (Queens Bench Division).

Serve abatement notice first, Newcastle told

Newcastle City Council has lost a High Court case and been told it should have first served an abatement notice on a farmer causing a nuisance.l The Barns (NE) Ltd v Newcastle Upon Tyne CC [2006] Env LR 25 (Court of Appeal, Civ. Div.)

Kenwood stopper

Kenwood concerts have been cancelled with promoter English Heritage claiming that noise restrictions are too tight.

Councils prepare for action

Local authorities across the UK are making plans for this year’s Noise Action Week. Many local authorities set up eyecatching media-friendly noise activities for the period.l www.noiseactionweek.org.uk

Solar noise barriers “not cost effective”

Combined noise barrier and solar panels are unlikely to be cost effective.

Air noise

Southwest London will suffer increased aircraft noise if the third Heathrow runway goes ahead. l M27 trial of highway noise barriers as solar energy generators, TRL report PPR178, D Carder and K Barker is available from Janet Brown, TRL Publications Unit tel 01344 770297

Persistent complainers

The Information Commissioner has struck another blow to persistent complainers in a new ruling.

west London will suffer increased aircraft noise if the third Heathrow runway goes ahead. l www.ico.gov.uk

Warnings on Heathrow routes

The new council 2M grouping fighting the expansion of Heathrow says large areas of north and west London will suffer increased aircraft noise if the third Heathrow runway goes ahead. l 2M (referring to two million residents) website is on www.wandsworth.gov.uk/ Home/MyWandsworth/ Newsextra/pr1.htm

‘Noisiest city’ report annoys

A report ranking cities has concluded that Newcastle upon Tyne is the noisiest urban area in the UK.

First shot fired in anti Heathrow battle

As promised, protesters against the further expansion of Heathrow have started direct action to resist the expansion by disrupting a meeting.

How and when to use the WHO

The World Health Organisation (WHO) noise guidelines are highly influential but their application often leads to disagreements. Lisa Russell reports.

Pro-bono aid Sanctum style

Questioning the decisions of authorities and the courts can be a minefield – Sanctum provides an interesting way through, finds Lis Stedman

Quiet areas and vibration reports released

Defra has released two research reports. One was TRL’s study into quiet areas setting out possible ways that tranquil areas could be identified. A second looks at a methodology for assessing a method by which human exposure to vibration in residential environments can be assessed.  Research into quiet areas: recommendations for identification, TRL report PPR158 and Research into human response to vibration in residential environments (NO01106) can be viewed on Defra’s science pages www2.defra.gov.uk/research/project_data/Default.asp

Slight growth in noise contours for 2005

DfT has released its yearly review of noise contours at the three main London airports.l www.dft.gov.uk/pgr/ aviation/environmentalissues/nec/secnoise05/

Tyre directive delay

European transport and environment lobby group T&E is getting increasingly concerned at the failure of the Commission to produce a promised directive on noise from car tyres. www.transportenvironment.org

Noise workshop talks

NSCA has released its final line up of speakers for its popular spring noise workshop to be held in Didcot later this month (15th & 16th March).

Pipe down again

A ten minute Bill has been introduced into the House of Lords aiming to prohibit piped music and the showing of television programmes in the public areas of hospitals.

MVA win at Heathrow

BAA has commissioned MVA Consultancy to design, build, implement, and support a system to manage BAA Heathrow’s community noise, blight, and vortex schemes. l www.mvaconsultancy.com

Belgians win order

Belgian air protesters have won a court battle against local authorities.

RAC wants quiet roads

The RAC Foundation has teamed up with noise campaigners to call on the Government to reinstate funding for its programme to resurface concrete roads for noise prevention reasons.

Hounslow demands data

The London Borough of Hounslow has approved its first domestic micro-wind turbine subject to a noise report.

Turbine tests

Researchers are mounting two wind turbines on top of a block of Southwark flats in a bid to find out about their noise disturbance potential.

