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December 2019 Issue 138 headlines

Banning complaints is illegal

Greenwich Council has been told it must drop a s106 clause that bans future residents from complaining about nearby industrial noise.

Gliding club win

Harborough Council has had a decision overturned as it failed to consider noise.

DMRB noise guidance is replaced

Highways England has replaced its Interim Advice Notes and DMRB guidance on noise with LA111 Noise and Vibration, this replaces HD213/11.

Sealed windows rejected in Birmingham

Despite sealed windows being allowed in nearby buildings, an appeal has rejected windows in a office to residential conversion in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

Species suffer due to noise

Researchers from Queen’s University Belfast have found noise pollution is threatening the survival of more than 100 different species including amphibians, birds, fish, mammals and reptilians.

Access traffic sinks development

A 38-bed care home in St Andrews has been rejected on noise grounds despite officers saying there’d be no problem. An appeal is expected.

More pressure on Airbnb

Oxford and Edinburgh have ramped up pressure on short term lettings due to noise issues.

Ombudsman complaint mooted for Cotton Farm

Locals are considering a complaint to the local authority ombudsman on council refusal to consider nuisance action against Cotton Farm wind farm near Huntingdon.

Stillbirth link

The ‘largest study to date of air and noise pollution in relation to birth outcomes” has found a link between noise and still birth.

5-yr ban

A Salford man who played loud music through the night replaced seized equipment to carry on making noise.

Crematorium tranquillity critical

Helicopter noise has sunk proposals for a crematorium in Shropshire.

Boiler factory too loud for new housing

Three detached houses have been refused permission by Bradford Council due to proximity to a boiler factory.

School injunction

Noise featured highly in the high profile protests against sex education at a school in Birmingham. Religious groups held noisy protests outside the school arguing the curriculum breached their religious beliefs.

STEM award

Held in October, the John Connell STEM award – sponsored by the ANC and ANV Measurement Systems

Drones threaten future peace

Researchers and governments are starting to look into whether drones could become another widespread source of noise nuisance. Lisa Russell reports. full featre here

Sound sensing discussed

Lis Stedman catches up with an IoA conference held in London on use of technology by way of sensors to monitor noise in cities