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November 2016 headlines

Turbine penalty confirmed

Wind turbines displaying amplitude modulation could be clobbered with up to an 11dBA penalty. 5dB for the thumping. 3dB for any tonal content and 3dB by virtue of abandoning Etsu’s controversional more- relaxed nighttime limit.

Heathrow chosen despite noise disbenefits

The Government has decided that long awaited airport expansion will take the form of a third runway at Heathrow. Night flights may be curbed. Local councils, the London mayor and environmental pressure groups are already preparing to challenge the decision.

Noise top gripe

A survey of 2,000 people found that noise tops their list of neighbour gripes.

Fracking fail

Last month’s Noise Bulletin contained a report on Cuadrilla’s application for fracking in Lancashire.

Studio loses Westminster battle

The High Court has thrown out a claim that Westminster City Council should have refused permission for development next to a noise-sensitive TV studio.

Cheshire vindicated

The Ombudsman has rejected a claim that a council failed to investigate a noise nuisance from a boiler flue.

£600 dog fine

Trafford Council prosecuted a shopkeeper for having a noisy dog and breaching a noise abatement notice.
Continued barking led to a £600 fine and £300 costs.

Noise and NO2

Spatial patterns of noise and NO2 may differ.

Tyres equal barriers

Norwegian research suggests quiet low rolling resistance tyres can reduce noise as much as barriers.

Abandoned home bought for turbine tests

A home abandoned due to noise from a wind farm is to be turned into a laboratory.

Activity drops if exposed to transport noise

Researchers studied nearly 4,000 subjects and found that increased transportation noise annoyance was linked to reduced amounts of exercise. They suggest that lack of sleep might reduce enthusiasm for exercise, the lack of exercise then prompting a raft of adverse health impacts

Bund marginal

A noise bund at Leigh Delamere in Wiltshire has been rejected on appeal.
The bund was to be built out of construction waste and was supported by most local residents. The planning inspector described the estimated reduction in noise of 5.8db to be “marginal” and the bund was refused.

£1,000 barking cost

A Lincoln woman has been ordered to pay more than £1,000 after allowing her dog to disturb neighbours for more than six months with its barking.
On at least two occasions, the dog was recorded barking almost non-stop for 45 minutes.
She was found guilty of breaching a noise abatement notice and given a £660 fine and ordered to pay £300 costs and a £66 victims’ surcharge – a total of £1,026.

Cockerel fine

A woman who ignored repeated requests by neighbours and council environment officers to stop cockerels crowing in her garden has been ordered to pay more than £280 in fines and court costs by Colchester Magistrates, in a case brought by Colchester Borough Council.

Turbines bad for you...

Audiologists argue that wind turbines can worsen human health. they aren’t

Scottish public health experts say there are no health effects from turbines.

Injunctions stop cruisers

Two councils have resorted to injunctions to block planned car ‘cruises’.

Acoustics funding to halve?

The Institute of Acoustics research committee has told Parliament that Brexit could halve research funding on noise.

Pressure higher

Researchers have linked traffic noise and high blood pressure.

Environmental regulations post-Brexit

Report from IoA’s brexit meeting held in London last month. What will environmental regulation look like after a Brexit? This is a question consultants are keen to answer and it was fully discussed at a recent Institute of Acoustics meeting.

Brexit response

The Institute of Acoustics and the other 37 professional engineering organisations, representing all disciplines of UK engineering, have joined forces under the leadership of the Royal Academy of Engineering to provide evidence-based advice to the government on the opportunities and risks caused by leaving the EU.

Dundee warning

Following an inspection by surveillance commissioners, Dundee City Council will in future warn anti social tenants when noise recordings are going to be taken for enforcement purposes.

Judgment sets fracking policy?

Permission has now been granted for the use of ‘fracking’ to extract shale gas from two sites in Lancashire. Lisa Russell looks back at the noise issues that have played a key part in the deliberations. Six pages are needed to do justice to a decision that will likely become the template for fracking noise policy.