Wind debate

The Institute of Acoustics is organising a one day conference on wind turbine noise.l IoA’s meetings can be viewed on www.ioa.org.u

January/February 2007 headlines (issue 9)

Planning for home turbines

Local authorities are increasingly facing requests from residents to install domestic wind turbines. Some are carrying out tests to see what the noise outputs are. (Noise Bulleting this month contains a news story and a eature explaining what local authorities are doing about home electricity generation in terms of noise nuisance conditions).

Trafford Housing Trust wins ASBI

The Trafford Housing Trust has taken out an ASBI against a noisy tenant. ASBIs are anti social behaviour injunctions as opposed to orders.

Moto injunction

A noisy motorcross circuit at Matcham Park near Bournemouth has been at the centre of a planning appeal.

Measurement not needed for noise order

A quad bike safari business in Cornwall has lost its appeal against a conviction for breaching an abatement notice.

Persistent moaners: what to do

The Local Government Ombudsman has issued advice on how to deal with persistent complainers. l Guidance note on ‘unreasonably persistent’ complainants and ‘unreasonable complainant behaviour’ can be viewed on www.lgo.org.uk/worddocs/guidance-note-UP-comps.doc

IoA welcomes sustainable homes code

The Institute of Acoustics has welcomed inclusion of sound insulation in the Government’s Code for Sustainable Homesl The IoA is holding a two-day conference on The sound of sustainability – going for gold” on 24 and 25 April 2007 at the De Vere University Arms Hotel in Cambridge. website www.ioa.org.uk

Train horns: curfew fails to please

The Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) is proposing a night time curfew as part of a package to reduce train horn nuisance. l RSSB website www.rssb.co.uk/comrelations.asp

2007: year of the strategy?

2007 is “probably the most crucial year for noise reduction” according to the UK Noise Association.

Progress report prompts battle charge

Protesters have reacted with dismay to Government confirmation that it will support continued expansion of air travel.

Local authorities were more measured, forming the ‘2M’ group www.wandsworth.gov.uk/Home/MyWandsworth/Newsextra/2mgroup.htm

Exhaust noise: study into measurement

The House of Commons has been told that DfT is “considering” research into the growing problem of excessive car exhaust noise.

Traffic noise probe

UKNA has set up a traffic and vehicle noise working group to look at the issue of noisy vehicles, including ‘boom box’ cars. It is currently carrying out an online questionnaire on the subject. www.ukna.org.uk

Keeping arrival noise down

Government and the aviation industry have cooperated to produce a code of practice to reduce noise from arriving aircraft.l Noise from arriving aircraft www.dft.gov.uk/stellent/groups/dft_aviation/documents/page/dft_aviation_613678.pdf

Welsh consult

The Welsh Assembly is consulting on its regulations for extending Noise Act powers to pubs and clubs.l http://new.wales.gov.uk/ consultations/currentconsultation/envandcouncurrcons/1054147/?lang=e 

TRL’s toolkit

TRL has produced a traffic noise reduction toolkit.

Orchestra noise probe

A professional orchestra piloted guidance for the music and entertainment sector on the Control of Noise at Work Regulations, a Health and Safety Executive report suggests. l More details www.hsenew s.com/2006/11/06/orchestra-pilot-of-the-noise-guidance/

Flight noise tool

A tool for the calculation of sound power levels of airplanes during vertical flyover from NPD-SEL data can be downloaded from the Imagine website. l www.imagine-project.org

Action week dates

Noise Action Week will take place on May 21st—May 25th – although funding problems remain.l www.noiseactionweek.org.uk/

Tyre directive pressure

Lobby groups are limbering up to influence the European Commission to tighten the tyre directive.

December 2006 headlines (issue 8)

Tranquillity: defined by cost?
Increasing focus on tranquillity has left Defra and its advisors struggling to work out how to define it. Defra may compile its sites based on affordability rather than noise or tranquillity.

Noisy boy racer catches Worthing ASBO
Worthing Borough Council has succeeded in getting an Asbo against a noisy boy racer.

News from the Institute of Acoustics Autumn Conference

More flak for single number
Defra’s use of a single number for noise disturbance from pubs and clubs has come under criticism at an Institute of Acoustics conference.

Euro-approval delays number implementation
Defra says that it has agreed that the Noise Act threshold for fixed penalties will be 34dBA – but that there has been a delay in putting it into regulation.

