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March 2018 Issue 120 headlines

Carpets: £100k and injunction

A long running dispute about noise between two high-end London flat dwellers has been resolved with a £100,000 compensation payment and an injunction to remove hard flooring.

Chief medical advisor warns on noise

The Government’s chief medical officer – Sally Davies – has warned that noise may be having a significant effect on public health.

Turbine nuisance bid

Hearings are now complete – and judgment awaited – on a noise nuisance case.

Wales changes PPG on noise

Wales is revamping planning policy – noise and air policies will change to comply with the thrust of the Welsh Wellbeing Act.

Welsh din mapped out

Welsh noise has apparently shot up – but officials say it is a result of calculation changes.

Turbine toppling ends long running row

A long running battle with a noisy mid-sized has ended following its removal.

Calibration upgrade

UK noise firm Cirrus Research has expanded its calibration services so any model, make or brand can now be serviced by its team of in-house engineers.

Agent of change promise in Scotland

Scotland is promising to tighten up on the ‘Agent of Change’ issue in response to the growing public concern that existing noise makers are being compromised by new neighbours.

NOAEL becomes SOAEL in Southend

In an extraordinarily long High Court judgment consisting of over 10,000 words – 213 of those were ‘noise’.

58 dwellings allowed

By contrast to the case (left), increased noise down a quiet cul de sac has been dismissed as a problem by an appeal inspector.

Stansted spin?

Stop Stansted Expansion has described the latest expansion proposals as misleading by understating the inevitable noise impact. It describes as a ‘sweetheart deal’ the planning agreement with Uttlesford District Council to enable expansion.

‘Petty’ piano fine unpicked

A freedom of information request has shed more light on a high profile prosecution by Kensington & Chelsea Council against a piano-playing flat dweller.

Dog fine

A Slough resident with a pair of barking dogs has been fined a total of £750 for nine offences of breaching a noise abatement notice issued because of his barking dogs.

Industry noise sinks housing

Housing near a noisy industrial estate has been rejected lest future occupants complain of noise. Desirability of sealed windows was also questioned.

Overheating guidance

Experts have released guidance on how to balance the often competing needs for ventilation and noise insulation.

Gosport £10,000 fine

A Gosport bar and restaurant proprietor who repeatedly ignored a ban on loud music has been told by magistrates to pay more than £10,000.

Aviation impacts studied in CAA reports

Two reports have been released by the CAA on respite and health impacts.

Scout Moor

The highly contested Scout Moor wind farm development near Rochdale has been approved – but noise arguments were dismissed.

Heathrow sets out plans

Heathrow has set out its early thoughts on its planning application for a third runway.

Glazing giveaway

A Cheshire couple, who live less than 80m from a motorway, have become the first in England to benefit from a new free double glazing scheme to reduce noise.

Fracking probe

The House of Common Communities and Local Government Committee is probing whether guidance for local authorities taking planning decisions on fracking applications needs to be updated or improved.

Council tackles turbine

There is a spate of nuisance actions taking place against wind turbines, Kirklees Council has lost patience with one on its patch, finds Lis Stedman

Infrasound tested at appeal

Objectors are objecting to each other on the issue of wind turbine infrasound. Jack Pease looks at a judgment that cuts through the science. The reasoning has now been published on the successful appeal by SSE Generation Ltd against non determination of its application of a 5-yr extension to three offshore wind turbines.