Guidelines due: Waiting for Godot?
The long awaited noise impact assessment guidelines may soon be published. Author Stephen Turner of Bureau Veritas admitted that the process was rather like ‘waiting for Godot’.

Maps. Little benefit till 2017
Policy makers will have to wait until 2017 before noise maps are able to yield useful data on the noise climate, Acustica’s Simon Shilton has claimed.

Cranford abandonment: doubles annoyance?
Abandonment of the Heathrow ‘Cranford Agreement’ could have huge implications for the population living underneath the flightpath.

WHO switches emphasis to soundscapes
A key architect of World Health Organisation guidelines on noise has suggested that WHO guidelines are not likely to be met – and that a move towards looking to improving ‘soundscapes’ is needed to improve health.

Conference proceedings
Proceedings from the Autumn Conference are available from Linda Canty, Institute of Acoustics 01727 848195

Stansted setback
Stansted Airport has had its expansion plans refused by Uttlesford District Council, the local planning authority.

Engineering award
The Institute of Acoustics (IOA) has awarded its Engineering Medal to Brian Hemsworth for his contribution to the understanding of railway noise and vibration. The medal was presented by Colin English, President of the Institute of Acoustics, at its recent Autumn Conference in Oxford.

l www.ioa.org.uk

Scotland guide is draft
Further to our report last month, we’ve been asked to emphasise that the Scottish Noise Management Guide remains in draft form and open to consultation.

l It can be viewed on www.scotland.gov.uk/ Publications/2005/10/ 2192231/22434

MPs study motorbikes
The House of Commons Transport Committee is to conduct an inquiry into the Government’s Motorcycling Strategy, with oral evidence sessions being held in early 2007.

Classroom deafness
One in five children struggle to distinguish speech in the classroom says RNID.

l RNID’s specially developed hearing check can be taken over the telephone by calling 0845 600 5555. It is part of Breaking the sound barrier, www.breakingthesound barrier.org.uk

AES accreditation
AES has been granted accreditation for its sound insulation testing service by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service.

l www.aes-labs.co.uk

2006 website review

November 2006 headlines (issue 7)

Maps no good for Leeds
Leeds City Council has decided to produce its own noise maps – it says Defra’s strategic noise maps will be of little use for its local needs.

Charge mooted for London choppers
A charge for helicopters using London’s skies is one option contained in the report of the London Assembly into helicopters. The report followed an inquiry in summer.

Another night flight challenge
The London boroughs of Richmond and Wandsworth are among a group seeking a judicial review of the Government’s Heathrow night flights policy. A similar challenge failed when taken to Europe three year ago.

Defra late say Lords
Lords MPs are considering whether Defra has failed to adequately transpose the Environmental Noise Directive.

l www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld200506/ldselect/ ldmerit/250/250.pdf

News from the NSCA Noise update conference held in Birmingham

Hartnell spells out regs progress
Regulations are now laid in England and the three regions, Defra’s Wendy Hartnell told NSCA’s noise update conference held in Birmingham.

Hepworth: much work to do on mapping
Peter Hepworth outlined a consultants’ view of noise mapping. Hepworth was involved in one of the early maps released by Defra.

NSCA advises on being a quiet neighbour
NSCA – with support from Defra – has released a new guide aiming to help residents keep neighbour noise down.

l www.quieterhomes.org

Drink laws cause a stink
Jonathan Lartice of Defra fielded criticism from local authorities about changes to the pub licensing system. With the Home Office and DCLG departments unable to attend, it was left to Defra to defend changes that many considered unworkable.

Ovens now kitchen culprit, says Electrolux
So much effort has been focused on making kitchen appliances quiet that cookers have been left behind, says Electrolux’s Marco Clara.

Moorhouse moots low frequency ‘clinics’
Salford University’s Andy Moorhouse outlined work carried out for Defra on producing guidance for local authorities investigating low frequency noise.

Encams happy
Environmental lobbyists Encams reported back on the progress of its Noise Concern campaign.

CPRE fuels tranquillity debate
Countryside campaigners CPRE say they have developed a new way to map rural tranquillity.

l The maps can be viewed on www.cpre.org.uk

‘Silent’ plane progress
Researchers from Cambridge University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) say they are one step closer to producing quieter aircraft. T

l http://silentaircraft.org

Leeds win John Connell award once again
Leeds City Council has won this year’s John Connell award – for the third time.  Meanwhile Huntingdonshire was highly commended for its education work with children with environmental health officers going to schools. Bromley London Borough won the innovation award for its ‘safe and sound’ scheme. The enterprise award went to Shetland Islands Council

l www.noiseabatementsociety.com

UKNA polls firework feeling
The UK Noise Association has launched an on-line survey to assess public support for banning the sale of fireworks.

l www.ukna.org.uk

ANC completes 50,000th test
The Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) has celebrated completion of the 50,000th test of compliance to Part E sound insulation requirements.

l website www.association-of-noise-consultants.co.uk

No rap for Amber
The local authority Ombudsman has said that a skate park is noisy – but Amber Valley did not break the rules by allowing it.

Workshop on presenting mapping information to the public

UK hosts mapping thinktank
An international workshop held in London looked at ways that noise maps can be effectively presented to the public. There has been criticism that noise maps take much time and money to produce, and are posted on the web but then languish with little interest from the public.

GLA’s Bloomfield in blue sky thinking
The Greater London Authority provided the noise mapping conference with its usual insightful ‘blue sky’ thinking.

101 in trouble
The single non-emergency 101 number may be scrapped.

Silent delivery code
Guidance on quieter deliveries has been agreed by the truck industry in a bid to ease delivery curfews on stores. T

l Delivering the goods: A toolkit for improving deliveries is at www.fta.co.uk.

UK lays regs to enact directive
Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have all now joined England in bringing regulations into operation to enact the European Noise Directive (END).

‘Bible’ produced at last
Publication of the updated noise management guide gives local authorities the opportunity for greater consistency

October 2006 headlines (issue 6)

Regs laid – concern remains
Defra has laid regulations enacting the European Noise Directive.

l Environmental Noise (England) Regulations 2006 can be viewed on www.defra.gov.uk/environment/noise/ambient.htm

NSCA raises licensing fears
NSCA has commented on proposed changes to apply the Noise Act to licensed premises

Consultants win EHO debate
Consultants meet the needs of local authorities, an Institute of Acoustics Central Branch debate concluded in Stevenage last month.

DIY wind power
DIY retailer B&Q is now selling domestic wind turbines in its stores. For £1,498 including installation, shoppers can buy a Windsave 1kw system.

l www.windsave.com.

Home turbine agreed
The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead has dismissed noise objections to a domestic wind turbine at a house in the borough.

Scotland makes a start on noise mapping
A team led by consultant Hamilton & McGregor has been chosen by the Scottish Executive to carry out provide noise mapping Services in Scotland.

Noise Bulletin reports from Low Frequency 2006 held in Bristol

Turbine disease link refuted
Wind turbines are unlikely to cause vibro acoustic disease as claimed by some objectors, last month’s Low Frequency 2006 international conference held in Bristol was told.

Quiet means more low frequency nuisance
Reducing ambient sound may prompt more people to be disturbed by low frequency noise, the Bristol conference was told.

Purring: low frequency noise is good for you?
US research presented to the Low Frequency 2006 conference suggests that low frequency noise has significant healing properties.

l Proceedings
Proceedings from the Low Frequency 2006 conference are available from organiser @lowfrequency2006.org

News from the UKNA Within these walls conference in Edinburgh

MEP criticises noise inaction
MEP Brian Adam criticised noise policy at the opening of the UK Noise Association’s Within these walls conference on sound insulation held at Napier University last month.

Ashton counts true cost of housing noise
Ron Ashton manages houses for Angus Council and told the UKNA conference: “Noise is the big one for us making up to 76% of complaints. Arbitration and mediation hasn’t worked at all, costing £800 per case with a 35% success rate and taking a long time.

Call for young persons nominations
The Institute of Acoustics is inviting nominations for the second round of its ‘Young Persons’ Award for Innovation in Acoustical Engineering’. The biennial prize is sponsored by IAC and the closing date is 30 March 2007. Judges will be looking for entries that are: innovative and inventive; feasible and practicable; money-saving; green; end-user friendly; time-saving and that are improvements to existing processes.

l www.ioa.org.uk/medals.asp

RSD progress
Robust Standard Details Ltd says 97% of new homes it tests pass or exceed new Part E sound insulation requirements.

l www.robustdetails.com

Colchester’s first Asbo
Colchester Borough Council has secured its first Asbo based on noise.

Transport assessment
DfT is consulting on new transport assessment guidance for developers.

l Guidance on transport assessment can be seen on www.dft.gov.uk/stellent/groups/dft_roads/documents/page/dft_roads_612257.pdf

IoA spring call
IoA’s spring conference will focus on the up and coming Olympics in 2012 and other related issues and it is calling for papers on topics including sustainability, venues/facades, transport, modular construction, urban regeneration, update on schools & BB101, and sound insulation

l www.ioa.org.uk

Good neighbours
The DCLG (former ODPM) has set out how good neighbour agreements can be used to help cut anti social behaviour and noise.

l Using good neighbour agreements www.communities.gov.uk/embedded_object.asp?id=1502189

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Aug/Sept 2006 headlines (issue 5)

Website review: see our list of top non-local authority sites and top ten local authority sites

Wind ‘modulation’ annoys
A DTi new report has cleared wind turbines of causing widespread low frequency noise nuisance. But it does concede modulation (that sounds like low frequency noise) might be a problem.

l The measurement of low frequency noise at three UK wind farms by Hayes McKenzie can be viewed on www.dti.gov.uk/energy/sources/renewables/publications/ page31267.html

UKNA warn on wind noise
The UK Noise Association (UKNA) has warned that badly sited wind turbines can cause noise nuisance. In contrast to the Hayes McKenzie report, it reports numerous instances of noise nuisance resulting from wind turbines.

l Location, location, location by John Stewart of the UKNA, can be viewed on www.ukna.org.uk

Scotland 1, England 0
Scotland has beaten England in its struggle to get the noise management ‘bible’ published.

l The Executive consulted on the guide last year, responses were generally positive and can be viewed on http://www.scotland.gov.uk/publications/2006/05/11092626/0.

Horn costs vastly outweigh benefits
Costs and benefits of train horns have been analysed by Alaska scientists.

Reading: case closed
Reading Council has decided not to appeal against a court judgement that obliged it to pay for a resident’s double glazing to cut traffic noise. In March 2005 resident

NI complaints rise
New statistics reveal that noise complaints have risen in Northern Ireland by 13% in 2005/06 compared to the previous year.

l The report can be viewed at www.ehsni.gov.uk/environment/noise/noisestats.shtml

Money to tackle minimotos
Home secretary John Reid has announced that £200,000 funding will be made available to local authorities to tackle noisy minimotos.

Open air music events too noisy
Noise levels at open air pop events are well above action levels and few staff appear to wear protection, a Health and Safety Executive investigation in Scotland has revealed.

l Assessment of noise exposure to various persons working at T in the Park can be viewed on www.hse.gov.uk/research/hsl_pdf/2006/hsl0662.pdf?ebul=hsegen/07-AUG-06&cr=05

Noisy playground expansion refused
A long running planning battle between residents and a local school about playground noise has finally been resolved.

Bradshaw urged to resist budget cuts
Three noise groups have come together to urge noise minister Ben Bradshaw to resist cuts to noise policy budgets.

Quieter tyres yield huge benefits
Quieter tyres would yield benefits ten times greater than the costs, a TRL report suggests.

l Tyre/road noise: assessment of the existing and proposed tyre noise limits, Greg Watts et al, Report number PPR077 is available from Janet Brown TRL Publications Unit 01344 770297

Bristol studies air link
Bristol City Council has embarked on a project to map environmental noise which may be affected by the introduction of a low emission zone (LEZ) in the city.

l www.silence-ip.org

HA noise target met
The Highways Agency 2005/06 annual report says the agency met its target for treating roads with quieter surfaces.

l The annual report can be viewed on www.highways.gov.uk/

Stokenchurch worst
Stokenchurch is the worst location studied in a noise review of the M40 motorway, a TRL report produced for the Highways Agency suggests.

l An assessment of noise hotspots alongside the M4 can be viewed on www.highways.gov.uk/roads/documents/M40_Hotspot_Report.pdf

‘Young’ acousticians sought
The Institute of Acoustics, is inviting nominations for its Tyndall Medal for 2008.

l Nomination detailshttp://www.ioa.org.uk/viewnews.asp?newsID=59, closing date 31 October 2006.

No more flights
The Government has confirmed it will not attempt to reintroduce relaxations on movements limits for night flights at London airports.

Hot debate
Tensions between councils and noise consultants will be explored in a debate being organised by the Institute of Acoustics Central Branch.

l www.ioa.org.uk

Website review
We've been visiting noise websites and have ranked about one hundred - here's a taster: )

Non local authority sites:
1st Don’t lose the music www.dontlosethemusic.com
2nd Noise Concern www.noiseconcern.org
3rd National Society for Clean Air www.nsca.org.uk
4th Noise Action Week www.noiseactionweek.org.uk
5th Health & Safety Executive www.hse.gov.uk/noise/index.htm
6th Hepworth Acoustics www.hepworth-acoustics.co.uk
7th Mel Kenyon’s Noisenet www.noisenet.org
8th IAC www.iacl.co.uk/uk/index.htm
9th Stop Stansted Expansion Campaign www.stopstanstedexpansion.com
10th Institute of Acoustics www.ioa.org.uk

Local authority sites (interactive links coming)
1st London Borough of Westminster
2nd Cambridge City Council
3rd London Borough of  Southwark
4th Lancaster City Council
5th Stratford on Avon District Council
6th Ashfield District Council
7th London Borough of Greenwich
8th Swansea City Council
9th Woking Borough Council
10th London Borough of Brent

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July 2006 headlines (issue 4)

Pub noise regs proposed
Defra is consulting on regulations that can be used to control adhoc noise from pubs and clubs. New regulations have been prompted by the Licensing Act that allows pubs and clubs to open later.

l The consultation is available at: www.defra.gov.uk/ corporate/consult/ noiseact-guidance.

Noiseconcern launch
Environmental charity Encams is launching its Noiseconcern campaign aimed at noisemakers.

l www.noiseconcern.org

Police abandon car exhaust enforcement?
A Hampshire resident has been told by police that there will be no police action taken on excessively loud vehicle exhausts.

Two councils criticised
District Council failed to enforce planning conditions at a pub skittle alley, and has been told to pay £3,000 to the complainant for unnecessary noise nuisance. Meanwhile in a separate ruling, Breckland Council failed to consider noise nuisance from a skate park at the planning stage.

Edinburgh gets tough on noisy aircraft
Aircraft that break stated noise limits are to be fined under plans unveiled by Edinburgh Airport.

Footpath closure key to tackling train horns?
Faced with both a private and local authority nuisance prosecution, Network Rail has agreed to consider closing foot crossings at Ardleigh in Essex to reduce nuisance from sounding of train horns.

Juggling noise and climate change stresses
The need to combat climate change impacts can conflict with the need to ensure houses are quiet, last month’s IoA research conference held in Birmingham was told. Glazing standards appear to be inadequate to prevent noise disturbance.

Planning burden lifted for wind turbines
England has followed on from Scotland in its push to encourage domestic power generation. Householders will be given permitted development rights to make it easier to install wind turbines without the need for planning permission (Noise Bulletin June p3). It is claimed that such turbines do not cause a noise nuisance.

Village hall event cap retained
A cap of 12 events a year has been retained for events held at village halls under temporary events notices.
Air research fillip
Europe is spending more money on aeronautics research, including ambitious targets for cutting plane noise.

l http://ec.europa.eu/ research/future

Breckland wind fall
Breckland Council has been told by a government inspector to pay costs following loss of a planning appeal on wind turbines.

Bus quality move
Guidance has been issued by the DfT on how quality bus partnerships can work. Local authorities can use such partnerships to include conditions on bus contracts to clean up noise and emissions. l www.dft.gov.uk/stellent/ groups/dft_localtrans/documents/page/dft_localtrans_611921.hcsp

AVT wins approval
AV Technology has gained UKAS accreditation for pre-completion testing of new houses (for airborne and impact noise).
l www.avtechnology.co.uk

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June 2006 headlines (issue 3)

Surprise as LAeq judged best
Experts reacted with surprise to news that the absolute LAeq metric has proved the best measure for judging one-off entertainment noise disturbance.

Neighbour noise advert campaign nears
Encams is to launch a new publicity campaign on neighbourhood noise next month. Faced with complaints from existing noise pressure groups, it has agreed to fund extra telephone support at the Noise Abatement Society.

Griffiths splits from Capita
Five consultants have split from Capita Symonds to set up Vanguardia Consulting.
www.vanguardia consulting.co.uk

No funds for noise consultation
A planned consultation meeting on the noise strategy is being postponed due to lack of funds.

Footpath closures avoid horn nuisance?
Railway infrastructure owner Network Rail has been served a second nuisance notice because of train horn noise at Ardleigh in Essex.

News from the IOa research Conference held in Birmingham

BRE lists hotspot benefits
The Highways Agency ‘hotspots’ programme is having some success at reducing noise. However the programme is much reduced in scope compared to recent years.

Rail roughness to be added to CRN method
IoA delegates heard that rail roughness factors must be used to make the standard Calculation of Rail Noise (CRN) methodology more accurate.

Insulation probe call
Leading noise medic Stephen Stansfeld says research into sound insulation in schools is urgently needed.

Halving noise ‘on the cards’
Mike Swanyck of aircraft engine maker Rolls Royce has said that halving of aircraft noise is now ‘really on the cards’.

Domestic turbines pushed
Scotland is providing advice and funding to boost uptake of ‘micro’ energy generation – small scale electricity generation such as domestic wind turbines.
l PAN45 can be viewed on the planning section of

Green scoring omits noise
Campaigners have criticised the government’s announcement to grade homes for energy efficiency, saying it is a missed opportunity to include sound insulation.

Partial victory for night flight disturbance
The long running consultation on night flights at London airports as drawn to a close with some concessions to both the airline industry and airport protesters.

l  More details on www.dft.gov.uk/stellent/groups/dft_aviation/documents/page/ dft_aviation_611809.hcsp

Hinton in waiting
Institute of Acoustics president Colin English has announced that Birmingham City Council’s John Hinton is joining the IoA council as president elect.

Half a million move
Around half a million people have moved home in the last year because of noise, according to a new Ipsos MORI survey carried out for NSCA as part of Noise Action Week.

Noise omitted from green space paper

The Department for Communities and Local Government has commissioned research on mapping of green spaces. No mention is made of noise or tranquillity.
l website link www.dclg.gov. uk/index.asp?id=1500480

Guest opinion:
Nargis Kayani, Sanctum Consultants, argues against taking away powers to serve nuisance notices in the Magistrates courts.

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May 2006 headlines (issue 2)

Train horns prompt public and private nuisance actions
Pressure on Network Rail to cut train horn noise is growing with a nuisance action served on the railway infrastructure group.

Hot tubs cause ‘pure tone’ disturbance
The new fashion for hot tubs has caused problems for Bracknell Forest residents and its environmental health officers.

Mapping progresses
Defra says progress is continuing on its noise mapping England project. Work is also continuing on the European Noise Directive regulations which Defra expects to lay before Parliament this Summer.

ODPM becomes DCLG
In Prime Minister Tony Blair’s recent shake up of the Cabinet, David Miliband has been appointed environment secretary, replacing Margaret Beckett.

Ombudsman rap for Weymouth
The local authority Ombudsman has criticised Weymouth and Portland Borough Council for failing to adequately carry out its nuisance responsibilities.

Casella sold as new dosebadge launched
Noise monitoring firm Casella Cel has launched the new Cel350 dosebadge. Meanwhile parent firm Casella Measurement has been sold to US firm Ideal Industries.

l More details on the Cel350 on www.casellacel.com

Chinook payout
The Ministry of Defence has paid £7,000 in compensation to a homeowner in Hampshire who said noise and vibration from Chinook helicopters had damaged his house.

Tesco softens image
Tesco supermarket chief Sir Terry Leahy has pledged new stores will be better neighbours in future.

Noise reduction toolkit from TRL
TRL has published details of a traffic noise reduction ‘toolkit’. In the second of a pair of TRL reports, noise barriers are reviewed.

l TRL project report PPR046 Noise barrier review  PPR047 Traffic noise reduction toolkit  www.trl.co.uk/ press/archive.asp?pid=135

Eviction for noisy Tyneside tenants
North Tyneside Council has used tenancy agreements to evict noisy neighbours in one of its housing developments.

Joseph to leave NSCA
National Society for Clean Air secretary general Martin Joseph is to leave the NSCA after just months in the post.

Logging software out
Improved logging software for the long term monitoring of broadband and spectrum data is now available to support Bruel & Kjaer’s Type 2250 fourth generation hand-held analyser.

Noise action week imminent
Noise Action Week, coordinated by the NSCA, is taking place from 22 – 26 May.

l Further details, see www.noiseactionweek.org.uk

PPG24 still holds
A planning appeal inspector has told developers that PPG24 noise exposure bands still hold sway despite the ongoing review of the noise planning guidelines.

Heathrow night flight cap accepted
A temporary cap on night flight numbers has been accepted by the Government to avoid a further setback for the Civil Aviation Bill.

Looney joins Temple
Dr John Henry Looney is joining Temple as operations director.

Highway plans
The Highways Agency says it will treat 110 lane km of roads with low noise surfaces in its forward business plan.

Harmonoise delivers
A new version of the Harmonoise Point-to-Point propagation model is available free of charge.

l www.imagine-project.org

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April 2006 headlines (issue 1)

Edition one is printed!
Launch customer John Coates of London Borough of Richmond (left) with Noise Bulletin editor Jack Pease

Defra rejoins nuisance and environmental noise strategies
Environmental and neighbourhood noise policy are to be merged in the forthcoming national strategy. And Defra has also indicated a large shake up of industrial noise nuisance law.

Legal action starts on horn noise
The railway industry is being hit with legal action on train horn noise.

First noise maps handed to Defra
Consultants Entec and Hepworth Acoustics are the first of many consultants to complete noise mapping for Defra’s Noise Mapping England project.

When the cock crows
Daventry District Council has taken a cock owner to court for breach of a noise abatement notice.

Sandpit ‘ideas factory’ thinktank sets out noisy future workplan
A ‘sandpit’ meeting of invited noise specialists held earlier this year is proposing a £1.5m research bonanza. l The soundscape project has its own homepage which carries further details: www.acoustics.salford.ac. uk/soundscape

Workplace noise rules now in – but not for pubs & clubs
New standards have been introduced aimed at reducing and eventually eliminating workplace noise injuries.  This can be downloaded from www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/ indg362.pdf

New powers to tackle alarm noise
Powers under the Clean Neighbourhoods Act have come into force. The Act covers issues such as littering, graffiti and noise. l Guidance: www.defra.gov.uk/ news/2005/050408a.htm

Noise unrelated to property values claims
Flindell A study of property values suggests that a noisy environment does not depress house prices.

New chief executive for IoA as Bratby retires
The Institute of Acoustics has appointed Kevin Macan-Lind as its new chief executive. He will succeed Roy Bratby who is retiring after nine years with the IOA.

Dial 101 for noise
A single, memorable number – 101 – is being trialed as an alternative to the 999 emergency number. l http://snen.homeoffice.gov.uk Focus falls on flights after Lords defeat Campaigners near busy airports are fighting several proposals that are set to increase the number of flights, reports Lisa Russell.

All you need to know about insulation
Lis Stedman uncovers a staggeringly useful 300 page guide on sound insulation that must surely become a bible for both professionals and DIY’ers To obtain a copy of the guide, visit www.arcamedia.co.uk where an electronic version can be downloaded or a paper version ordered. EMP homepage click here back to top

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